Choosing a washing machine to the country

  • Activator type
  • Washing machine with water tank
  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • Small washing machines
  • How to connect a conventional SMA without running water

We all strive to surround ourselves with the blessings of civilization in all things, without plumbing

We all want to surround ourselves with the blessings of civilization in everything, without any water supplyToday, in conditions of limited or absent water supply, you can wash your things in the washer, and not with your own hands. Want to know how? Now we will tell you how to choose the optimal washing machine for the country and the countryside.

Activator type

Do not deny yourself clean things if you work in the garden or disappear all day in the garden. You can always choose the best home appliance for your needs and opportunities, which will save you from having to bend your back in front of a basin with dirty laundry. For example, a washing machine of activator type.

Such a washer is an economical and compact option for a dacha. Manufacturers continue to be engaged in the release of such units, since they are in demand. The fact is that such a machine is inexpensive, it uses little water and electricity, and the lack of electronic filling is a guarantee of stable and durable work. The hostesses say that if something broke in such a machine, then it can be repaired quickly and for very modest money.

Activator type washer is a tank with a motor. You pour the heated water into the machine and pour in the usual laundry detergent, you can even for hand washing. Start the timer and wait for the motor to run through your wash. Then the soapy water is drained, you dial the clear water and start the timer again - for rinsing. When the wash is finished, you can unscrew the laundry by hand, use a special device for spinning or a centrifuge, if it is in your washing machine.

As you understand, plumbing and sanitary - absolutely non-essential conditions for the operation of such a device. For that, there are several advantages of buying an activator washer:

  • low cost;
  • economy;
  • reliability;
  • ease of use;
  • easy and quick repair;
  • compact size.

After all, you don’t have to erase it manually, and this is the main thing!

Washing machine with a water tank

If you are tired of carrying water in buckets and warming it before washing - take a look at the washing machines with a water tank. Such a device has at its disposal all the same functions as a modern automatic machine, only there is no need to conduct water supply and sewage to operate the device.

Such a washing machine is sold with a water storage tank, which is enough for several full-scale washes. The storage tank can be placed on the side or the back of the device, therefore, it is worthwhile to correlate the dimensions of the machine and the dimensions of the place where you plan to install it. Remember that this unit requires an extremely smooth installation. But there are no connection features. The first launch is still worth doing without clothes, to verify the correctness of the machine.

To start the wash, you need to dial the tank using buckets or a hose with a pump from a well or well. Then you pour washing powder for the machine, select the mode and start the process. The washing machine itself warms the water, rinses and squeezes out the laundry. You just have to hang out a fresh wash. Waste water can be drained using a simple garden hose or a special container. If the spinning does not seem to be quite effective to you - hanging the laundry outside will easily solve this problem - in the open air even the most wet laundry dries much faster.

As you can see - the process is quite simple, but extremely effective!

Advantages of washing machines with a tank

As you already understood, a washing machine with a storage tank for water is a practical and multifunctional device that allows you to perform washing of any complexity and rather impressive volumes without human intervention. All you need to do is just fill the tank with clean water.


  • ease of use;
  • efficient and high quality laundry;
  • various modes for different types of fabric;
  • high quality spin;
  • quick and easy installation;
  • reliability.

If you carefully study the technical characteristics of the washing machine model with a tank, then you can choose a completely economical and spacious machine for the country and the countryside. Such a device uses only 40 liters of water for washing 5–7 kg of laundry and winds about 1–1.2 kW on the counter.

Some models of such machines can be connected to the water supply. Water is still supplied to the storage tank, however, human participation in this process is absolutely not required.

You can find such a washer in the Gorenje catalog. This Slovenian brand has proven itself in the market of household appliances for the home and has developed a line of modern, stylish and multifunctional washing machines for the village and cottages. They contain the most efficient heating elements, there are “smart” sensors of water consumption, amount of detergent and optimal heating, as well as - there are additional stiffening ribs for the stability of the device during the spin cycle.

But every honey has its own fly in the ointment. The cost of such a washing machine is not affordable for everyone. And if you are not ready to part with a round sum for the sake of automatic washing, choose a simpler and cheaper appliance.

Semi-automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic washing machines can be a real salvation for a resident of the countryside or the owner of a small country house. Such a washing machine is more complex and more functional than an activator typewriter, but cheaper and simpler than an automatic machine with a tank.

Semiautomatic devices require manual pouring of water - from a bucket or water hose. In some more modern and improved models there are electric heating elements for water heating and several washing modes. However, you still have to control the washing process - switch modes, drain and pour water, put the wash in a centrifuge for spinning. Yes, the spin in such typewriters, as a rule, is placed in a separate tank. But, there is such a device is very democratic, does not require much effort during installation and is extremely reliable in operation. It does not take up much space, but washes it - very decently.

Small washing machines

If you are unpretentious, and in the country or in the village you only wash a couple of T-shirts and shorts, then you can easily do with a mini-washer such as “Malyutki”This machine does not take up much space, it does not need a large amount of water or electricity, but you will always walk around your site in clean and fresh clothes. In addition, no hassle with soaking, soaking, and prolonged washing of stains.

The washing process is very simple - pour water, add detergent and dip dirty laundry into the soap solution. The machine turns on the outlet and begins to actively rotate the laundry inside the tank. You will not be able to get far from such a device for a long time - after all, you need to control the duration of washing yourself, turn off the machine, catch the wash, unscrew and rinse it.

The mini-washer will not be able to efficiently wash blankets or warm sweaters. Such things will have to take to the city and washed in a full-size machine with a good spin. On the other hand, Baby can be transported in the trunk of a car and connected in any convenient place where there is electricity.

How to connect a conventional AGR without plumbing

If you don’t know what to do with an old washing machine when buying more modern equipment, take the device to the country house and continue to use it. Even if your site has problems with plumbing, they can be solved with a simple water tank. A barrel of water can be found on almost all summer cottages, and if you use water from a well, you just need to buy a 50-liter water tank. If you carry out the supply of water from the storage tank to the washing machine, then it will get a second life and will serve you faithfully for more than one summer season.

Installing an automatic washer with no plumbing is necessary taking into account the requirements of the device. If you apply water under high pressure, you can ruin the unit. And if the water pressure is insufficient - the machine will simply “refuse” to be washed.

So, a simple life hack for connecting the MCA without plumbing:

  • The main task is to take care of the correct water pressure. To do this, install the storage tank above the washing machine. Under the influence of gravity, water will create the required pressure for the correct operation of the washer.
  • If technically this is not possible - you will have to install a pump. Buy this device in a service center or specialized outlet, in strict accordance with the requirements of the machine.
  • Remember, it is important that the intake valve and the pump work in sync. To do this, install a pump between the inlet valve and the storage tank and apply voltage to the pump at the same time as the inlet valve is turned on.

In principle, this is a fairly quick and simple process, but as a result, you will receive an excellent and efficient household assistant even on an unfinished summer cottage.

So, a washing machine can work in the country even in the absence of running water. Moreover, you always have a choice of which device to give your preference. So do not forget to choose household appliances wisely and rest comfortably, even if you are far from civilization!

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