Why you can not put hot in the refrigerator

Why you can not put hot in the refrigerator


Many people ask themselves: is it possible to put hot in a refrigerator or still not? These reflections arise from the fact that often there is no time to wait for the cooling of food, and there is a need to immediately put it in the refrigerator, then not to forget. And some in this way cool too hot food. But what if these actions are not so safe?


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  • 2Potential damage from hot dishes for the refrigerator
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A single rule or there are exceptions

No Frost system allows hot storage in the refrigerator

Exceptions to the rule "do not put hot in the refrigerator" is still there.Hot dishes can be placed in refrigerators, equipped with protection against frost. Such systems are callednofrost andwestfrost.Also in the refrigerator there should be a function "superfrost". To ensure this goal, the unit is assigned a special compartment, which does not allow the air heated by hot dishes to seep to the cooling system. But it is the effect on the cooling system of the device that can disable it.

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The constant temperature conditions inside the refrigerator are maintained thanks to the circulation of freon in the tubes of the cooling system. If, for example, a hot saucepan with soup is placed in a refrigerator, and no frost protection is installed in the refrigerator, the heated air changes temperature. In most units there are automatic cooling systems, the operation of which depends on the temperature in the chamber. If there is an unacceptable temperature for storing the products, the cooling system is started out-of-sequence.

Therefore, if you systematically violate the manufacturer's recommendations (that is, operate the refrigerator in violation of the established regime), sooner or later there will be overheating and a breakdown of the cooling system. From this, the refrigerator will become unusable, and it will have to be repaired. And the repair of household appliances is, as a rule, quite expensive. Therefore, it is best to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. And if they do not plan to put hot dishes into the refrigerator, then you do not need to do this.

Potential damage from hot dishes for the refrigerator

The placement of hot dishes in the refrigerator can be fraught with defects in individual parts of the unit

Hot, placed in the refrigerator, can damage not only the cooling elements.

Here is the potential harm from hot dishes for the kitchen unit:

  • damage to the shelves (glass or plastic) with heated dishes. Therefore, even if the refrigerator is equipped with anti-frosting system, the shelf may melt or crack. In this case, if you need to place a hot in the refrigerator, you need to put the dishes on a special stand;
  • increase frost and ice in the refrigerator, if the system is not against this. This is due to the evaporation of hot liquid from a pan with a non-heated dish;
  • Burnout of the compressor winding during the systematic placement of hot dishes in the refrigerator. Accordingly, the service life of the unit is shortened.

In addition to damage to the refrigerator itself, the dish may deteriorate, since for many products it is gradual cooling that is important, and not a rapid drop in temperature. Dairy products are particularly sensitive to temperature changes. Also, damage can be caused to dishes in which a non-cooled dish was placed in the refrigerator.


How to quickly cool dishes

To reduce the cooling time of a freshly cooked dish and not to damage dishes, food, or a refrigerator, you can use some methods:

  • cold water and ice: a pan with hot is put in a bowl of a larger diameter, where cold water is poured and ice is placed;
  • a cloth moistened with water: the pan is wrapped in a soaked cloth, then placed in the sun. Under the influence of sunlight, water from the fabric will evaporate, and the contents of the dishes will cool down.

These methods can speed up the cooling of dishes with hot contents and protect the refrigerator from spoilage.

Video: Hot in the fridge - can or can not?

Put or not put in the fridge hot dishes - depends on the features of the refrigerator. If the manufacturer specifically provided for this possibility, then it is possible to place uneaten products in the refrigerator, but with the observance of the above rules. In the absence of the same system of protection from frost formation, it is better not to take risks and do not put it hot in the refrigerator. If possible, wait until the dish has cooled naturally.

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