A simple scheme of beds with peonies in the country - a good choice of flower garden

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Large flowers, light fragrance of peonies - like a littlea miracle that occurs every year. Simple, but at the same time, the original scheme of beds with peonies, suitable for decorating the suburban area of ​​any size. Popular flower culture requires minimal care, almost the entire warm season is pleasing to the eye. Let us see what kind of peony beds are easy to create, and they will look like the best examples of landscape art.

Scheme of beds with peonies at the cottage: mixborders

Properly designed flower gardens make it easier to take care of plants, especially tall, sprawling. It turns out beautiful flower beds with peonies in the country from simple, semi-double, terry varieties of different flowering periods. Bright fragrant bushes in the garden, mixborder along the path, on a round flowerbed next to the gazebo will delight for many years.

Fragrant buds bloom in May – June, and if you cut off faded petals and ovaries, they will last even longer.

Along the paths, a mixborder is usually created as in the flowerbed with peonies( hybrid peonies are indicated by the number 3).

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The combinations of spring, summer, autumn perennials and annuals make it possible to maintain a beautiful view of the flower garden for a long time. At the beginning of summer, bright peonies look great next to the bushes of false jasmine or chubushnik( 1), the motley "asterisks" of the tiger lily( 4).July – September is the time of phlox( 2).Green leaves of a flower bed with peonies shade summer riot of colors. Turkish carnation, ageratums, lobularia( 5, 6, 7) bloom in the foreground of a mixborder for a long time.

There is a circumstance that is a little depressing for those who take care of their beautiful beds with peonies in the country - a decorative look is lost due to the collapsed bushes. Help out dense green mesh, as well as other artificial supports. Sredneroslye perennials, planted next to annual flowers, will help the peony flowerbed not to lose shape.

Beds of peonies at the cottage: round, long, tiered

A round flower garden in shape should resemble a dome or an umbrella. The point is not only that high peonies in a flowerbed grow in the center, and low ornamental cultures frame the bushes. The height of the soil is also different: the edges are 15 cm above the lawn, and the height of the central part is 25–30 cm. In landscape design, it is customary to supplement with other flower crops flower beds with peonies( the photo is presented in the article).

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Long flower beds - discount, border - suitable for level ground. They will look smart in front of the building and fence, if you pick up varieties of the same height, but differently colored for flower beds.

Often for cultivations and borders, flower cultures of different heights are chosen, and tall plants are placed in the background. It is easy to care for the pion flowerbed in front of the house in the form of a flat ribbon 0.5–1.5 m wide, which is very important when there is a lot of other work in the garden. If the ridge is located at the brick house, then on the outer edge of the flower garden make out a strip of ceramic bricks, bricks.

Beautiful flower beds with peonies in the country will decorate not only paths, lawns, areas before the fence. The optimal solution for rugged terrain is a longline flower bed. The basis of the flower beds in the photo below are popular varieties:

  • "Sarah Bernard";
  • Peony Pink( Pink);
  • Duchesse de Nemours;
  • "Shirley Temple";
  • "White Peony( White)";
  • "Paul M. Wilde";
  • "Black Beauty" and other cultivars.
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The beds with peonies are room for the fantasy of the dacha

Thanks to the tireless work of breeders, traditional varieties of pink, red, white peonies successfully complemented the yellow and lilac hybrids. Cultivars differ in height of a bush, timing of flowering, form. A variety of varieties at the same time complicates and simplifies the study of the assortment of plants for beds with peonies( the photo is presented below).

Recall that in the form of isolated 5 groups of pions:

  • simple;
  • semi-double;
  • terry;
  • anemone;
  • Japanese.

It is important to pick up cultivars that bloom at different times, so that they longer delight the gaze of the cottage owner and guests. Different beds of peonies should harmoniously fit into the general appearance of the site, so that the garden looks like a fairy tale all summer long.

In addition to decorating the dacha, flower beds with peonies are excellent material for cutting, making gift baskets with flowers, fruit and vegetable compositions.

A large, fragrant flower always attracts attention, it does not need special advertising. In terms of longevity and popularity, the peonies are comparable to a rose garden. The queen of the garden is a rose, and a peony is an ever-young prince among flowering perennials.

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