10 best glass ceramic cooktops

  • Gas glass-ceramic surfaces
  • Glass-ceramic electric panels
  • Combined models
  • Conclusion

Glass-ceramic is one of the most popular types of coating today. Durable, smooth, beautiful and brilliant - it becomes a real decoration of any kitchen, makes the interior stylish and modern. Such a surface is an excellent choice for modern design solutions.

Glass ceramic hobs can be equipped with completely different types of hobs. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer gas models or are more inclined to trust electrical options, it’s easy to buy the right device. And in order to make the selection process easy and pleasant, we have compiled a small rating of the best glass-ceramic cooktops, which will certainly help our readers to navigate current trends. Our TOP compiled taking into account the opinions and feedback of experts and ordinary users who have already had their own experience to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a particular instrument.

Gas glass-ceramic surfaces

Gorenje GC650 KRB

Opens the TOP of the best glass-ceramic cooktops with an easy to install model with gas burners. If you are used to choosing not only high-tech, but also beautiful devices - this device is for you. It is made in an exclusive ultra-modern design. Above a completely smooth, glossy surface, solid cast-iron gratings, which add to the technique of thoroughness and fundamentality, look quite harmonious.

Warm-up zones are outlined with beautiful contour lines, so you do not risk burning yourself. On the side of the device are rotary control knobs. One of the already powerful rings is the modern “Triple Crown” ring, serving 3 rows of flames at once instead of one. In addition to all other advantages, the panel is equipped with all the necessary security systems.


  • workmanship;
  • powerful burners;
  • Triple Crown system;
  • gas control;
  • automatic electric ignition;
  • stylish appearance;
  • WOK burner;
  • sturdy grills;
  • scratch resistance.


  • is not very convenient to clean in some places;
  • panel color is not pure white, but a bit grayish.

Asko HG1145AB

The appearance of this hob will also delight aesthetes. The surface is located in an unconventional way, with 2 burners in a row. Here all the burners are lined up in one line - large at the sides, and smaller ones in the middle. In the near part of the "cooking" are rotary switches. The possibility of gas control is provided, there is an automatic ignition."Cooking" is made in the classic black color. The same shade have solid grating of cast iron and burner.


  • non-standard sizes;
  • convenient placement of burners;
  • resistant robust cast iron grill;
  • the glass of the cooking part is easily washed;
  • flame supply almost silent, uniform;
  • 2 WOK burners at once;
  • removable handles;
  • smooth adjustment.


  • on the black surface visible smallest specks of dust;
  • is expensive.

Siemens ER326 BB70E

A small panel with two gas burners. Perfect for those who cook a little or infrequently. One of the burners in the style of "express", it will be very easy and quick to cook on it. It provides all the necessary control functions, there is an automatic ignition system, gas control, rotary switches.

The model has the design of "Domino", which means that it can be combined with other surfaces, creating your own cooking complex.


  • compact size;
  • ring "Express";
  • ease of operation and care;
  • ignition works quickly;
  • worktop and rotary handles do not heat up;
  • fast ignition;
  • scratch resistance.


  • through time on the burners may form spots;
  • is expensive.

glass-ceramic electrical panels Kuppersberg FT6VS16

An excellent model from a proven German manufacturer opens the review. Remarkable ratio of cost and quality of execution. Durable countertop material is easy to clean.

At the buyer's choice there are 3 options for tinting: white, black and silver-gray. The beautiful metal frame not only gives the device solidity, but also protects the glass from chipping and accidental damage. Control of sensors, placed very conveniently, in front of the plate. It is very simple to use it, even a child can easily handle it. To facilitate the cooking process, each burner is equipped with an individual timer for 1.5 hours.

The hob is equipped with 4 electric zones of the Hi-Light type, 2 of which have 2 circuits at once. Users note good heating speed and ease of maintenance. Cleaning the panel is very easy, moreover, it is practically not scratched.

Positive moments:

  • 4 heating zones of different diameters;
  • fast warm;
  • lock control;
  • safety shutdown system;
  • cooling indicator;
  • 2 dual heating zones;
  • is protection from animals and children;
  • timer( individual) for each burner;
  • protective frame.


  • comes without plug.

Bosch PKN675N14D

Rather expensive glass-ceramic electric stove, nevertheless, rather high-quality and functional. There are all the important and necessary functions:

  • lock;
  • auto shutdown system;
  • function "quick boiling";
  • the ability to pause the cooking process;
  • lock from kids and animals;
  • timer;
  • 4 rings of different diameter;
  • residual heat indicator;
  • "responsive" sensors;
  • convenient management.

There are some drawbacks to the “boiling”:

  • does not include a power supply cable;
  • there are complaints about the power of the leftmost burner( according to some buyers, it is not enough).

Zanussi ZEV 6646 XBA

This model is also quite popular with buyers, probably?because of its democratic value. For a little money you get a very high-quality device. There are 4 powerful electric hot plates, one of which has an oval heating zone. In the presence of all the functions traditional for this type of technology: timer, residual heat indicator, touch control, auto power off and so on.

The main advantage of the model can be considered a very convenient and well thought out arrangement of the burners. On this stove, you can easily put 2 large pots or pans at once.


  • classic functionality;
  • convenient location of the burners;
  • oval heating zone;
  • protective cut-off burners;
  • cooling indicator;
  • metal circuit( chipped protection);
  • separate timer for each burner;
  • scratch resistant;
  • stylish appearance;
  • very nice price.


  • there is no plug for connection;
  • sensor does not always respond quickly.


In this category we also included a compact model for those who cook a little or simply have a small kitchen. This surface is perfect in addition to the induction or gas module type "Domino".

The cooking system has 2 burners of various sizes: 20 and 16 cm. Energy consumption is very economical, the stove does not load wiring and saves the family budget. Among other things, users will appreciate the budget cost of the device.


  • independent shutdown when installing an empty pan or its absence( recognizes by weight);
  • protection at power surges;
  • lock with water ingress;
  • timer is not easy to signal the end of the process, and turns off the burners on their own;
  • hot surface indicator;
  • lock from kids and pets;
  • scratch-resistant surface;
  • easy to clean;
  • reasonable price.


  • cable is not too long;
  • no plug;
  • in the initial modes is pulsed.

Combined models

Hansa BHMI61414030

Opens the TOP-3 combined cooking surface with 2 gas and 2 Hi-Light( electric) hobs. Electrozone warms up quickly. You do not have to spend extra time. The gas part has all the necessary protection system: gas control, electrical ignition. All settings are selected with rotary knobs.

The surface has a stylish appearance, along the perimeter it is equipped with a beautiful steel color frame. The price of the device is quite affordable, because there are no “newfangled” things in it that make the model more expensive. By the way, this hob is perfect for installation in the country. With the help of special nozzles, it can be connected to a conventional gas cylinder.


  • works on both gas and electricity;
  • there is a dual-circuit burner;
  • thoughtful security system;
  • no unnecessary features;
  • reasonable price.


  • nozzles for bottled gas are not included;The
  • electrical part has no heat residue indicator.

Kaiser KCG6922 G

Another cooking surface that combines a gas and an electric part. All burners and burners of different diameters work fine with dishes of different types. Surface management is located in the front, made in the form of rotary knobs. Temperature is regulated smoothly, without step jerks.

One of the positive aspects is the excellent build quality and the good name of a trusted manufacturer.


  • combined model;
  • durable and easy-care glass ceramics;
  • comfortable handles;
  • electric automatic ignition in the gas section;
  • robust and durable grilles;
  • LED display Hi-Light burner;
  • the ability to connect to bottled gas;
  • scraper for cleaning the surface included.


  • is quite expensive.

Electrolux EHG 96341 FK

The independent hob, equipped with electric and induction hobs, completes the overview. It is perfect for those who have absolutely no access to gas or simply do not want to use it.

For such a surface, you do not have to completely update the “park” of dishes. Those pots that do not accept the induction part are quite suitable for traditional electric. The stove is equipped with a timer, “Boost” system, cooling indicator and blocking from the ubiquitous children. Especially pleased with the presence of the blocking mode of the touch panel. During cleaning, you will not have to completely disconnect the device from the network, especially since the surface is built in and it will not be easy to do. Protective shutdown function is provided. It works when the burner is turned on, but for a long time no one sets it with a temperature mode.


  • versatility;
  • no need for special utensils;
  • independent installation;
  • timer;
  • intelligent protection system;
  • is very easy to handle and care;
  • dual circuit.


  • are not very responsive sensors;
  • may cause scratches if handled carelessly.


When choosing a hob, you should pay attention to many parameters: the type of burners and their power, surface options, functionality, protection system and so on. But above all, one should proceed from their own preferences and financial capabilities. We hope our rating of the best glass-ceramic hob with different types of heating will allow you to make the right choice. And in your kitchen for a long time settled beautiful and high-quality appliances.

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