10 innovations in gardening that will simplify your life and decorate the site

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If you are skeptical about all sorts of innovations in the field of gardening and prefer digging beds, planting huge areas of potatoes and weeding weeds for hours in the old manner, this article for you. We will tell you about new trends that have appeared in gardening, which can greatly simplify your country life and improve the garden.

Vertical gardening

The main task of this method is to save precious space in small areas. Due to the fact that not everyone has a few hundred square meters of land, this idea is gaining immense popularity.The bottom line is that the beds, flower beds and pots are arranged in several tiers according to the tower principle.

Raised beds

Today such beds are used everywhere. In addition to the fact that with their help you can completely change the design of the territory, they help to grow any crops in conditions of poor soil. All plants in them ripen faster due to better drainage of the soil, and frosts are not so terrible.In addition, it is enough to dig them twice a year: the first time when planting, the second time when harvesting.

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Edible gardening

When it comes to decorating the garden, immediately flower beds with fragrant flowers come to mind. Now imagine how beautiful the pots with strawberries or small strawberry hanging beds under the window in the kitchen can look. Even pepper tomatoes can become excellent competitors to flower gardens, if planted, based on design considerations.In addition, in addition to the visual component, you will always have fresh berries and vegetables for the table. Thus, edible gardening allows you to kill two birds with one stone: saving space and growing vegetables with berries.

Growing gardens in containers

If you plant plants in containers, then you will create a mobile garden from cultures that love heat, which for winter can be carried to the premises. In addition, as in the case of raised beds, they will not depend on the quality of the soil.If desired, the containers can be swapped and moved as desired, creating a unique picture depending on your mood.


If you are not a happy owner of a holiday home, but you have a balcony, you can turn it into a mini garden. The list of crops that can be grown on the balcony is truly huge. You can plant everything from ordinary vegetables, herbs and berries, and ending with dwarf oranges and lemons. If you have long felt the desire to grow something, but did not do this because of the lack of a summer cottage, this way is for you.

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Cultivation of mixed crops

Previously, each species of plant relied on its own separate zone. Today, advanced gardeners plant crops together. For example, peas planted with potatoes help to resist the Colorado beetle. Nails with marigolds are generally recommended for sowing throughout the territory, they help against nematodes, weevils, onion flies and aphids. Learn which cultures combine, this will greatly increase the productivity of your garden.

Drip irrigation

Saving water is an important issue that is given too little attention. Provide water supply to each plant exactly to the extent that it needs it. In many countries these methods have been used for a long time. We recommend everyone to follow their example.

Life in the garden

Populating butterflies, fish and birds in the garden is a fashionable trend, rapidly gaining popularity. In addition to standard vegetables and fruits, plant certain species of plants that will attract butterflies and birds to your site. These include, for example, lavender, spiraea and valerian. Beautifully furnished small pond, inhabited by fish, and at all will become the object of admiration for friends and neighbors.

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Minimize the amount of grass

Professionals suggest to reduce the areas occupied by a lawn, and to plant on them drought-resistant flowers. This significantly reduces the labor costs of shearing grass. In addition, the territory itself will look brighter and more neat.

Combination of varieties

In addition to the fact that the garden should look beautiful, it should also smell delicious and melodic. Fragrant flowers, bright vegetables, all kinds of living creatures and a small fountain. This is only a small part of the options, thanks to which your garden will begin to live. The combination of planting vegetable crops, fragrant plants and landscape design solutions will make it unique.

We gave only a few examples of how you can develop your garden. In addition to them, there are many more options, because progress does not stand still. Try not to think about your garden as something fundamental and unchanging. Try new ideas without fear of experimenting, share experiences with friends, and then your garden will always be beautiful, and the harvest is rich.

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