What to do if physalis seedlings stretched out?

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For the second year I have been growing Physalis through seedlings. In the past year, the seedlings were strong and stocky, and in this - grew thin and long. Tell me what can be done if physalis seedlings are very stretched?

Physalis belongs to the family of nightshade and is a compact annual bush, covered with round fruits in small cups - lanterns. It propagates by self-sowing, however, for a good harvest the plant is best grown through seedlings. The physalis obtained by the seedling method earlier bears fruit, and the berries have time to ripen to frost.

In order to grow strong healthy seedlings, you should follow the recommendations regarding the proper sowing of seeds and the further care of seedlings.

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Sowing physalis seeds on seedlings

Seeds are sown on seedlings in March. Since Physalis is a relative of tomatoes, a substrate is suitable for growing, which is used to produce tomato seedlings.

Seed material should be soaked in salt water before planting to discard empty seeds( they will float).Then process in a strong solution of potassium permanganate for 30 minutes. Instead of potassium permanganate, you can use the drugs Maxim or Fitosporin. After processing, dry the seeds - so they will not stick together.

Sow Physalis in a common pot, sprinkled on top of a layer of earth. The soil should be slightly compacted so that small seeds do not float when watering. Cover the pot with foil and place in a warm, bright room with a temperature of at least 15 degrees Celsius. With the advent of the first shoots( in a week) to remove a film.

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As soon as the seedlings form 3 true leaves, they dive into separate cups.

What should I do if physalis seedlings are stretched out?

In order not to stretch the seedlings, it is necessary to maintain a temperature regime in the region of 20 degrees. Preventing the emergence of shoots will help their treatment of growth regulators such as Zircon or Athlete and additional lighting with a special lamp.

When the indoor temperature is high, the seedlings will grow thin. The same result will be with a lack of lighting or too early sowing.

If the seedlings are still stretched out, there are the following ways to remedy the situation:

  1. Pruning leaves. The procedure is carried out only at the initial stage of seedling development. Sharp scissors cut off the half of the seed leaves.
  2. Pruning roots. Grown seedling gently pull out of the pot and shorten long roots, then plant back.
  3. Transplant with a dimple of the stem. In an overgrown bush, cut off all the leaves and stepchildren, leaving only a few on the crown itself. Dig a long stem into the soil, folding it into a ring. The top of the seedling will remain on top, and the recessed stem will form new roots.
  4. Pastage seedlings. If the seedlings are not very many, each tall seedling can be divided into parts and put them into the water for rooting. After the formation of roots on the stepsons they are planted in pots. So you can increase the number of seedlings.
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