We buy a cake knife on Aliexpress

special knife for cutting the cakeCake is an important part of any holiday. However, making a cake is only half the battle. It must be beautifully cut and serve. But sometimes it is very difficult to do this, because an ordinary knife and a scapula do not always cope with this.

Therefore, not so long ago a special knife for slicing a cake appeared on the market. In addition, the same knife is the holder for the cut piece, which allows you to quickly and without loss move it to the plate.

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The advantages of the knife for the cake:

  1. Simplicity. You no longer have to use various improvised tools for cutting the cake. It takes only this special knife, which is able to cut any cake.
  2. Unusual shape. Who said that a piece of cake must necessarily be a regular triangle? With the help of a special knife, each piece will look like a work of art.
  3. Versatility. This device can be cut not only the cake, but any other confection.
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knife for slicing the cake in the online storeCake for a knife is a universal device that every hostess must have. But what is its price? In the online stores of Ukraine and Russia, the knife can be bought for 990 rubles. Some expensive tool.

cake knife on AliexpressBut on Aliexpress site you can buy the same knife for only 74 rubles. This amount is almost 10 times less than that offered by the domestic manufacturer. Is it worth overpaying? Of course not.

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convenient and practical toolCharacteristics of the Chinese cake knife:

  • material - stainless steel;
  • Green colour;
  • length - 25 cm.

As you can see, it is best to order a special cake knife from a Chinese manufacturer. Why overpay almost 10 times if the product is no different?

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