Features of selecting an external battery for a smartphone

Features of selecting an external battery for a smartphone


Being always in touch has become very important these days. Too much at times depends on whether a person can answer the call. In addition, the phones also provide us with a variety of possibilities. To see the weather, navigate the terrain or contact a friend - you will need a smartphone with a charged battery. And to help charge it, being out of the house, called Power Bank. On how to choose the right battery and not to sit in a puddle, we will talk about this in our article.


  • 1Reasons to use an external battery and its operating principle
  • 2Comparison of prices for Power Bank from different manufacturers
    • 2.1Power Bank comparison table from different manufacturers
      • 2.1.1Video: selecting the best external battery
  • 3Criterias of choice
    • 3.1Video: a comparison of the original and fake Power Bank
    • 3.2The result
  • 4Features of use and care of the device

Reasons to use an external battery and its operating principle

Power Bank is a portable battery for your smartphone, phone or tablet. It is designed to help charge the device, wherever you are. This can be useful in a variety of situations:

  • when you leave for nature - sometimes you just can not charge the phone, for example, if you are out of town;
  • if you are constantly on the move - even in the city and it's not a problem to find a socket even outside the house, but you are "attached" to it. With a moving lifestyle, Power Bank will allow you to charge the device "on the go
    Power Bank can be used to listen to music on the run
  • if you do not want to attract attention - in some works it is forbidden to get and use cell phones. With Power Bank you can charge it right in your bag.

How does such a useful device work? In fact, it's just a battery to which you can connect your smartphone. After the connection, it begins to give its energy as long as the charge remains in it. When the Power Bank is discharged, you will need to charge it from the outlet, but a good battery is enough to fully charge your device several times.


Replenishing the charge of the Power Bank itself takes a long time. It is best to leave it plugged into the outlet at night.


Comparison of prices for Power Bank from different manufacturers

The first factor that you should pay attention to when choosing Power Bank is its manufacturer. The products of different companies differ both in price and in quality. It makes no sense to consider Chinese products of small manufacturers, since the percentage of counterfeits in this market is very high. Let's focus on comparing relatively well-known brands, and as a starting point, take their products with a battery capacity of 1, 00 mAh:

  • Power Bank Samsung 10000 mAh - the device from Samsung is available at an affordable price - from 1800 rubles. For this money, the user gets a convenient Power Bank for 1, 00 mAh without any extra frills. The maximum current of the device is 2 A;
    Samsung makes high-quality Power Bank at a reasonable price
  • Sony CP-V10 - Sony offers us a stylish-looking Power Bank for 2590 rubles. The device in a plastic case has a weight of about 250 g and supports a maximum current of up to 1.5 A. Standard connector - micro-USB;
    Devices from Sony are slightly more expensive, but they look stylish
  • Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10000 - Xiaomi, as usual, is trying to win at the expense of a low price. Their device will cost you only , 00 rubles in local stores, and when ordered from the manufacturer - even cheaper. The maximum current is 2.1 A;
    Power Bank from Xiaomi is presented in different colors, and also has a low weight
  • Power Bank REMAX 10000 is a Hong Kong company that is not very well known in our market. In this regard, the price of the device in our stores is at the level of 1500 rubles. Judging by the reviews, the actual capacity of the device may not correspond to the claimed one, so it is worthwhile to perform an appropriate check before buying. The maximum current is 2 A.
    REMAX releases cheap devices, but the quality is questionable

Power Bank comparison table from different manufacturers

Firm Name Current strength (A) Price (in rubles)
Samsung Power Bank Samsung 10000 mAh 2 1800
Sony Sony CP-V10 1.5 2590
Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10000 2.1 1700
REMAX Power Bank REMAX 10000 2 1500

As you can see, the price mainly depends on the producer's popularity. So, the most expensive device was a device from Sony, despite the fact that the current capacity of it is the smallest. Well, choosing cheap and untested companies, you risk getting a poor-quality device.

Video: selecting the best external battery

Criterias of choice

So what should you pay attention to when choosing Power Bank, except its manufacturer? It is recommended that you carefully study the following device parameters before purchasing:

  • Battery capacity - above, we considered devices of the same capacity to indicate the difference in price between them. But at the same time the capacity of Power Bank can be very different. The average is a capacity of up to 12 thousand, and it will be enough to replenish the charge of the smartphone several times. Devices with a capacity of about 2, 00 mAh are considered Power Bank of increased capacity. If you see a device that promises you a capacity of about 50 thousand, then this is for sure a forgery. You can check the capacity of the device, knowing the battery capacity of your smartphone, or using special devices;
    The size of the device depends directly on the capacity
  • additional functions - flashlight (in case of power failure), a detailed display of the remaining charge, several USB ports and other features can be found in Power Bank. There is no optimal set of properties, but additional features are always good;
    Built-in flashlight can be useful when power is cut off
  • current strength - this indicator affects the charging speed of the device that you connected to the Power Bank. Indicators in 2 A are useful for tablets, while 1 A is more often used to charge ordinary smartphones. It is recommended to look at the current requirements of your device and follow them;
    You can learn the power of current on the device itself
  • weight and dimensions of the device - there are no recommendations. Of course, a light Power Bank will be more convenient to carry it with you, but more often it is necessary to pay for it with capacity. The weight of the middle device is 250-300 g. To be guided at a choice costs only own convenience;
    Power Bank sizes can vary greatly
  • Compatibility with devices - the modern Power Bank uses a regular micro-usb connector to connect the device. He himself is able to be charged via usb. This means that you can easily connect smartphones and tablets for recharging, but the laptop, on the contrary, will charge your Power Bank.
    Power Bank uses standard connectors

Video: a comparison of the original and fake Power Bank

The result

Summing up, we correlate all the characteristics, in order to help you with the choice of the device. So, you should pay attention to devices with the following parameters:

  • capacity from six to ten mAh. This will be enough for mobile devices;
  • the current strength in, A - a higher value will accelerate the battery charge, but can greatly heat it, which will affect the longevity;
  • The weight, size, color and shape of the device should be selected from its needs;
  • the device manufacturer should be known, in addition, it will be useful to read reviews on the Internet about a specific model.

The main thing when choosing, guided by common sense.If something sounds too good to be true, most likely, this is deception.Choose the place of purchase wisely in order to be able to return the device under warranty if something goes wrong.

Features of use and care of the device

After buying Power Bank, it is worth exploring the operation of the device. The fact is that if you use the device incorrectly, it will not only charge your smartphone more slowly, but it will also fail more quickly. Here are the basic recommendations for working with any Power Bank:

  • when you use it for the first time, charge and discharge the device several times - this will allow it to use the provided battery capacity at full capacity. Usually, three cycles of this charge renewal are sufficient. This procedure can be repeated from time to time, if the capacity of the device has decreased or it has started to give other failures;
  • always charge the device completely - if you interrupt Power Bank charging to 100% and do this often, sooner or later the capacity of the device will be reduced. It's best to stop charging the device after a while after you see a 100% charge;
  • Do not discharge the device to zero - this actually applies to your phone. The optimal amount of charge in the device before charging is about 15%. The exception is the calibration of Power Bank, recommendations for which were higher;
  • use the original chargers for Power Bank - the use of standard connectors in the device does not mean that you should charge it than you get. Own wires and adapter always perform charging better, respecting the recommended current;
    Use the standard equipment of your device
  • Do not allow the device to overheat - Power Bank becomes warm during long operation. It is important not to allow the device to overheat, because it will negatively affect the capacity of the battery. For the same reason, do not put the device in the sun or near the sources of heat.

In the direct care of the device there are no special features. All the advice that can be given here is very obvious:

  • You can clean the battery with a damp cloth. It is necessary to squeeze it carefully so that water does not get inside the device;
  • except for heat sources, also it is worth keeping the battery away from sources of open fire. Batteries explode when heated, which can not only damage the device, but also leave serious injuries.

Power Bank very quickly entered our life and began to be used everywhere. A convenient external battery will allow you not to stay without communication in important moments. And now you know how to choose such a Power Bank for your smartphone.

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