Why while cooking squeaks Mirta multicooker

Why while cooking squeaks Mirta multicooker

Multicooker Mirta MC-2220

Why does the multicooker start beeping during the cooking process? MIRT model. Until the end of cooking is still far.


Expert answer

To control the work of multicooker serves as a control board. The microcontroller of the board receives commands from various devices - mode switch, temperature sensors, timer. Based on the received data, it generates control signals, turning the heating element on or off, signaling the end of a certain mode, and so on.

If the multicooker gives a signal before the end of cooking, then this may be caused by the breakdown of a sensor, timer, or, most likely, the control board. It happens that some sensor failures cause “bewilderment” of the controller and its programs stop working as expected. May get lost programs as a result of power outages. Specialists of the service center have the ability to repair such faults.

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