TOP 10 foam manufacturers


  1. TOP 5 global manufacturers
  • SOUDAL( Belgium)
  • PENOSIL( Estonia)
  • Dr. Schenk( Germany)
  • Illbruck( Germany)
  • Kim Tec( Germany)
  • TOP 5 Russian manufacturers
    • Profflex
    • CJSC “Elf Filling”( KUDO)
    • LLC “Deluxe”
    • “Premium Product”( Criteria)
    • SDDDDRAEDDRAERAEZDDRAEZDDRAEZDDRAEZDDRAEZDDRAEZDDRAZDDDRAEAS LLC LLC “Deluxe”Today, the installation of windows and doors, work related to sealing, it is impossible to imagine without the use of foam. This material has already firmly entered our lives and has proven itself in the construction market. With it, perform installation, soundproofing, sealing and insulation work. Polyurethane foam is able to penetrate the most inaccessible places and completely fill them, while it independently and quickly freezes, forming a solid and hard plastic. Every day the use of polyurethane foam becomes more, because its unique properties and our ingenuity allow us to apply this material in many repair and construction works.

      When it comes to carrying out serious work, the quality of the assembly foam comes first: it should “stick” well to the surface, and not flow from it, it should be flexible, not give a strong shrinkage and not crumble after solidification. But often it is the name of the manufacturer that speaks about the quality of this or that assembly foam. Let us consider the best foam manufacturers in the world market and in Russia.

      TOP 5 global manufacturers

      SOUDAL( Belgium)

      Soudal is a company whose main office is located in Belgium , and representative offices and production facilities around the world. Today, production is established not only in Belgium, but throughout Europe, in the United States, India, South America, Africa - a total of 15 production and more than 40 representative offices in different countries. Soudal is the world leader in the production of sealants, polyurethane aerosol foams, seals, etc. The company has firmly established itself in this market and has been holding for about 50 years. During this time, the products began to enjoy great demand, as they are of high quality, large assortment and relatively affordable price. In the manufacturer's lineup there are products intended for professional and residential use, so everyone can find the necessary material.

      Among all the products of the Soudal company, it is foam that holds key positions. Today, this company is considered the largest producer of foam in the world: it is here that all innovative technologies are developed, which then enter the world market and determine the further development of building technologies. Thus, the company's specialists in the laboratories created an assembly foam for work at low temperatures, low expansion foam and increased performance foam. One of the most recent achievements is the invention of a special applicator that will simplify all the work carried out and expand their range. The manufacturer does not stop there, but continues to improve its products. Probably, it is not necessary to say that the most modern equipment is used here, they monitor the observance of quality standards, carefully control all products.

      To date, Soudal produces winter, pistol, winter pistol, two-component mounting foam, foam with an applicator, as well as foam cleaners and means for its removal.

      PENOSIL( Estonia)

      A relatively young company, founded in 1998 in Estonia. Nevertheless, today the manufacturer has managed to achieve the presentation of its products on the market in more than 50 countries of the world. In addition, forces the company to produce more than 10% of foam in Europe, , which becomes the basis for further stable development. Today, the company produces not only polyurethane foam, but also adhesives, cleaners, sealants, construction chemicals, building materials for professionals and for home use. From a small enterprise, Penosil today has become a real giant.

      The Penosil trademark today is owned by Krimelte , which thoroughly researches the market and ultimately presents to customers the most suitable products. So, everything that is produced here, incl.and polyurethane foam, produced in several series: Gold, Standard and Premium.

      • The Foam Assembly Series Gold Series is intended for professional use by not only in residential construction, but also in manufacturing. It has a low coefficient of expansion, forms a surface of high density, without causing stress in building structures. All this determines a wide range of possible work, as well as use during the most delicate work. In addition, certain types can be used at very low temperatures, up to -18.
      • The Premium Series is suitable for both home and professional use of the .It is universal, combines high quality and reasonable price. In the series there is a usual polyurethane foam, as well as all-season and even winter foam, but in this case it is possible to work with it at a temperature not lower than -10.
      • With the Standard series is a high quality and the most favorable price .Production is intended for carrying out non-specific works where the increased quality is not required.

      In addition, the manufacturer’s product range includes mounting foams for specific work: installation of windows, insulation of communications, processing of seams, etc.

      Dr. Schenk( Germany)

      German company , which has existed for about 80 years. During this time, she managed to set up production in different countries of the world and fully control the release of assembly foam. By the way, there are manufacturing facilities in Russia, where products are manufactured for the European market. Wherever production is carried out, it takes place under strict control and in compliance with all rules and regulations. The laboratory, located in Germany, is constantly working to improve products, and as an indicator and confirmation of high quality, the company has received the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate.

      The range of products manufactured under the brand name Dr. Schenk, includes not only mounting foam, but also sealants, seals, liquid nails, painting tape and other goods. As for the specific foam, the manufacturer is constantly trying to improve the quality and increase the range so that the buyer receives a premium product at an affordable price. Today professional and household multigrade foam, foam for plastic constructions, two-component foam, fire fighting, for underground work, for working with a gun, etc. are on the market.

      Illbruck( Germany)

      The German company , leading its activities since 1952 .The main activity is the production of materials for sealing in the field of industrial production and construction .Today, the company has offices in 25 countries. The company tries to make its products as high-quality as possible, to constantly improve them, to be in contact with the buyer, in order to satisfy his requests to the maximum.

      At the moment, the company boasts unique in-house developments that make products of the highest quality and versatile. The range of mounting foams is the widest: summer and winter, fireproof and two-component. The quality is confirmed by many years of production experience, constantly evolving technologies and reviews of millions of professionals.

      Kim Teс( Germany)

      Another company that is distinguished for its high quality with German quality .Products under the above-mentioned trademark are manufactured by "KIM Jarolim im-und Export GmbH" and supplied to the European, American and domestic markets. Among the basic principles of its development, the company highlights the traditional reliability and quality, the desire to please customers and constantly evolve, improving their products.

      Today the company is the world leader in the production of polyurethane foam, sealants, painting and roofing materials, seals and insulation, enamels, primers, varnishes, etc. Production of summer, winter and all-season foam for domestic and professional use, as well as fire-resistant, pistol and special foam, adapted for use in specific situations. All products are characterized by consistently high German quality, since its control is carried out at all stages of production.

      TOP 5 Russian manufacturers


      Company located in the Tula region, and specializes only in the production of polyurethane foam. Product quality is guaranteed by the use of modern equipment and high-quality raw materials from leading global manufacturers. In addition, there is a weight control of foam cylinders, which guarantees high quality.

      Powerful production sites today produce professional, household and special assembly foam , as well as related products. Thus, under the Profflex brand, a huge range of polyurethane foam appears on the market today, capable of satisfying any requests: there are winter, summer, all-season foams, universal foams, fire-resistant and glue-foams. About each option, the manufacturer provides more than detailed information, so choosing the right option is not a problem.

      CJSC “Elf Filling”( KUDO)

      Under the trademark KUDO today appears a company with 15 years of experience producing a wide variety of technical aerosols. The established traditions and the quality control of products at each stage are the basis for the formation of the image of a responsible manufacturer of quality goods.

      Elf Filling CJSC is one of the leading domestic enterprises for the production of polyurethane foam, although it began to be produced only in 2012, for which a modern automated line was equipped. Modern equipment is used, as well as its own research center, which not only monitors product quality, but also constantly seeks to improve it.

      To date, polyurethane foam is produced by modern technologies using its own developments. It is of high quality, good adhesion, slight shrinkage, rapid polymerization. The range includes products for professional use and for private consumers: these are two lines, Proff and Home, with different volumes, characteristics and features.

      DeLux LLC

      Domestic manufacturer of polyurethane foam, which tries to produce products that are not inferior in quality to European companies .The manufacturer specializes in the production of polyurethane foam and cleaners, trying to constantly improve production technology. For this, modern European equipment and raw materials of the highest quality are used.

      mounting foam is produced for both professional and private use of .It is characterized by consistently high quality, reasonable price, high yield, high polymerization rate, good adhesion. Thus, the series for professional and residential use include winter, all-season and fire-resistant foam. All of it has certificates of quality, and the company is engaged in the production of polyurethane foam cleaners.

      Premium Product( Premium)

      A relatively new company in the domestic market for the production of polyurethane foam. It has been working since 2014, specializes only in the production of different types of foam, and has already managed to establish itself with competitive prices , high quality, an individual approach to each client and the availability of a discount system.

      The product range is not yet very wide , and the company offers a choice of foam for winter and summer .In the future it is planned to expand the production and produce special types of foam, as well as separate professional and household products.

      LLC VladPromPen

      The company from Vladimir produces the installation foam under the Master brand .The key rule in the company is the best value for money. The manufacturer offers foam for both professional use and domestic use, for which high-quality components are used, which ultimately allows to obtain products with excellent performance characteristics.

      In addition, in Russia, the production of polyurethane foam is carried out by European manufacturers using their proprietary technologies.

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