Choosing a good vacuum cleaner with a steam cleaner

  • Advantages of
  • Disadvantages of the steam vacuum cleaner
  • Rules for selecting a steam cleaner

A vacuum cleaner with a steam cleaner is a real salvation in homes with animals or young children when repairing or cleaning a car, but even in less extreme conditions it can make cleaning more efficient.

Steam cleaner allows you to remove stubborn dirt, coarse wool, sticky spots, helps to get into the farthest corners of the house. How to choose a steam vacuum so that the purchase for many years will be your faithful assistant: you will learn about this in this article.

Benefits of the

Unlike their common counterparts, steam vacuum cleaners have several special advantages:

  1. The high temperature of the steam that is supplied under pressure, almost all types of contaminants are removed in a matter of minutes.
  2. Cleaning becomes more delicate and careful. Even in places where you need to be especially careful, for example, the leaves of plants or thin upholstery of furniture. For indoor plants, steam is also useful.
  3. In any conditions and in any room, the cleaning will be top notch: parquet, laminate, tile, sanitary ware, upholstered furniture - everything will be cleaned in the best possible way.
  4. A big plus, especially for pet owners and allergy sufferers - no need to use chemical cleaners. Steam is environmentally friendly and safe, but extremely effective.
  5. Another significant plus: steam destroys any signs of dust mites, while ordinary cleaning cleaning only contributes to their reproduction.

Disadvantages of the steam vacuum cleaner

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect, and this also applies to vacuum cleaners with a steam cleaner.

  1. The most significant disadvantage of this device is the cost: its prices are not at all budgetary. It is not surprising, since this unit is actually a professional device.
  2. Dimensions are also a serious problem with this vacuum cleaner. The highest quality models are voluminous, weigh a lot and are difficult to move.
  3. Not all material can be cleaned with it: some materials deteriorate due to high temperature. For example, steam can harm mosaic, wood, lacquered surfaces.

Rules for selecting a steam cleaner

If you decide to purchase a vacuum cleaner with a steam cleaner, you need to know the parameters that are important to pay attention to when choosing.

The first rule - the proposed nozzles. A large set of nozzles of different shapes will provide you a wide front of possible work.

  • Oval hard nozzle helps to clean clothes and carpets.
  • Smooth surfaces are cleaned with a narrow brush with a long soft bristle.
  • A round nozzle is used for corners, seams and other hard-to-reach places.
  • And also often the kit includes nozzles-magnets for cleaning needles or coins and other metal products, as well as a turbo brush for cleaning from hair and thread.

Step two - instrument filters. There are several variations: more expensive vacuum cleaners are equipped with innovative anti-bacterial filters, cheaper ones - textile filters that need to be cleaned from time to time.

Sometimes steam cleaners are supplied with disposable paper filters that need to be thrown away after use. A number of models equipped with aqua filter. This is often the most dimensional options, since they must fit two tanks - an aqua-filter, and a tank for water supply.

In some models there is a non-stop function that helps to automatically replenish the steam cleaner with water. Especially useful and convenient it will be in large rooms: you can not interrupt the cleaning for a long time, disabling the unit. It is worth paying attention to the capabilities of the steam regulator: the most optimal option is a five-mode. With it, adjusting the steam is as convenient as possible.

When selecting, also note the presence of indicators - a ready indicator and a water level indicator( in case the device does not have a “non-stop” function).
The Most Popular

Models Below is a brief overview of the most popular models that have proven themselves to be the best in cleaning.

Karcher SC 1020.

Kind of a steam cleaner, which has been known for many years for its uninterrupted operation and power.
Steam cleaning is done carefully and dosed thanks to a handy gun.

  • The heating element power is 1,5 thousand watts.
  • Maximum generator pressure 3.2 bar.
  • Capacity for water - 1 liter.
  • The size of the unit - 380 * 254 * 260 mm.

The advantages of this steam vacuum cleaner are not exhausted here. Prominent arguments in its favor are also light weight, which is excellent for long-term efficient cleaning, reduced energy consumption, which allows significant savings, accelerated heating, which allows cleanliness to be brought faster.

In addition, the kit also has special nozzles for cleaning mirrors and even for steaming clothes.

Kromax Odyssey Q-402.

This model can not be called a vacuum cleaner: rather, it is a mobile multifunction steamer. In addition to the usual mode of steam supply, it can be used to purify and aromatize air. In addition, many will appreciate the cosmetological function - a sauna for the face: in this mode, you can perfectly moisturize the skin and remove a lot of toxins.

It is equipped with a wide selection of nozzles, it is convenient to take with you on trips and is easy to store even in small apartments.

  • Water tank volume 0.5 liters.
  • Heating element capacity of 900 watts.
  • Can continuously work 20 minutes.

Kromax Odyssey Q-601.

A good compact handheld steamer helps not only to clean surfaces, but it can also be used to iron and disinfect surfaces. Suitable for cleaning furniture and carpets. One of the nozzles allows you to make a small device convenient steam mop.

  • Capacity for water - 380 ml.
  • Power - 1.2 kW.
  • At maximum power, use time is 15 minutes.
  • At minimum power, the operating time is 35 minutes.

The set includes a sliding metal mop with a comfortable handle and well-designed fixation( 1.5 meters long), and a floor nozzle that helps to clean the narrowest corners and joints.
The advantages of a vacuum cleaner with a steam cleaner are undoubted, and a variety of models will allow you to choose your best option.

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