GSM alarm system from China

Before buying a country real estate, we pay attention to many factors. Convenient access, availability of infrastructure near the village and, of course, proximity to nature. People who are tired of the metropolis dream of waking up to the sound of birds, breathing fresh air and picking mushrooms at the end of the summer season. However, all these benefits suggest privacy - it means that you should pay attention to the issue of security.

Even the most vigilant guard dogs will not save your property if the village is located near the forest. The installation of the alarm will warn the violation of private property boundaries not only in summer, but also in winter, when most of the summer residents again move to city apartments.

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GSM alarm has been gaining popularity recently. This system transmits an alarm signal to a mobile phone or immediately to the security console. In Russian online stores, equipment prices range from 3990 rubles and up. More expensive GSM alarms can report not only penetration into private territory, but also electricity outages, leaks and smoke. Some models are equipped with photo and video recording.

GSM-alarm system is compatible with any carrier. In the case of hacking, a siren sounds, and an SMS message and a call are received on the phone of the owner.

The standard kit includes:

  • main alarm unit;
  • remote control( 2pcs);
  • adapter for mains power( 220V);
  • wired siren;
  • wireless window / door opening sensor;
  • battery( self-powered for 5 hours);
  • infrared motion sensor.
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GSM-alarm system - the equipment is expensive, but necessary for suburban real estate. A little save on the purchase of summer residents can on AliExpress, where a huge selection of electronic devices and appliances. Depending on the number of sensors on windows and doors, motion sensors and remote controls, an alarm kit costs from 1918 rubles to 3850 rubles.

Installation of alarm, according to reviews, does not require special skills. Sellers take into account the wishes and send the equipment configured in the Russian language, and the current user manual. All sensors work properly, and the siren’s sound is loud enough to scare away uninvited guests.

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With the exception of some nuances, the equipment is working properly. As for the shortcomings, not all customers like the voice accompaniment when entering the security code - the dialed numbers are loud enough and strangers can still hear them. To disable this option, please contact the seller. In addition, the manufacturer advises to install applications for Android and IOS, but finding their task is not easy.

There is no information about the temperature regime, but some buyers have already managed to check the sensors in the winter - subzero temperatures are not frightening to the equipment from Celestial.

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