8 tips on how to choose a building level: types, accuracy, manufacturers


  1. 1.Puzyrkovy building level
  • Design Advantages Disadvantages bubble level
  • 2.Trubny level
    • tubular design
    • Advantages Disadvantages level
  • 3.Gidrouroven
    • Design Advantages Disadvantages gidrourovnya
  • 4.Elektronny level
    • Design Advantages of
    • level
    • Disadvantages
  • 5. Laser level( level)
    • Design
    • Advantages of the laser level
    • Disadvantages
  • 6. Accuracy of measurement
  • 7. Which manufacturers should you prefer?
  • 8. What to look for when choosing?
  • How to choose a building level? To do the job well, you need to have a good measuring tool. At the moment, there are many kinds of levels. They differ in type, purpose, method of execution, the manufacturer and, of course, price. First you need to understand what a building level is.

    The building level is an measuring instrument of rectangular shape with transparent flasks filled with liquid mounted into it. Levels can be made of plastic, wood or metal. This device serves for

    assessment of deviations of from vertical or horizontal surface , sometimes for measuring angles. The level was invented and used in 1666 by a French scientist, cartographer and traveler, a certain Melchizedek Theveno. The cone in which the bubble with air “floated” was filled with alcohol, and the level at that time was called the level .Now, in the building stores you will be offered not only the usual level of a rectangular shape, but also other, not less functional devices. Consider each in order.

    1. Bubble building level

    This is the most common type of building levels. It is a very simple , but the functional is sufficient.


    This is a rectangular frame, most often made of aluminum and hollow inside, with a transparent bulb in the middle. It is the measuring flask , sometimes called the “peephole”, and the itself is the responsible for the part of the level. The flask is filled with a liquid; technical alcohol is most often used for this purpose, since it has a lower density than water and an air bubble, due to which is more sensitive than reacts to deviations and moves faster inside the flask.

    Often the liquid inside the flask is tinted, and in modern levels fluorescent particles are also added to it in order to facilitate the work at night. The flask is applied lines perpendicular to the level body, which serve as the permissible boundaries deviations. That is, looking at the flask you will see two thin lines, a bubble of air and again two thin lines. If the bubble is clearly in the middle between the lines, then the surface is ideally even.

    Important moment - the more the bubble itself and less space remains from it to the lines on both sides, the the more accurate the will be the device and the less its error. By the way, there are levels with the ability to customize. The flask at such levels is attached with fasteners, which makes it possible to adjust at any time. The most common version of a bubble level is a level with two flasks. One serves to control the deviation from the vertical( 90 degrees), the other - from the horizontal( 180 degrees).They are located perpendicular to each other on different planes. If you see three cones, the latter serves to measure 45 degrees from the horizontal plane or is rotatable to measure any angle of the surface. There are also levels with a large number of flasks that duplicate horizontal and vertical flasks, such levels are used for very demanding jobs, as they have a higher accuracy of measurement. Modern levels are additionally equipped with various useful functions functions:

    • Stiffeners is a very important element, whose presence will make the body level more durable and protect against deflections, which is especially important when using levels of great length.
    • Markup, performed on one of the surfaces of the level, can be used as a ruler, which makes it possible to abandon additional tools and free hands.
    • A milled surface, , often located on the opposite side of the measuring flask, prevents the level from sliding off the working surface and eases the effort that must be applied to hold the level with one hand.
    • The impact platform is necessary for adjusting the surface to be controlled by applying moderate hammer blows.
    • Pipe Groove - is a very convenient additional function when wiring work is done on sewer pipes, which prevents slipping from radius surfaces.
    • The magnetic side of the - at one end of the level there is a magnet, which allows it to be fixed on metal surfaces and assembled with free hands.

    Bubble level lengths start from 20 cm and reach 3-4 meters , which makes them versatile for any application. For example, for simple do-it-yourself repair work, a level of 30-40 cm long will be enough; for laying tile it is worth choosing a slightly longer length - 40 cm-1 m. And if you are thinking of making a screed, or decorating walls, then a level is neededfrom 2 meters.

    Bubble level advantages

    • Quite high design strength, especially with stiffeners
    • is very simple in operation, it does not require special skills
    • It is suitable for using the special skills
    • It is suitable for using the special
    • to use it. Availability of of various sizes of sizes, which makes it possible to choose the tool that is most convenient for you and most suitable for a specific task of
    • .


    Disadvantages of

    • If you acquire a substandard production level of poor quality, then will fail
    • very quickly. You will need a smooth surface, which is not always at hand.

    2. Pipe level

    This type of level has a very narrow scope , used for laying gas, water, sewer pipes or profiles and beams of a round shape.


    Pipe Level is a type of bubble construction level. It is equipped with several flasks with liquid, in each of which an air bubble floats, and it also determines the deviation from the required direction. A distinctive feature of the pipe level is V-shaped housing and the presence of magnets. Also, pipe levels can have a detachable interchangeable clamp for pipe diameter.

    Advantage fold method of connecting sections

  • Small weight
  • Disadvantages

    • Small size ( up to 40 cm)
    • Narrow area nnaming
    • Higher price , compared with bubble _
    • Shows the slope of one, specific pipe, and is not suitable for estimating the total gradient _ of a

    3. Hydraulic level

    objects. It is advisable to use it when it comes to installing the ceiling, drawing marks for the level of the future floor, installing the foundation or any other building installation in the same plane.


    The hydraulic level consists of two vessels, with a scale applied in centimeters connected by a transparent, flexible tube. Please note that for ease of use, it is better to choose levels with flasks of a rectangular shape so that they fit snugly to the surface. A tube is better to choose a larger diameter, so that the liquid is faster to fill it and quickly flowed through it. The optimum diameter of is 6-8 mm .

    Before work, the level must be filled with water so that it takes about 2/3 of the volume of the vessels. should be avoided the formation of air bubbles inside the tube. Do not bend the tube - water should flow freely through it. After filling the system with water, align the flasks with each other, the liquid level in them should be the same, this means that the level is ready for use. The hydraulic levels can be from 5 to 25 meters.

    Advantages of the hydraulic level

    • Low price
    • Does not require special forces for more things like thishuman
    • Not quite convenient way to fill with liquid, in which it is not always possible to avoid the appearance of bubbles, which means that there may be several attempts
    • Work only in horizontal plane
    • Can only be used with positive temperatures

    4.Electronic level

    This type of level refers to professional and allows you to perform increased accuracy.


    The electronic level looks the same as a normal bubble, has several holes for estimating deviations from the vertical or horizontal plane. The difference between is the availability of protractor and digital display , on which the deviation value is displayed. You can display in degrees, percent or millimeters of your choice. The electronic level has recording measured slopes, as well as can signal using sound when it reaches 0º or 90º.

    Advantages of the electronic level

    • High accuracy
    • Easy use
    • Possibility memorizing measured deviations
    • of tone


    • must be periodically calibration
    • Just like a bubble, it requires careful self
    • relationship Higher cost , compared with the previoustypes

    5. Laser level( level)

    Refers to the group of professional measuring instruments. The principle of operation is to build horizontal, vertical or inclined planes at a distance of several tens of meters from the location. It is an indispensable device when applying markings, leveling walls or ceilings, installing stretch ceilings or gypsum ceilings, building walls or interroom partitions, or when facing ceramic tiles.

    There are three main types of laser levels - point, linear, rotary .From the name it is clear that they are used to build points, lines or planes. Some laser levels have the ability to self-leveling within 2 ÷ 4º.


    Inside the case there is a LED , which produces the light flux for the laser. In the linear level, the light passes through perpendicular prisms and two mutually perpendicular straight lines form at the output. In the rotational level, the light is focused to a point at the moment of passing through the lens, and the straight line is formed due to the rotation of the light source around its axis. Self-leveling levels are equipped with a pendulum with a copper tip-load, which freezes in a magnetic field induced by vortex flows, thereby allowing the level to level off. A regular laser level has a small built-in bubble level, which you need to level it before using. It's pretty simple, but the possibilities of applying a laser level are really very extensive.

    advantages of laser level

    • Easy operation
    • essential time savings , time spent on the layout and other preparatory work
    • High accuracy
    • Easy storage and transportation
    • capabilities cover considerable area


    • main disadvantage of laser levels - this is their the cost is , but believe me, the costs will be fully justified when you appreciate all the advantages and possibilities of working with thisPSI.
    • Not always laser levels are sold immediately bundled with a tripod and storage case, which incurs additional costs for their acquisition.

    6. Measurement accuracy

    The most important thing to know when performing any work is the amount of error that construction levels can give.

    • Bubble level has a measurement accuracy of 0.5-1 mm / m, the longer the level, the smaller the error
    • 2-3 mm
    • Electric level has a sufficiently high accuracy, the magnitude of the error up to 0.1º
    • Laser levels are very accurate, their error is only 0.1-1 mm / m depending on the class of the device

    7. How doesDo you prefer?

    You can save on anything, but do not try to save on the cost of the construction level. It does not matter what type of levels you prefer, and for what purpose you will use it - it should ensure declared accuracy .This can be achieved by purchasing products only proven manufacturers .According to experienced users and polls of people who are professionally engaged in interior decoration and installation, the following manufacturers can be identified:

    • Stabila ( Germany)

    Specializes in the production of laser levels, levels and levels known throughout the world. Products of this brand are supplied to all industrial countries. All measuring devices of this brand have reliable build quality, high quality of used materials and high measurement accuracy. That is why Stabila has high popularity and high reputation.

    • Kapro ( Israel)

    One of the leading manufacturers of levels in the world. Kapro levels are valued for their high strength, they are the only levels whose measurement accuracy is confirmed by the certificate of the German VPA laboratory.

    • Bosch ( Germany)

    Specializes mainly in the production of laser levels levels. Measuring devices of this manufacturer are distinguished by a high level of accuracy, high-quality assembly and high quality of materials

    8. What to look for when choosing?

    Even if you listened to our advice and are not going to save on the cost of the construction level, you should conduct an external inspection of the device and pay attention to the little things that, in fact, will tell you a lot about the health and accuracy of your chosen level.

    • When choosing the level with bubble elements, be sure to pay attention to its main element - the flask. Carefully inspect its surface, it should be transparent, not have scuffing or other mechanical damage. Then check the strength of its mounting. It must be fixed and securely fixed in the level body, if, of course, you have not chosen a level with the possibility of manual adjustment, in this case the flask will be removable. Experienced users are advised to give preference to the levels with rigid fixation of the flasks, as with drops, or other mechanical damage, they are more likely to remain intact and not get together. Pay attention to the strips that are applied to the flask, they should be smooth and clear. It is better if they are drawn from the inside, so they will not be erased with frequent use. The bubble with the air should also be clear and not stratify at the first shake, do not buy levels with a small bubble - their error will be greater. Another important point - material performance level. Now almost all construction levels are made of aluminum, it is much lighter and more practical than wood or plastic. If you acquire a long level, then the presence of stiffeners is obligatory, so it will be more durable and will not sag.
    • After a visual inspection, you must check the level at readability. Make it very easy. Specialty stores even have special surfaces for inspection. If not, just use a more or less even, horizontal surface. Put the selected level on it and mark, for example, the position of the air bubble with a marker, then turn the level 180º and place it in the same place. Bubble should be on the place of your mark. The bubble does not have to be in the center, because your surface is not perfectly flat, it just has to return to the same position. If after the turn, the bubble will be in a completely different place, the purchase of this level should be abandoned.
    • When purchasing hydrodynamic , pay attention to the shape of the liquid receptacles, preferring rectangular shapes. The material , from which the vessels are made, should be well visible, not have scuffs, scratches, chips. The scale applied to vessels should be clear, legible, and most importantly, the same on both containers. Do not forget to see the hose on - it should be soft, flexible, able to quickly acquire the necessary bends and not wrinkle. Do not acquire a level with too narrow a hose, otherwise liquid will flow for a long time through it.
    • When purchasing an laser level , give preference only to well-known manufacturers, do not be tempted to a lower price, otherwise your device may quickly fail, and you will have to pay twice, purchasing another one. If you are going to use it often, or building and repairing it and your way of making money at all, pay attention to the number of functions available. The most popular ones are the horizontal, vertical line, the plumb and the cross. This is the minimum set for the professional level, as a rule, they are much more. It is good if the storage case and the telescopic tripod are complete with the level. The case should be durable or shockproof, have a soft protective coating inside and special recesses for the storage elements that should fit tightly in them and not fall out when the case turns. Telescopic tripod should be tough, durable and stable. It is better if it has as few plastic elements as possible.

    Following these simple rules, your chosen level will serve you for a very long time and will become an indispensable helper in any of your endeavors. And most importantly - it will be convenient for you.

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