10 best TVs with a diagonal of 46 and 47 inches

  • LG 47LB561V
  • Sony KDL-46HX853
  • Metz Solea Pro 47 Media twin R
  • LG 47LB671V
  • Panasonic TX-47ASR750
  • LG 47LB680V
  • Philips 46PFL8007T
  • Samsung UE46ES6800
  • Philips 47PFT6569
  • Samsung UE46F7000

With the development of digital technologies is changing and householdequipment: design, "stuffing" and functionality. Such changes are not spared and televisions. Today, these units are popular, equipped with a screen with a sufficiently large diagonal. There is a large range of models of modern TVs from various manufacturers that sell quality products on the market. For this reason, buyers may encounter some difficulties when purchasing such devices. To make the right choice, we ranked the best LCD TVs with a diagonal of 46 and 47 inches.

LG 47LB561V

This LCD TV is one of the budget and without unnecessary features. He can not "boast" the presence of 3D technology or Smart TV, but also devoid of problems that are associated with them. The device does not slow down in the process of work, the picture does not freeze. If we talk about the quality of the image, it is pretty good quality, which is provided by a resolution of 1920x1080 and the TFT IPS matrix. But the sound is rather weak, for a large room it will be quiet. If you want to watch digital channels, but at the same time it is inexpensive to pay, that this model of TVs will fit best.


  1. Image quality.
  2. TFT IPS Matrix.
  3. The diagonal is 47 inches.
  4. Can be mounted on the wall.
  5. An interesting look.
  6. Timer.
  7. Protection against children.
  8. You can connect headphones.
  9. The case is thin.
  10. The presence of teletext.
  11. Affordable.


  • Sound suitable for a small room.
  • Does not support Wi-Fi network.
  • 2 HDMI input.

Sony KDL-46HX853

The manufacturer from Japan Sony always puts on the market high-quality equipment, so the user does not have any complaints about the product. This model combines stylish design, ergonomics and quality. The panel is protected by Gorilla Glass. The quality of the image is very high, and in the menu you can customize the picture "by itself".

Soft backlight allows you to enjoy high detail and contrast.


  1. Good sound.
  2. Stable picture.
  3. Various interfaces.


  • There are no 3D glasses in the set.
  • Menu is inconvenient to use.

Metz Solea Pro 47 Media twin R

The high cost of this TV can be attributed to its complete set. The body of this device is steel, and for the manufacture of the front panel was used thick glass. Build quality is high, there are no flaws at all. Using a dual digital tuner, you can receive signals from 2 sources. The image quality is high - the picture is even excellent in 3D.The sound is clear due to the presence of 4 speakers. The main advantage of this model is the built-in memory with a capacity of 500 GB, which allows you to record images from TV channels or other media.


  1. High-quality image.
  2. Excellent appearance.
  3. There are LED lights.
  4. Teletext.
  5. Sleep Timer.
  6. Speaker power - 60 watts.
  7. Protection against children.
  8. Picture-in-Picture function.
  9. Supports Wi-Fi technology.
  10. Headphones can be used.
  11. Contrast.
  12. Smart TV technology.
  13. High-quality three-dimensional image.


  • Weight - not every wall can withstand almost 19 kilograms.
  • Expensive.

LG 47LB671V

This 47-inch LCD TV model boasts a high-quality 3D image. While watching the eyes do not strain, the transfer of color is at a high level, and the picture itself does not slow down.

  1. Resolution - 1920x1080.
  2. Scanning - 200 Hz.
  3. There is teletext.
  4. 3 dynamics.
  5. Availability backlight.
  6. Surround sound.
  7. Sleep Timer.
  8. Wireless Support.
  9. Can be mounted on the wall.
  10. High-quality image.
  11. Can be controlled by gestures and voice.


  • Analog images are accompanied by ripples.
  • There is a slowdown when working on the Internet.

Panasonic TX-47ASR750

This 47-inch TV is one of the few with which you can go online without harm to the image - the browser practically does not slow down. The picture on high-quality digital channels, which is achieved through the resolution of Full HD, the presence of the backlight and the TFT IPS matrix. The three-dimensional image matrix is ​​implemented on a passive technology, so the eyes do not get tired. The sound for this device is weak and requires manual adjustment. The media player is built-in, but not all formats are supported.

  1. Attractive design.
  2. Streozvuk.
  3. The scanning frequency is 1200 Hz.
  4. Smart TV.
  5. 2 dynamics.
  6. Teletext.
  7. A large number of inputs / outputs.
  8. Availability of the function “protection against children”.
  9. Supports Wi-Fi.
  10. Headphones can be used.
  11. Many interfaces.
  12. Ability to use a memory card.
  13. Picture-in-Picture function.
  14. You can record video to a USB drive.
  15. Supports Skype.
  16. Ability to voice control.


  • The sound is poor.
  • Mounts are fragile.
  • In the corners of the display there is a small glare.

LG 47LB680V

On this unit from the South Korean brand, you can not only watch movies in three-dimensional format, but also use it as a monitor to the game console. The image is very good even on analog channels. When you exit the network, the picture slows down, so watching YouTube videos from social networks or YouTube video hosting will be somewhat problematic. A good soundtrack is provided by a subwoofer and powerful speakers.


  1. Interesting design.
  2. Sustainable design.
  3. A large number of interfaces.
  4. High Contrast.
  5. High-quality picture.
  6. Diagonal - 47 inches.
  7. Availability Smart TV.
  8. Teletext.
  9. Support various video formats.
  10. Support Wi-Fi.
  11. Sleep Timer.
  12. Ability to control voice and gestures.
  13. Can be mounted on the wall.


  • The browser can not be called fast.

Philips 46PFL8007T

This model of TV, first of all, attracts buyers with its design. The presence of Ambilight brand lighting manufacturer of this manufacturer, the resolution of 1920x1080, high contrast and wide viewing angles make the image very high quality, even in 3D.Sound design is clean and powerful, which is achieved through two speakers with a capacity of 20 watts. The Smart TV function slows down and therefore there may be problems when watching videos on the network.

  1. An interesting look.
  2. High-quality picture.
  3. The stand can be used as an attachment.
  4. Convenient interfaces.
  5. The diagonal is 46 inches.
  6. Teletext.
  7. Video support in various formats.
  8. Availability of wireless Wi-Fi.
  9. You can use headphones.
  10. Ability to record video.
  11. Sleep Timer.
  12. Child Protection.


  • Slow operation of Smart TV.
  • Menu podtormazhivaet.
  • Weight - 17 kilograms.

Samsung UE46ES6800

This TV received a narrow frame, cross legs, so it is stable. Note that the legs can rotate. The cost of this unit is fully justified by its "filling".This model has 6 ports, 3 HDMI and 3 USB inputs. In addition to the digital HD tuner, you can connect satellite TV.
The main feature is the presence of 2 pairs of 3D glasses with batteries.


  1. A good picture when watching a video on the network.
  2. Resolution - Full HD.
  3. Good brightness.
  4. Contrast.
  5. An interesting look.
  6. Availability of 3D function.


  • The control panel is inconvenient to use.
  • Normal sound.

Philips 47PFT6569

This 47-inch TV received a resolution of 1920x1080 and an update rate of 200 Hz, which pleases with an excellent image in three-dimensional format. This model boasts a special mode with which you can convert a 2D image into 3D.You can use the function Smart TV, through which you can throw across the expanses of the Internet.

  1. Wireless Wi-Fi.
  2. surround stereo sound.
  3. Branded lights.
  4. Ability to record video to media.


  • High cost.

Samsung UE46F7000

This model with a diagonal of 47 inches appeared on the market relatively recently and is distinguished by its characteristics. The product from Samsung can boast of LED-backlit, Full HD screen resolution, which allows you to view absolutely any video content. The thickness of the body and - 3 centimeters.
Ultra Clear Panel Technology "destroys" sun glare. Another technology adapts to the lighting of the room and based on this data independently changes the screen brightness. You can view 3D video.

  1. Modern technology.
  2. Vivid image.
  3. Clear picture.


  • The menu is inconvenient.
  • Expensive.

If you still haven’t decided which TV to buy, the top-best LCD TVs with a diagonal of 46 and 47 will help you make the right choice. In this review, we looked at the best units, belonging to different price categories, from different manufacturers, described in detail the advantages and disadvantages, so it will be easy to choose. We hope that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

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