Why the light does not burn in the refrigerator

Why the light does not burn in the refrigerator

Refrigerator with open doors

In the refrigerator, the light does not work when opened and at the same time it constantly works.


Specialist's answer

The light in the fridge is turned on using a switch that operates when the door is opened. If at the same time the unit itself is always on, it is possible that the reason for the accumulation of ice in the vicinity of the switch. Usually, a thermal sensor is also located under the decorative cover. Do not use hard objects to remove ice. It is necessary to completely defrost the refrigerator until the ice melts completely.

Be sure to check the condition of the rubber seal on the door. If it is damaged, warm air will flow inside the refrigerator. This leads to condensate settling followed by freezing in places of leaks, as well as errors in the operation of the thermal sensor.

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