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Clematis of the first group of pruning - one of the most unpretentious plants for cutting. It is a pleasure to look after them: you put it on, set up a support and water it and tie it up from time to time, but there is no need to constantly jump around the bush with a sheath.

Characteristic features of the

group The fact is that such clematis bloom only on last year’s branches, so cutting is not vital for them, moreover, excessive pruning can harm the vine, postponing its flowering for a year. It is enough just to remove the part of the whip that had faded immediately after the end of flowering.

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Naturally, when growing such varieties, it is worth considering the age of the plant. If necessary, the bushes are subject to rejuvenating haircut, because if they are too thick, it will affect the quality of flowering.

Rejuvenate in the summer, completely cutting out old branches about every two years.

It is impossible to describe the varieties of a group in one word; among them there are both very large species and quite suitable shrubs for home cultivation. However, all of them are characterized by abundant flowering: a great many buds closely “sit” to each other, creating a spectacular colorful wall. Although clematis will not be surprised with the special size of the inflorescences, but such a large number of flowers makes us forget about their size.

Today we want to bring to your attention the most popular and most beautiful varieties of clematis from the first group of pruning. So, let's begin.

Clematis mountain pink

One of the tallest species is clematis mountain pink or Montana( as it is also called).It grows on average up to 8 m in height, and in southern regions lashes can stretch up to 12 m. Across the entire length of the shoots are opposite dark-green leaflets that do not exceed 10 cm.

From May to July the bush is literally strewnvery large, up to 5 cm in diameter, inflorescences of white and pink color with a delicate vanilla aroma. They have only 4 petals, but they are very wide, they can be either single or collected in small groups from 3 to 5 buds. Initially, the inflorescences are saturated in color, but gradually fade and brighten.

After the end of flowering this season, you need to slightly shorten the whip.

Many hybrid varieties have been created on the basis of mountain pink clematis, among which the most popular are:

  • Grandiflora( it is distinguished by active weaving, fast growth and white color of flowers);
  • Rubens with pale pink inflorescences.

The variety has low frost resistance. When the temperature drops below 20 degrees of frost, shoots and flower buds freeze slightly, so most often mountain pink clematis is grown in the southern regions.

Clematis of the Atragene group

Clematis of the Atragene group are among the simple but charming clematis of the first pruning group. They are rendered in a separate genus and are very popular among gardeners due to the simplicity in growing and the modest size of the vines, for which they even received the affectionate nickname "princes".

The clematis of the Atragen group is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • early and abundant, but short flowering;
  • ability to grow in the shade;
  • high resistance to diseases and low temperature;
  • minimum maintenance( without pruning, without removing the shoots and shelter for the winter);
  • decorative appearance after flowering due to the beautiful seed boxes;
  • all varieties are good honey plants.

Two plant species have become parents for most varieties of the Atragene group: Alpine clematis and Large-flowered clematis.

One of the most beautiful representatives of clematis Atragena can rightly be considered the following varieties:

  • Markhams Mink;
  • Francs;
  • Yutta;
  • Pink Flamingo;
  • Betina;
  • White Swan;
  • Cecile;
  • Ballet Skirt.
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Clematis Markhams Mink

A compact bush with a height of no more than 3 m blooms early, in April, and until the beginning of June it adorns the site with small, but very beautiful semi-double purple blossoms.

Liana can also be grown without support, as a ground cover plant.

Clematis Franks

A small bush with a height of only 2 m looks good both without a support in the form of a creeping vine, and against a wall on which it climbs. Differs repeated flowering:

  • The first wave of buds flaunts from April to May;
  • second bloom occurs in July and lasts until the end of summer.

Small inflorescences resemble wide open bells, often semi-double, painted bright blue.

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Clematis Jutta

Liana can grow to a height of 3 m, it is well woven. It blooms once, slightly later than most varieties of this group - at the end of May. The inflorescences are large enough for representatives of Atragen, reach a diameter of 6 cm, red-purple in color, the extreme petals are wide open, and the middle is half-closed and slightly lighter at the base of the petals.

Clematis Pink Flamingo( Flamango)

One of the most beautiful and delicate clematis of Atragene, characterized by long flowering: small buds cover the bush from late April to late August, dissolving almost without a break, and only in June the clematis rests between blossoms. The inflorescences are small, but simply lovely: always semi-double, they are painted pink, while the base of the petals are a couple of shades darker and the tips are almost white. The height of the bush itself does not exceed 2 m.

Clematis Betina

Another variety with long flowering: a low “growth” liana of no more than 2 m at the end of April is covered with small, but elegant buds of claret color with wide petals. Flowering lasts until the end of summer, and from July on the site of the buds formed decorative fluffy seedlings. On the background of dark green foliage buds look very beautiful. The leaf plate of the shrub has a dense and wrinkled structure.

Clematis White Swan

Polish variety fully justifies its name: rather large( up to 7 cm in diameter) terry inflorescences really look like white swans, and thin petals resemble air plumage. The bush grows in height to 3 m, well curls. Flowering begins as early as April, but by the end of May it fades away, but instead of buds on the vine there are bright seedlings, also with fluff.

Clematis Cecile

Liana can rise up to 3 m in height, weaves well on a support or just creeps along the ground. Early flowering, April-May. The inflorescences themselves are small, but very beautiful: semi-double, wide-open, purple-blue, they almost completely hide the foliage, turning the shrub into a lively blooming wall.

Clematis Ballet Skirt( Skert)

One of the most compact varieties of the group grows at an average of about 1.5 m in height, in a sunny place it can stretch up another 0.5 m, but not more. Differs double flowering:

  • first, the most abundant wave - in April-May;
  • second, small - in August.
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The inflorescences are very beautiful: semi-double, with thin long petals, in the form of semi-hidden bluebells, they are pink in color, and yellow stamens look out from inside the flower.

The name of the grade is translated as “a pack of a ballerina”.

Clematis of the Armand Group.

There are among the clematis of the first pruning group such species that are rarely found in our region, since they are distinguished by their particular heat-loving and capricious nature — these are Armand's clematis. However, this does not stop true fans, and they are happy to grow flowering vines on their plots. True, this is possible mainly in warm regions and with the condition of a good shelter for the winter.

Best of all these varieties feel in the winter gardens.

The following signs are characteristic of all Armanda representatives:

  • vines are evergreen, leaves are dark, hard;
  • strong-growing bushes grow quite high - from 5 to 9 m;
  • bloom early and abundant;
  • inflorescences emit a faint odor, resembling a cross between the aromas of honeysuckle and black elderberry;
  • winter hardiness is low( the critical temperature for a plant is 12 degrees of frost);
  • fragile shoots difficult to cover;
  • bright midday sun is tolerated by a liana badly.

Gardeners, ready for possible difficulties in caring for Armand clematis, are most often grown with Apple Blossom and Snowdrift varieties.

Clematis Apple Blossom

Liana can grow to a height of 6 m. It blooms very early, by the end of March, but it decorates the garden until June. The inflorescences are small, somewhat similar to the flowers of jasmine, with a slight sweetish aroma, are painted in pale pink color, with yellow stamens.

Clematis Snowdrift

The shrub from 3 to 5 m high is very decorative: pristine-white small inflorescences with a diameter of not more than 6 cm look beautiful against a dark green foliage. They bloom in March, but at the end of May the flowering ends.

This is not all clematis from the first group of pruning, you met today with the photo of clematis and a description of some of them. Their list can be continued for a very long time. Gentle light coloring, rich bright colors - look, admire and choose a colorful plentifully blossoming liana to your taste!

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