Universal heating boiler for a country house.


In winter, you can not do without heating country houses. The owners, who just got a cottage or built a new house, knocked down, looking for heating appliances.

Today, Czech manufacturers can solve this issue promptly. Romotop introduced a novelty on the market of heating equipment - a unique double-circuit boiler of type Lugo01 W. The boiler looks like a stove or fireplace, only all parts are compactly placed in a metal-plastic housing. Visually, it resembles a two-chamber refrigerator. Such equipment will be an excellent attribute of any interior.

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The source of heat energy can be firewood, pellets or briquettes. So that you can contemplate the living flame, the door of the boiler is made in the form of a glass hatch. This element gives the room a special comfort.

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Advantages of the boiler:

  • In the absence of the main gas supply, these boilers are irreplaceable sources of heat in a country house.
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  • The boiler can be connected to the heating system and hot water.
  • It has a good heat exchanger. Effectively heats water, allowing to satisfy different needs.
  • The novelty is completely independent of power supply. If there is no electricity in the house, the boiler will work.
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The unique heating boiler of the company Romotop is a profitable investment and reliable heating device for summer cottage or country house.

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