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Every gardener knows that most flowers require special care, for example, gentle or gradual watering. Through the neck of the bottle, watering the flowers is not very convenient, besides - you can damage the flower, and through the hole in the cork the water often pours out of the pot. The nozzle nozzle for the bottle is perfect for such cases. If the seedling needs to be watered at the very base, at the root, then you just need to cut the end of the nozzle, wind it on a bottle of water and everything - the device is ready for use.

For gradual watering, you can make a few holes around the nozzle, screw it to the bottle and stick it into the soil, which in turn will be Saturate with moisture until the water in the bottle is finished (duration depends on the volume of the bottle used and the number of holes done in nozzle). Such a nozzle on the site of Chinese goods "Aliexpress" will cost you 471 rubles 62 kopecks, and during the discount of 9% of the cost of its price - 428 rubles 96 kopecks.

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Product Specifications:

  • material - plastic;
  • total length - 13 cm;
  • the diameter of the nozzle is 3 cm;
  • Quantity in the set - 10 pcs.

This device is very convenient to use so that it is easy to water the soil at the root of dense and branched plants due to sufficient length and narrowing of the cone. Also, you can pour a fertilizer into the bottle, make a few holes around the edges of the nozzle, stick it into the soil for the gradual intake of nutrients and a greater saturation effect in the plant, due to a smaller evaporation.The site Dhgate presents identical nozzles, made from the same material as the website of Chinese goods "Aliexpress." The price is 436 rubles 55 kopecks per lot in 12 baits. The discount acts in a slightly different way - the larger the order, the greater the discount (1 +, 10+, 20+, 47+, 100+).

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Nozzles are very comfortable, and having them at hand will never be superfluous. The conical shape and length of the nozzle of 13 cm with ease and without damage to the plant will help you to water the flowers. It is especially convenient to have a set of baits, you can make many designs for watering. You can also screw the nozzles onto a few bottles, stick them into the soil and do other things while your plants absorb moisture. On the second (alternative) site, the price is slightly lower, and there is also an attractive discount system. If you decide to buy a fairly large number of baits, for example, yourself and your neighbors in the suburban area, it will be more profitable to do this on the second site.

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