How to make rockeries (video)

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How to make rockeries in the cottage videoOrnamental garden of plants, herbs and stones - rockeries, is becoming increasingly popular and prevalent among gardeners and gardeners as an original element of landscape design. Vladimir Keller, an expert in gardening and landscape design, will tell and tell Vladimir Keller how to make rockeries on his own.

For a start, it is better to take up the creation of simple and small in size rockeries. It is better to entrust the arrangement of large-scale and complex-botanical rockeries to professional craftsmen.

Natural stones of various sizes and shapes, well-chosen and picturesquely located, create an unusual illusion of a beautiful mountain-stony landscape.

And the choice of plants for alpine hills and rock arias is determined by climatic conditions, location and appearance of the whole composition. Evergreen conifers and ornamental shrubs, flowering and smelling annuals, as well as unpretentious perennial herbs and plants are widely used to fill the spaces between the stones.

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This video will tell you in detail about the rules for the selection and location of stones, as well as about the proper selection, planting and caring for plants for rockeries. This video material can be used as detailed instructions for creating a small rockaria do it yourself.

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Video: doing rockery on the site

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