How to make your own flower bed train from the boxes

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I have long wanted to decorate a flower garden with unusual flower beds so that it was beautiful and there was more space for planting flowers. After repair and cleaning in the country there are a lot of empty containers( wooden and plastic boxes, bottles, different cans).Tell me, how can you make a small flower out of the drawers with your own hands?

Probably everybody is ever confronted with the question of what to do with the accumulated trash at home. But this garbage can be useful! For example, you can make an original flower bed out of the boxes with your own hands. So the order in the yard will be, and it will turn out to decorate a flower garden. In addition, this idea is practical for flower growers who do not have much space on the plot. And in the trailers it will be nice to “sit” and small garden berries - strawberries, strawberries.

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Material needed to build a train

In order to plant more than one flower in a wagon, it must be roomy. For the manufacture of cars pick up boxes of different sizes. Suitable packaging made of metal, wood or plastic. And if you cut the side wall of a large container( for example, from drinking water), then even a small tree can be planted in such a trailer. Take the wheels of a small train from an old broken bicycle or trolley.

A remarkable train will work out if the locomotive is equipped with wheels made from wood cuts, and for the train to pick up identical covers from paint cans.

An old pan or bucket fits the boiler of the locomotive. Cars beautifully connected with wire or unnecessary fragments of chains.

How to make a wooden train?

To build a train, use two wooden boxes from under the fruit. To make the boiler, you need to turn one box upside down, attach a pipe( a long bottle or a flowerpot for flowers) and several pairs of small wheels on the bottom edge. In the pot, too, plant flowers( petunias, marigolds, asters).

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It will be a little harder to make the driver's cab:

  1. Remove the long slats from the bottom of the box and its long sides, put the box on one end and measure the distance slightly above the middle of the long side.
  2. From plywood cut two pieces in the shape of a rectangle, equal in length to the pre-measured measurements. The width of the rectangle should be equal to the width of the long side. Attach the finished strips to the inside of the wall, leaving the window at the top.
  3. Also cut the roof out of plywood. Its length must be greater than the height of the wall to which the roof is attached.
  4. Attach the wheels on both sides of the cab. Their diameter is made larger than the diameter of the wheels selected for the boiler.
  5. Using self-tapping screws to connect both parts of the engine.

If you attach identical wheels to the bottom of wooden boxes, you will get excellent wagons. To the train did not distract attention from the multicolored plants growing in it, it is better to paint it discreetly.

Plastic Tank Engine

The front part of a train can be made from a plastic box and a bottle for drinking water. At the same time, it is better to paint the parts before assembly.

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A large aerosol can will fit a pipe. To install it, you need to attach the cap from the bottle to the top of the bottle, and then fix the bottle itself. At the box a little cut down the front wall to put the bottle in it. For wheels fit covers or discs.

The cab is easy to do if you install two identical drawers on top of each other, which, for greater stability, is best fastened together. It remains only to connect the boiler and the cabin.

For wagons on boxes, attach wheels and fasten wagons to the locomotive.

Video about what else you can make trains to give

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