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customer reviews The life of a modern woman runs at a frantic pace: work, sports, shopping, family, and of course housework. Of course, it’s quite difficult to live like this, but household chores are made easier by the kitchen equipment that has appeared. One of these units is a dishwasher. There are many models of these devices on the market, but devices with an open panel are in the greatest demand. In this review, we will try to answer the question: “Dishwasher with open panel - what is it?”

What is this dishwasher

A standard dishwasher has a control panel on the top end of the door that can be touch-sensitive or push-button. In addition, as well as the screen can be seen, but there are models that are embedded. They have a control panel located in the same way as washing machines. This panel is not hidden when the process of washing dishes, so you can see it. The open panel got its name due to the fact that it does not hide the furniture facade, which has a beneficial effect on the aesthetics of the kitchen.

There are owners of dishwashers who do not want to look at household appliances, therefore they hide them behind a furniture facade. Dishwashers with a hidden panel are completely hidden and the kitchen is no different from other elements of the headset. A device with an open panel can not be hidden.

Pros and cons of

Before purchasing a dishwasher with an open panel, you need to learn more about this type of technology. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to study the advantages and disadvantages of the unit.


  1. Control Panel is always available.
  2. You can monitor the washing process even at a distance from the dishwasher.
  3. Compact size.
  4. Interesting design.
  5. Affordable.


  • The open panel is visible.
  • Such device models are considered exclusive on the market, so developers add about 20–30% to the price of the device.
  • The open panel is much more likely to get dirty and dusty, so it should be washed as often as possible. And if it gets a liquid, it does not exclude the possibility of a short circuit.
  • If there is a small child in the house, then the function “protection against children” is necessary. But not all dishwashers can boast it.

Ranking of the best models with open panel

Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55

This small model can be partially embedded, and also it can be installed separately. Its characteristics:

  1. Capacity is about eight sets of dishes.
  2. 5 modes of washing dishes.
  3. Leakproof.
  4. Width 60 centimeters.
  5. A large number of functions.
  6. Delay the start of the wash up to 24 hours.

Among the minuses can be called the high cost of the device.

Smeg PLA6442X2

This offered equipment is a full-size dishwasher with an open panel.
Product specifications:

  • Capacity - 13 sets of dishes.
  • 9 programs.
  • Screen and electronic control.
  • Half load option.
  • Leakproof.
  • Monitoring the purity of water.
  • Reliability.

Siemens iQ500 SK 76M544

This compact model has the following properties:

  1. Spaciousness - 6 sets of dishes.
  2. Noiseless operation.
  3. 6 programs.
  4. Various options available, including Vario Speed ​​Plus or Extra Dry.
  5. Cost Effective.

It should be noted that the washing chamber of this model can not accommodate large items.

Electrolux ESI 4620 RAX

Narrow Dishwasher is partially embedded because the control panel remains visible. Features of this model:

  • Capacity 9 sets of dishes.
  • Washing and Drying Class A.
  • Energy efficiency A ++.
  • Low noise.
  • 6 programs.
  • Delayed start for a day.
  • Full leakage protection.
  • Monitoring the purity of water.
  • A buzzer sounds when the wash is finished.
  • TimeManager option available.

Bosch SPI 50X95

This unit can be partially integrated. Besides the fact that this dishwasher is narrow, it has the following characteristics:

  1. Drying class, energy efficiency and washing - A.
  2. The capacity of 9 dish sets.
  3. Availability of LED screen.
  4. Child Protection.
  5. Minimum operating noise.
  6. 5 programs.
  7. 4 temperature levels.
  8. Delayed start for a day.
  9. Full leak protection.
  10. Monitoring the purity of water.
  11. You can use tablets.
  12. The presence of a double sprinkler in the upper box.

Customer Reviews

The best indicators for buying household appliances are customer reviews. Dishwashers are no exception to this rule.

Natalia from Moscow became the owner of a dishwasher model Siemens iQ500 SK 76M544.The woman is pleased with the acquisition and writes that despite the fact that this unit accommodates some dishes, but it is enough. You can clean up any contamination. The display shows how much washing will be completed. The design of the dishwasher is rather unusual. You can put this device 5 points.

Alexandra from Tver also acquired the iQ500 SK 76M544 and is completely satisfied with her work. According to her, this dishwasher copes well with the capsules, but she has not used the powder yet, but she believes that there will be no problems with it. For a family of two people, it is an ideal option, but for a large family it will be small. The woman recommends it conditionally, because this model is too expensive.

Ivan from Naberezhnye Chelny. Dishwasher Smeg PLA6442X2, in which the control panel is in the public domain. This unit is made of quality materials and is capable of much. I recommend, despite the fact that I do not use 50% of the options and do not understand their purpose.

Alena from Krasnodar purchased the Bosch Serie 6 SCE 52M55 dishwasher and was unhappy with her choice, because the device did not work even a year. I had to seek help from specialists. Dishwasher is expensive and I do not want to lose it. The woman is disappointed with this manufacturer.

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