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video Today’s swing is the same thing you have to go is now! This is a complete improvement object that makes country rest comfortable and cozy. You can install them both on the veranda and the street, and if there is an addition in the form of a spreading crown of a tree or a small pond, then staying in such an environment will be twice as pleasant.

According to what parameters the

swing models choose there are many, however, they have a number of features, according to which some options will suit you more than others:

  • design dimensions and ultimate load( besides the size, the material and manufacturing technology of the frame affect the permissible weight);
  • possibility of installation on the street or in the house;
  • method of attachment( to the floor, to the ceiling, to a beam or on a tree branch);
  • material supports and seats( steel, leather, wood, plastic);
  • color;
  • comfort( armrests, soft back, seat and other accessories);
  • design of the environment( it depends on what style the swing itself will be).

Depending on the chosen performance style and materials, the cost of the swing will vary. In addition, wooden models require additional care, as opposed to plastic options.

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Types of garden swing

We will introduce you to several examples of designs that are most often bought or made independently.

Stationary outboard swing

Familiar from childhood and the most simple outboard models are ubiquitous in rural areas. They are attached to a branch of a tree or mounted horizontal beam. By and large, this is a seat that hangs on chains or ropes. It is the ease of installation and low cost makes hanging swing so popular.

If the structure is located outside, and there is no canopy over it, then it is best to use chains. The ropes, though lighter, get soaked from moisture and fray over time, despite the special impregnation.

Chains are connected to the roof and seat with special hooks. Be sure to check all the nodes from the bottom and top, at least once a season. Moving parts also need to be lubricated from time to time to reduce wear and avoid squeaking.

If you go down the path of cheaper, then a plastic seat is the most budget option. In addition, this material is not afraid of moisture. However, it is quite brittle and does not like low temperatures.

Suspended swing on the ropes are ideal for installation on the veranda or terrace. In this case, it is better to choose a wooden or wicker seat with a back and pillows. Here you can get comfortable with a book or chat with friends.

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Mobile swings

This type includes all designs that do not require beams and additional supports for installation. The main advantage of such a swing is mobility. In the summer you can put them in the center of the garden, and put them on the veranda for the winter.

For more comfort, you can add a few modifications. For example, some models have a visor or a small canopy that protects against summer heat. This seemingly frivolous detail helps a lot on hot days.

Wooden swing looks stylish and expensive. At the same time, they are quite heavy and require special care. The tree manufacturer uses special wood treatment mixtures to protect it from bark and rotting. You will have to update this protective layer once a couple of years. For the winter, a wooden swing is recommended to clean the room. Then they will retain their original appearance longer.

Think about the tension of replaceable seat covers. They are easy and convenient to wash and, if necessary, replace.

Where it is better to install a swing

You can put a free-standing swing anywhere, and then move it according to your needs and weather conditions. With stationary things are more complicated.

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First of all, determine who will most often use the swings. If you install them for children, then the surface is better to choose a soft, for example, sand or grass. So you reduce the risk of injury and scratches from falling.

If adults are used predominantly, this arrangement will not work. Over time, the design will squeeze, the angle of inclination will change, or the seat will simply begin to touch the ground. In this case, the swing should be placed on a hard surface, for example, on the wooden floor of the veranda, gazebos, or on the paved area.

When choosing a place for a stationary swing, consider the prevailing climatic conditions in your area. If it often rains with gusts of wind, the installation in the yard is no better way out in terms of practicality.

Whatever swing you put, they will add comfort and allow you to sit in comfort reading a book or watching a movie. In addition, this element of improvement attracts attention and emphasizes the design style of the site. And if you buy a ready-made design for you is too expensive, then it is quite possible to make it yourself.

DIY Garden Swing - Video

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