How to use the microwave oven correctly

How to use the microwave oven correctly


The most heated debate is about the benefits and harms of microwave ovens. Some believe that a microwave can not be used at all, others argue that the oven can serve just a couple of years, and then must go on a well-deserved rest, others can not live without this necessary techniques. Who is really right? How to properly use a microwave oven and how many years can it last?


  • 1Extend life time
  • 2We choose dishes for a microwave oven
  • 3How to care
  • 4How to cook

Extend life time

To begin with, if you use a microwave oven by all the rules, then it can last 5 years or more without harm to the health of its owners. A good oven does not spark, tightly closes, has no extraneous smells, and works quite quietly. If you notice any problems, immediately disconnect the microwave from the mains and take it for repair. It is the breakdown that can cause health problems.

Important: in order to extend the service life, it is necessary to properly care for the microwave oven, use only suitable dishes and cook food, following the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Let's start with what you can not do if you want the microwave to last for many years:

  • include an empty stove;
  • load less than 50 g of products;
  • put metal utensils inside;
  • long to cook food (there is a risk of fire);
  • strongly rub the mica plate, which is located on the side wall inside the microwave;
  • Use the oven for visible damage (broken glass, door leaves, etc.);
  • cook or warm up eggs;
  • warm food in tightly closed jars and containers.

With what can not be done, figured out. Now it remains to understand what to do can and should be done.

We choose dishes for a microwave oven

It is advisable to use only special dishes for the microwave oven, on which there are the following inscriptions:

  • microware oven safe;
  • for microware oven;
  • suitable for microware.


All of them mean that this dish is guaranteed can be put in the microwave. If you have cymbals or containers that you are not sure of safely, do the following test. Pour in a glass of water and put it in the oven. Next, place the empty test bowl and turn it on to full capacity. If in a minute the "experimental" item does not heat up, they can be safely used.

Important: try to buy only round dishes, as in the corners usually accumulates much more heat, because of what the dish can burn.

How to care

First of all, the microwave should be kept clean. To do this, you can use a special plastic hood during cooking and reheating food - so the walls remain intact. Also every day it is necessary to wipe the oven inside and outside with a damp cloth without corrosive substances.

If the microwave oven is too dirty, it can be washed in just a few minutes. To do this, pour a large plate of water with lemon and put it inside. Turn on the oven for 3-6 minutes. After the fat gets wet, it will be very easy to get rid of it. There are several other ways to clean the microwave.

How to cook

When cooking, keep in mind that the food inside is heated unevenly, and therefore some parts may remain moist. If it is vegetables or fruits, then there will be no special harm, but if meat or fish is not baked, then bacteria will remain that can harm the health. To prevent this, it is desirable to cut them into small pieces (up to 5 square meters. cm).

Important: Keep in mind that soft, porous products warm up faster than solid ones, so you need less time to prepare them.


If you want to warm up baby food or a mixture in a microwave oven, be sure to stir them afterwards how to get out of the oven: some pieces can be hot, while others will not warm up at all. True, most pediatricians advise still not to use the microwave oven for children's products.

Juicy fruits and vegetables with a thick skin should be pierced with a fork before cooking. Also, you should do with sausages, if you do not want them to "explode". But eggs should not be put inside in any form - even without a shell, otherwise you will have to wash the oven ahead of time. As for the remaining dishes, they should be mixed several times during warming up or cooking, so as to distribute the heat evenly.

That's all the "tricks" associated with the operation of the microwave oven. Adherence to all these recommendations will help you extend the service life by several years. And remember: you can only use a working microwave!

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