Mole Repeller, Made in China

As soon as the last snow disappears from the suburban areas, the traces of uninvited guests are visible on the surface. Moles, mice and shrews not only leave the pits, equipping their burrows, but also destroy the roots of plants, seeds and roots.

Gardeners use ready-made poisons, kerosene, a mixture of dill and parsley, dried marigolds, rotten fish, and even detergents to combat natural pests. We cannot assert how effective the “popular” methods are, but nowadays we should pay attention to more modern methods of extermination of rodents. This is a solar-powered device that scares off pests with ultrasound.

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lives at the dacha The device affects hearing of shrews, mice and moles. Ultrasonic repeller depresses, causes a feeling of fear and anxiety, thereby forcing the pests to leave the unpleasant place.

In online stores there are many varieties of this device. Among our compatriots, ultrasonic repellents in the form of a “mushroom”, consisting of a plastic leg and a “cap” with a solar battery, are popular.

The product resembles the traditional lanterns with which gardeners decorate the plots. The effectiveness of ultrasound in the fight against rodents causes a lot of controversy, so the summer residents do not want to spend 2-3 thousand rubles on a useless device.

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As an experiment, you can order an ultrasonic repeller on AliExpress on the price of 570 rubles. According to the description, such a device affects rodents, bears and even snakes. To install, choose a place with solid ground for better wave propagation.

Main advantages:

  • waterproof case;
  • solar panel that does not require charging from the network;
  • impact area 650 sq.m;
  • safety for children and pets.

Constant change in sound sequence eliminates adaptation and addiction in pests. To increase the efficiency of the device, sellers from the Celestial Empire advise installing them every 30 meters. It turns out that for the standard six acres should be ordered only two ultrasonic repeller.

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Customer opinions on this product are divided. Some summer residents continue to observe freshly dug pits on their plots, while others, on the contrary, confirm all the promises of sellers.

In addition, there are a lot of reviews about the poor quality of the product, which fails after rain. Malfunction of the battery, which is responsible for the accumulation of solar energy, also causes damage to the device.

In this case, the purchase of an ultrasonic repeller on AliExpress resembles a lottery. However, unlike the Russian online stores, there is no warranty for 1 year or the possibility of returning the device.

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