What are the technical characteristics of choosing a TV?

When buying modern TVs, you should adhere to certain criteria that allow you to make the right choice and not make a mistake. In order to find a really decent sample of technology, it is necessary to thoroughly know the main technical characteristics of TVs. Nowadays, the market provides its customers with a huge choice in which it is very difficult to navigate, if not possess the relevant knowledge. And if you want to pay for quality, not for a colorful brand and not always true advertising slogans, you need this review.


  • 1 Brightness
  • 2 Angle
  • 3 Timing response
  • 4 Screen Resolution
  • 5 Improved motion transmission
  • 6 Acoustics
  • 7 Support Smart TV
  • 8 Support 3D
  • 9 Communication


basic criteria, which greatly affect the image quality. We all remember the times when we had to turn off the lights in the house and even hang windows on a sunny day in order to see our favorite TV program on old-fashioned screens.

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But today everything is much simpler - all modern TVs have good brightness, and if you buy a new plasma or LCD TV, you can ignore this criterion.

Viewing Angle

These characteristics of the screen directly affect your comfort and picture quality when viewing. This is the maximum angle at which you can look at the screen without loss of brightness, clarity and color. Everyone noticed that if you move to the opposite corner of the room, the image changes slightly. And if you want to avoid this, you need a TV with a viewing angle of 175-178 degrees.

Almost all modern plasma or LCD TVs correspond to similar characteristics.

Response Timing

This timing, or response time, determines how long a pixel of a screen can change its state. First, this pixel is white, then the picture changes and it needs to become black, and so on. The quality of the image depends on how long the pixel color changes.

The best option is considered to be a time interval of 8-10 ms - these characteristics are excellent for watching TV programs.

But if your TV is used for video games, it is worth paying special attention to these characteristics - otherwise the picture quality will be unsatisfactory.

Screen resolution

These characteristics are the main, for which you should choose a TV.Image quality and image clarity directly depend on the resolution. This is especially important if you plan to choose widescreen televisions. An impressive diagonal will not give the expected results if the resolution does not match. The modern market promotes the following resolution specifications:

  • HD ready 1280 to 720
  • Ultra HD 3840 to 2160
  • Full HD 1920 to 1080

When buying, pay attention not only to the resolution, but also to the type of signal received. Full quality you can only achieve if these indicators will be consistent.

Improving the transmission of motion

If the TVs you are viewing are marked with such symbols as 800 and 600 hertz, then we are talking about the parameters for improving the transmission of motion. Quite rarely on the packaging and instructions indicate these characteristics, in most cases, they are just delicately silent.

But by what parameters to choose a TV?Different manufacturers specify this parameter differently. If you saw such designations as PMR, CMR and MCI, then you are on the right track. Such abbreviations denote the motion transmission index.


When studying TVs, pay special attention to the quality of sound transmission. Standard speakers are not able to convey all the quality of the sound track, so it is advisable to purchase systems such as 2.1, 5.1, etc. The presence of a subwoofer will allow you to fully transmit low frequencies, which is very important when listening to music and watching concerts.

Smart TV Support

It is no secret that modern TV has long gone beyond the established framework and turned into a universal multimedia device. With it, you can surf the Internet, play games, browse social networks, listen to the radio, and this is not a complete list of available options. But for this TV must support Smart TV.This option includes:

  • Web Browser;
  • Integrated webcam;
  • Access to social networks;
  • Ability to connect additional memory cards;
  • Manage gestures and voice commands.

It is very important that your televisions are equipped with software capable of updating.

3D Support

3D image has become more relevant than ever, and it is not surprising that modern TVs have similar capabilities. Thanks to these features, you can:

  • Manage the depth of the three-dimensional image;
  • Transform a flat-screen image in 3D;
  • Simultaneously use the TV for various purposes.


It is very important that your TV can receive data from various sources. It is necessary that your chosen TV was equipped with USB ports, memory card slots, etc. Some models allow you to combine all the devices in the apartment into one network, which is also an excellent additional feature.

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