China-made electric fly swatter

Every person who spends time in the country knows what an attack is by flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects. Often, in desperation to completely get rid of annoying living creatures in the house with the help of insect repellents, many summer residents resort to good old fly swatters. But they do not always give the desired effect, leaving stains from dead flies and mosquitoes on surfaces throughout the house.

A reliable electric fly swatter from the site of Aliexpress, which destroys insects, will come to the rescue of summer residents if they just touch the electric surface and are absolutely safe for people and pets.

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The principle of operationShe has a handle and a head, like a familiar fly swatter. On the handle there is a cover hiding two small batteries, from which the “gadget” works. The head is equipped with a grid in three layers of metal electric rods.

To destroy a fly or a mosquito, you only need to swing the head of the fly swatter towards the insect. From the slightest touch, it will receive an electric shock. The working surface of the fly swatter is quite large, and thanks to this, several insects can be destroyed at once.

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The main characteristics of the goods:

  • two layers of protection for pets and humans;
  • availability of a set of economical batteries, one charge of which is enough for 600 beats;
  • power of 3800 V at the time of electric shock;
  • the ability to kill a mosquito or a fly sitting on a person without harm to the latter;
  • presence of light indicators;
  • low battery warning on / off special indicator.

The advantages of an electric fly swatter over a conventional:

  1. Does not leave marks on the surface.
  2. Much more effective due to the fact that a light touch is enough to the insect.
  3. Suitable for outdoor use.
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Numerous positive customer reviews indicate the high quality of the product and its effectiveness in combating flying pests. Based on this, we can conclude that the price-quality ratio is most optimally in the Aliexpress supermarket.

https: // watch? V = H_kIhn0ffiE

How to use an electric fly swatter - video

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