Washable wallpaper: the types of wallpaper that can be washed


  1. Washable Wallpaper Features and
  2. Marking Types of Washable Wallpaper
  • Vinyl Wallpaper
  • Acrylic Wallpaper
  • Crop
  • Metal Wallpaper
  • Cork wallpaper with wax coating
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    Features of washable wallpaper and marking

    All types of washable wallpaper have high strength, durability and durability, are easy to maintain and can be used in rooms with high humidity and the risk of pollution. This type of finish is indispensable

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    in the kitchen, bathroom and hallway .The downside of the attractive performance of some types of wallpaper is the inability to pass air, so you have to provide good ventilation.

    The cleaning properties of the wallpaper will be indicated by the marking:

    • one wave is a moisture-resistant wallpaper, but you can wash them with a damp sponge;
    • two waves - washable wallpaper, but only non-aggressive formulations should be used for cleaning;
    • three waves - washable wallpaper that is not afraid of saturated soap solutions and most detergents;
    • wave and brush - wear-resistant washable wallpaper that can be washed with alkaline solutions and rubbed with a brush;
    • three waves and brush - a rare type of wallpaper that is particularly resistant to abrasion and damage it during operation and cleaning will be almost impossible.

    Types of washable wallpapers

    Washable wallpapers include vinyl, acrylic, metallized wallpaper, glass wallpaper and cork wallpaper with a wax coating. Their performance depends on the composition and method of production, which causes popularity for different types of premises.

    Vinyl wallpaper

    Most often, it is vinyl that is understood as washable wallpaper, which is explained by their wide distribution, huge choice and affordable price .They do not fade in the sun, they are durable, and for rooms with high humidity it is better to choose fleece as the basis, not paper. For bathrooms and kitchens this is a great material.

    Depending on the characteristics of production, washable vinyl wallpaper can be of different types:

    • foamed vinyl .This is a seemingly voluminous, non-embossed wallpaper that is light enough and therefore easy to install. Due to their appearance, they are capable of hiding some defects of the walls; it is not necessary to carefully prepare the surface for their sticking;
    • flat vinyl .These wallpapers are obtained by hot stamping, they imitate decorative plaster, stone, textiles, hide the imperfections of walls well, are durable;
    • kitchen vinyl ( tight or smooth).The name gives that such wallpaper is indispensable when finishing kitchen facilities. They are made of rubberized vinyl, the material is thick and dense, has dirt-repellent properties and, according to many experts, can even replace ceramic tiles. Such wallpapers can be not only smooth, despite the name, but also embossed. For the kitchen, however, the latter option is not very appropriate, because removing the dirt from the grooves is more difficult. Some manufacturers offer wallpapers of this type with the ability to clean them with a washing vacuum cleaner.

    Acrylic Wallpaper

    Acrylic wallpaper is in many ways reminiscent of vinyl foam type, but instead of polyvinyl chloride in the manufacture of used acrylic. The basis is paper, and acrylic is applied not as a continuous layer, but as an point, hence the basic properties of such wallpaper. Due to the structure of the outer layer, the material passes the air , allowing you to create a favorable microclimate indoors.

    material is durable, practical, wear-resistant , but in terms of performance it is still inferior to vinyl wallpaper. The thickness of the outer layer is 2 mm, while for vinyl wallpaper the same indicator is 4 mm. This explains less durability, but at the same time acrylic wallpapers can be washed, but not to use abrasive detergents and too hard brushes - a soft sponge and simple water are optimal. The vapor permeability of of this material expands the use of wallpaper: they are acceptable even in bedrooms and living rooms. The choice of flowers and ornaments is quite diverse.

    Glass Fiber

    Glass fiber is made from natural materials: the material is based on glass threads that are woven in the similarity of fabric, and special impregnations are used to impart strength. The main advantages of glass fiber wallpaper include:

    • naturalness and vapor permeability;
    • strength and wear resistance. Scratching such a coating is not so easy;
    • Incombustibility;
    • durability;
    • ability to additionally strengthen walls and hide surface imperfections;
    • possibility of multiple staining.

    Glass fiber is sold both white and already painted in some color. In any case, if necessary, change the color is not difficult. In order for the wallpaper not to lose its washing qualities, it is necessary to choose the right paint. Water dispersion, latex and acrylic paints are suitable.

    As for the appearance, several types of drawings can be found on sale, such as a Christmas tree, a diamond, matting, etc. Depending on its depth, the maximum number of paint layers without loss of relief can vary and range from 6 to 20.

    Metal Wallpaper

    Metal Wallpaper is a two-layer material consisting of a paper or non-woven base and aluminum foil, which can be cramped, patterned,painted in a specific color. Initially, such wallpapers were assigned the function of protection from electromagnetic radiation, but now they have become just an unusual decoration, possessing at the same time with a mass of useful properties:

    • durability;
    • simplicity in sticking;
    • sound insulation properties;
    • resistance to prolonged exposure to sunlight;
    • is moisture resistant, which makes wallpaper washable and easy to clean.

    If you want to choose metal wallpaper to finish one of the rooms, you need to remember about the high price of the material. Unfortunately, this is not the only drawback. This type of wallpaper does not breathe, the surface is easy to scratch , during installation it is necessary to turn off the electricity and carefully align the surface. In return, the owner receives a luxurious finish. Often, metallic wallpaper is used only for one of the walls: the one that is just the same and will often have to be cleaned of dirt.

    Cork wallpapers with wax coating

    Cork wallpapers are one of the most natural wall finishes, because they are made from cork bark. By themselves, the wallpaper does not have impressive moisture-resistant qualities, but thanks to wax impregnation they can not only be used in rooms with high humidity, but also to be washed.

    In addition, cork wallpapers do not accumulate static electricity, have excellent sound and thermal insulation qualities, are bactericidal, do not absorb odors, durable and easy to clean. Such a material does not differ by a wide range of colors - rather, on the contrary. Mechanical damage cork wallpapers do not transfer very well , they are easy to scratch. Even after applying the impregnations or varnishes, it will be possible to wash the surface only with water and a sponge, without aggressive means and hard brushes.

    Features of

    For each of the above types of wallpaper has its own nuances in terms of installation, but there are some general points that are important to consider before gluing. Especially plays an important role glue, because it should be more powerful than the adhesive composition for ordinary, non-washable, wallpaper. For example, dispersion glue with a fungicide is required for metal wallpaper, acrylic glue is required for acrylic and glass wallcovers, and special formulations for this type of wallpaper are required for vinyl.

    Many of these types of wallpaper can hide small irregularities of the walls, but it is wrong to think that the thicker the material, the more effectively it hides defects. This ability depends on plasticity and relief, therefore all pits will be visible through cork wallpapers, and vinyl and acrylic wallpapers will hide them.

    The most vulnerable spot of washable wallpaper is seams, so when sticking, they should be given maximum attention. It is better to spend more time on the formation of neat and even joints than to negate all the unique properties of the wallpaper with careless glueing. And finally, it is important to note that washing wallpaper should be washed only as it gets dirty - once again it is better not to touch .

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