9 interesting ideas finishing the balcony( with photos)

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  • Rest Area Oriental-style Balcony
  • Egyptian and Egyptian Structures in the Dive Board
  • Bedroom-Balcony
  • Balcony in the Style of the Living Room or Bar
  • Balcony in the style of the gym
  • Balcony in the style of the cabinet
  • Food area
    • Balcony in the style of the dining room or kitchen
  • Conclusion
  • For finishing the balcony there are many interesting ideas that can be easily realized. After all, for an apartment in a panel house, especially if it is one or two bedroom living space, the additional small space will be very useful. Moreover, modern decoration materials and of course our rich imagination will allow us to carry out the most ambitious idea. The balcony can be turned into any additional functional small room.

    Before making any design idea, you should carefully prepare the room for such a repair. To make the balcony cozy and good at any time of the year, and especially in winter, you should conduct

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    insulation , and waterproofing sound insulation with special materials. Then a loggia or a simple balcony will be convenient and comfortable at any time of the year.

    Rest Area

    In most cases, a well-renovated balcony is used as a relaxation area. This general idea of ​​finishing this room includes a lot of ideas. Using inexpensive building materials and simple pieces of furniture, you can create a truly comfortable living environment, where you can take a break from working life and enjoy solitude or company with your loved one. If the configuration of the room allows you to include interesting design elements, for example, niches or the semicircular shape of the balcony, boldly fill all the similar nuances with a setting that pleases.

    Balcony in oriental style

    This is a fairly popular design style for any room, with a variety of variations. This is the use of wicker furniture, and rugs in the form of Asian-style mats , and pillows, and much more. Particularly interesting will look hanging wicker chair comfortable shape. It will allow you to sit comfortably while relaxing and wiggle a little while reading a book on a tablet or just listening to music through headphones. If the family lives in the apartment, then you can hang two chairs, because for a comfortable corner family battles can occur, so it is better to hang even three.

    It all depends on the size of the balcony, because for three chairs you will need a loggia or a large balcony at least 5 meters long and one and a half to two meters wide. In addition to comfortable chairs, you can put a bedside table or build a wardrobe with shelves of wood. A small palm tree with not too lush and spreading greens will fit well into the oriental style. A neat pot with a small tree will harmoniously fit even into a small balcony. You can also use paper lamps, as is customary in Japan or other similar elements.

    Egyptian and Greek style balcony

    There is no doubt that the Egyptian or Greek style balconies will have a beautiful performance and will be very beautiful and cozy. For Egyptian themes, you can use bas-reliefs with hieroglyphs in the sandy light of the Sahara desert. It will look very stylish and spectacular. You can also put a statue, some ancient deities, for example, the goddess of love or the god of fun. Options in Egyptian and Greek mythology a large number. Light white curtains and sprawling date palm will also look beautiful.

    Murals from the scenes of the life of the ancient Greeks and the corresponding design elements that are inherent in this subject are suitable for the Greek style. Small pedestals of the type of nightstand or stand in the form of a colony for flowers or a small coffee table with columns instead of legs would also look very nice. Wicker furniture, such as a chest is also suitable for Greek design. At the same time, the general light background should be in bright colors of these southern countries. A large amount of natural greenery will decorate the balcony in such a design.

    Balcony in the style of the bedroom

    Quite a few people at least once in their lives have slept on the balcony. Especially often this happened in the summer, when there is unbearable heat outside and the nightly coolness with a breeze from the window will be pleasant to lull the sleeping .Bedroom decor can be very diverse - it’s Eastern, Ancient Greek, Modern, Medieval, Minimalist, Art Nouveau and many others. The main element will be a bed or a small sofa with a folding design, where you can lie down and rest.

    The bed can be designed in such a way that it is as practical as possible, because the dimensions of a standard balcony in an apartment building are small. Therefore, be sure to include retractable lockers or inconspicuous folding table, which would quickly be removed in a special niche or under the bed. If the size of the balcony allows, you can build a hammock and place the room in a rustic style, which is very nice and quite popular among designers. With a quality balcony weatherization, you can generally move the bedroom here completely.

    Balcony in the style of the living room or bar

    In one-room and two-room apartments, of course, you can make an attractive living room, which will be combined, for example, with a kitchen. But if there is a wide or long balcony, then there you can create a very comfortable and pleasant corner for guests, and just for personal relaxation. For example, the oriental style makes it possible to create a very interesting version with a low table on an Asian-style rug around which the cushions are scattered around. And in the middle of the table there is a hookah, so that guests can completely relax .

    Another design option for receiving friends and loved ones at home resembles a bar counter. In fact, this will be the bar counter, which will arrange guests to socialize and fit into any balcony that is at least 5 meters long. It can be an attractive style, as in modern New York bars or a classic style with chairs with curly carved backs in light pastel colors. There will also be an interesting balcony in the style of ordinary American bars, which are decorated with traditional attributes of the United States.

    A zone of fresh greenery and natureA small piece of its nature on the balcony will not only decorate the room and the apartment as a whole, but it will be very good for the health of the .Truth for such a winter garden should be carefully looked after otherwise all greens will wither. Therefore, this design solution is suitable only for those who really love to care for plants.

    It is not necessary to create a special design for this style, because the main decoration of the balcony will be living plants and flowers. Therefore, there will be enough shelves and a wide window sill, where you can install a large number of pots of greens. If you allow the size of the balcony, you can put the furniture in a rustic style. The rattan chair or the old shabby bedside table with peeling paint, but restored and updated, will look especially good. Turning on the fantasy you can create the most incredible botanical garden at home.

    Balcony with fountains

    To install a fountain or even a waterfall on the balcony you need a fairly large room, such as a loggia. But some craftsmen inscribe such a design decision in the balconies of the average size of ordinary apartments panel houses. You can make the type of rocky cliff on the wall, which will drain the water. These ready-made systems are sold in building supermarkets and are a circulating system that simply plug into the outlet. A special pump will pump water and create beautiful fountains.

    It is not necessary to construct an impressive system of fountains; it is enough just to fit them into the existing greenhouse. Additional moisture will be beneficial to the plants and will create a favorable wet environment on the balcony. And the person will receive a lot of positive emotions and fresh air in his apartment. Very interesting fountains in the Japanese style, which are made of bamboo, which looks very stylish and will appeal to those who are not indifferent to unusual things. There are miniature fountains that can be installed directly on the windowsill, which is quite suitable for a standard Russian balcony.

    Sports and work zone

    Balcony in the style of the gym

    Such a design balcony - the dream of any man who is not indifferent to the sport. Even the smallest balcony can be equipped, so that can exercise without leaving home. If the size of the balcony is quite large or it is generally a loggia, then you can equip a whole gym. For example, to put a wall with a horizontal bar and parallel bars, as well as a bench for rocking the abdominal muscles. It will be very convenient, waking up in the morning to warm up and work out with dumbbells, and then work on a bar that invigorates and adjusts to the working mood of the coming day.

    You can even put a whole integrated simulator, which includes many separate systems for training different muscle groups. Some even manage to install a treadmill on a standard-sized balcony. This is of course practical for those who do not see their life without running, but it is not always convenient. The exercise bike, small by the size, will very well fit into many balconies. Some design options for a balcony in the style of the gym look very good. Here the main thing is to think through the details of the location of all training systems, because for sports, you still need a fairly large space, as well as fresh air. So do not forget to create good ventilation.

    Balcony in the style of the cabinet

    Another option to create a comfort zone on your balcony. Your personal account is a sign of a certain status. But if the living space of an ordinary one-room or two-room apartment does not allow making such luxury, then this can be done on the balcony. Equipping your own corner where the computer or laptop will stand will be quite practical and convenient, because it does not require much space, so the balcony will be ideal for this. In addition to the computer desk, you can hang bookshelves or make lockers.

    Especially such a design solution will be interesting to people who live, for example, in a one-room apartment and earn freelancing. Very convenient when going to work is not necessary. Just went to the balcony to see what was happening on the street and got to work right there. For small-sized apartments, where a family of three will live - two parents and a child, it will be very useful to build a computer workplace. After all, the child can interfere by playing computer games. But if the little gamer will sit on the balcony, he will save his parents from unnecessary irritation.

    Food Area

    Balcony in the style of a dining room or kitchen

    This design is not common, but in a small apartment, when the kitchen space is used for other needs, this solution will be very good. A balcony with good insulation is suitable for the implementation of any design, even the kitchen. Some balconies that have sufficient size can accommodate even appliances. There are examples when a miniature kitchen wall included a minimum set of cabinets and at the same time had built-in appliances. Many take out the refrigerator to the balcony in order to make room in the inner room.

    In addition, the balcony can be used as a dining room. It is easy to place a table with a folding design, to save space and be more practical. Chairs can be placed around the table, which can also be folded and even hung on the walls with special hooks. This will completely eliminate the balcony space and use it as efficiently as possible. At the same time, you can attach lockers for dishes and decorate the dining room in any style. You can add more plants to get a combined dining greenhouse. There are a large number of options and if you combine different styles, you can get just a stunning designer balcony.


    To increase the living space of an apartment, you can warm your balcony and decorate it in the presented styles. What kind of design it will depend on the personal preferences of the person. Quite interesting is the balcony-style décor that gives you your own personal space and privacy. This is in the conditions of a one-room apartment where more than one tenant lives a good solution, which will give, besides comfort, additional residential meters.

    Another interesting option is the greenhouse, which, in addition to aesthetic satisfaction and positive mood, will provide fresh, fresh air. Plants actively recycle carbon dioxide and also absorb radiation from numerous electronics, which is present in every modern family and apartment.

    Combining styles will make your own balcony a piece of design art. With a bit of imagination, you can turn this small room from improvised means, for example, into a modern gym, which will help you keep yourself in shape without ever leaving your home. Therefore, if you have an empty or cluttered balcony, then think about creating another small room that will fulfill its practical role, and which one will you decide.

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