The danger of a bee sting and the first pre-medical help

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Work on the plot of land, and especially on the apiary in the summer, unfortunately, is sometimes overshadowed not by the most pleasant meetings. One of the potential dangers is the bee sting. Useful insects do not differ aggressiveness, but when confluence of circumstances are protected, stabbing the stinger into the flesh of the offender.

What to do if a bee has bitten? How to remove the sting, and whether you need to seek help from doctors?

Symptoms and consequences of a bee sting

Attacking only in case of self-defense, the insect perishes, and a sharp, easily penetrating under the skin serrated serum remains at the site of the bite. At the time of skin disruption, a person feels sharp ache, but this is not the most unpleasant sensation that accompanies a bee sting.

Since the toxic substance produced by the insect gets into the skin under the skin, a burning sensation appears almost immediately after the bite, the soft tissues turn red and swell.

With a tendency to allergic reactions or hypersensitivity, nearby areas of the body turn red or become covered with a rash. General weakness, dizziness and even fever are not excluded. In some cases, people experience vomiting, suffer from chills and seizures.

A particularly serious consequence of the bee stings is anaphylactic shock. This condition threatens:

  • sharp edema of the mucous membrane of the mouth, larynx and respiratory organs;
  • violation of respiratory functions;
  • the death of a person who could not get timely help from doctors or ordinary people who were close by.

Such a manifestation of the allergy to the bee sting is not observed in all victims, but it can not be excluded. The greatest harm to health brings massive attacks of bees. If a person accidentally or intentionally disturbs a nest of wild insects or beehive residents in an apiary.

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First aid for a bee sting

What to do after a bee stings? In the very first moments, until the poison has not managed to spread and cause unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to carefully remove the sting of the bee.

At home, it's easier to do with tweezers. When such an instrument is not at hand, you can use any improvised means or your own nails, which will not be superfluous to disinfect.

The contents of the wound do not need to be squeezed out. The microscopic amount of poison has already penetrated into the tissues, and any mechanical effect on the The place of the bee stings will only strengthen the pain sensations and can cause penetration of the outside infection.

In most cases, soon the pain subsides, but at the site of the bite there is a noticeable swelling, accompanied by burning and itching. Even with mild lesions, itching is dangerous because combing the skin of a person involuntarily contributes to the development of a secondary infection and complication of the situation.

How to remove the swelling after a bee stings? At home, there are several ways to alleviate human suffering. For this purpose, after disinfection, the lesion focus is used:

  • cooling compresses with crushed ice, ammonia, or plain water;
  • lotion with gruel from baking soda or with food vinegar;
  • topical medications;
  • antihistamines.

Relief after a sting of a bee is given by menthol creams and ointments. These same remedies will help to cope with irritating itching, and besides, the cooling of the skin prevents the blood flow and the spread of toxins through the body.

As a result, the edema from the bite of a bee, as in the photo, quickly decreases, which greatly facilitates the condition of the victim.

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But using only local means is clearly not enough. To prevent dehydration, the victim is given a generous unsweetened drink, and at the first signs of complications it is necessary to take all measures to prevent and alleviate anaphylactic shock and other severe symptoms allergies.

Emergency first aid with a bee sting

What to do at home if the bee has bitten, and the victim shows all the signs of a severe reaction to the toxins of the insect?

In this situation, you can not hesitate. Immediately after the call of the doctors to the person, who suffered from the bites of bees, you need to provide peace and warmth. To remove the risk of swelling, the patient is injected with antihistamines. In addition, it is important not to leave a person alone and at the same time control:

  • heart rate;
  • blood pressure indicators;
  • the work of respiratory organs and the condition of the mucous membranes.

If necessary, pre-medical care after a bee stings can provide emergency ventilation, indirect heart massage and artificial mouth-to-mouth breathing.

What to do when a bee stings out of town?

How to remove a tumor from a sting of a bee, if the misfortune occurred on a suburban site, where the choice of medicines at hand is much less than in the city?

First of all, do not worry about panicking. Not only is such a reaction unproductive, but it can lead to a violation of breathing and heart rhythm, which will only complicate the fight against the consequences of a bee sting.

If the victim has no obvious signs of an allergy, then before receiving medical care, it is necessary to take measures to relieve pain and itching. At the cottage or on vacation, not all the necessary arsenal of medicines is at hand. Immediately after the sting of the bee, the stinger is removed, the skin surface is washed and, if possible, disinfected.

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And what to do next with a sting of a bee and complete absence of medication?

In the absence of allergies to relieve swelling and skin irritation, itching and burning sensation, you can take "green medicines" that grow both in the wild and in the garden.

Many plants have the ability to alleviate the suffering after being bitten by bees. In any garden you can pick parsley leaves. If they are crushed and applied as a lotion to the place where the insect's sting had recently been, soon the tumor will decrease, and the itch will quietly disappear. For a greater effect, the foliage of parsley can be preliminarily doused with boiling water, which increases the secretion of juice and essential oil.

No less effective are the leaves of plantain and juice from this common plant. In folk medicine, as a first aid to bite a bee, it is recommended to use a compress from the crushed greenery of plantain and another wild-growing culture, the yarrow. Bandage with gruel is changed after two hours, when the herb will lose its juiciness.

A regular bulb cut in half will disinfect the place of the bee stings and neutralize the toxins injected by the insect under the human skin. Despite the burning, which happens when onion juice hits the damaged skin, the pain soon subsides, the swelling and irritation subsides.

An excellent tool not only to remove the symptoms of a bite, but also to deter aggressive bees are such garden plants as mint and lemon balm. Grated in the fingers of leaves and flowers emit essential oils, which have an active soothing and disinfecting effect.

If you do not delay with the adoption of pre-medical measures, even with the help of the simplest improvised means, you can quickly and effectively alleviate the condition of the victim from the bees.

The first help with the bite of bees - video

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