Selection of the most beautiful and interesting variants of making by own hands Christmas-tree toys

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New Year - the time of gifts, tales of brilliance, magic. The main guest of the holiday is a Christmas tree, decorated with various toys. The designer version of the decoration is very beautiful. Yes, it is made with taste and soul, but it does not have warmth and family comfort. Christmas tree toys with their own hands - that's what makes a tree really beautiful. Especially if the decorations are made in conjunction with the children. We offer a selection of the best and easiest options for making decorations for a Christmas tree with your own hands.

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New Year's Haberdashery

Toys can be made from improvised tools, even from ordinary paper. Therefore, everything that you see around you can go into action. The main list of what you might need:

  1. Any paper products, from cardboard and colored paper to magazines.
  2. Wire for the frame.
  3. Scissors, stapler, stitch, glue, glue gun.
  4. Pieces of felt or plain fabric.
  5. Decorative cord, braid.
  6. New Year garlands of beads.
  7. Decor. Here you can have everything you want: sequins, beads, cotton wool, braid, buttons, laces, ribbons, beads, etc.
  8. Fantasy and assiduity.

Then focus on the toy models described below.

Foam plastic ideas

To create this miracle, you need a stem that is styled by foam plastic figures. They can be purchased in a handmade shop or decor, but you can cut it out yourself from a piece of foam, for example, from the technique. Especially good is the way if you need to update old or wooden Christmas toys.

If the figure is small, then the decor for it should be used in small format, if larger, then larger.

Let's start the creation:

  1. The first thing to do is cut foam plastic figures, if there are no ready-made figures. Next, take a cord suitable for the diameter, enter one of its end into the depth of the ball, having made a small hole (in wooden it must be drilled). The cord should sit tight and do not jump out.
  2. With the help of a gun, glue is applied to the surface of the ball and, until it is frozen, quickly glue the rest of the loose part of the cord, placing it in the desired order. You can use either one cord or several. In this case, a garland of beads and a decorative cord were used.
  3. If you need to create a heart, then first on the edge of the figure glue the first row of beads on the tape, and then paste them on both sides, gradually shifting to the center.
  4. As a result, you will get here such beauty

Lacy perfection

For those who know how to knit, crochet, and weave lace, we can offer a very original and gentle variant of making Christmas tree toys for 2018. All you need is a scheme, threads and your love of creativity.

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Openwork balls

Do you think it's very difficult to make such beauty? Far from it, this is even for those who have just picked up the hook. In addition, the crocheted Christmas toys fashion never passes

We work:

  1. For a basis it is possible to take here such schemes. The balls knit from two halves, and then connect.
  2. Pick the right amount of air loops, close the circle and knit the first three rows of rapport.
  3. Finish knitting the first half of the openwork ball.
  4. Similarly knit the second half, but one row less. Now the fragments are arranged side by side and start to weave the final row, not forgetting to connect the fragments with each other. As a result, you should get a knitted "blown" ball.
  5. Inside the balloon put a balloon, inflate it so that it completely fills the space inside the knitted.
  6. Piavella or a suitable container is poured with PVA glue and applied to the lace with a brush.
  7. If the ball allows, it can be dipped in a large container with glue.
  8. The balls are left until the lace is completely dried. When the fishnet skeleton will hold the shape, the balls are untied or lopped and pulled out.

Obtained spheres can be left in this form and hung on tape, and you can decorate with beads, ribbons, rhinestones.

Snowman from threads - video

Lace on the Christmas tree

Also you can knit crochet toys in amigurumi style:

Or you can simply link several motives in the form of an asterisk, starched them and hang them on a string:

Another good option is tying up ready-made balls.

Little-known frivolity and does create an air miracle. For example, the Polish master, we will notice, the man, offers here such variant of Christmas-tree toys of manual work.

If such work is to your liking, but there is no time or skill to work, you can go for the trick and buy a beautiful lace go braid, cut it into fragments, starch and hang on ribbon. Like that:

Master class on crochet crochet - video

Tissue Toys

Those who can sew, can make colorful Christmas toys from felt. For example, here are such nice-looking Santa Clauses:

  1. To begin with, beige felt or cloth cut out pattern droplets in two copies - in front and back. From the white piece cut circles - the future of the face, and sew on a typewriter or manually. You can use contrasting threads.
  2. You should get these blanks.
  3. Now a white piece of cloth cuts a drop-shaped beard and also sews it to the base.
  4. To the front side, decor is sewed, for example, sequins, beads, asterisks.
  5. Two halves are squeezed-droplets, carefully filled inside the sintepon and sewed tightly.
  6. By analogy, you can make different toys, for example, angels, fir-trees, asterisks.

Paper Fantasies

Now we offer to make Christmas tree toys out of paper, good, now there is no "tension" with it. So, here's a selection of the most interesting paper ideas.

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From paper tubes

Many people know that a lot of interesting things are made from newspaper tubes: vases, flower pots, baskets. So why not apply the technique to create Christmas tree toys from paper with your own hands.

For the production of tubes are best for magazines. The result is an abstraction of color. You can use white paper to finish painting the balls in the desired color.

Let's start:

  1. A sheet of paper is cut into long strips 5 cm wide. Each is twisted with a thin knitting needle and glued so that they do not untwist.
  2. Now take the base - a foam ball, pierce in it a shallow hole, where one end of the tube is fixed.
  3. Using a gun, apply glue to the substrate and wind the tube around the entire surface in a circle.
  4. You should have such a sphere.
  5. It only remains to attach the tape or thread.

In approximately the same way, you can make your own Christmas toys using corrugated paper spirals.


Another category of Christmas tree toys with their own hands from improvised materials - vytynanki. Still they are called clipping. It is nothing but carved patterns on paper. Basically, they are used to make figurines with subsequent gluing on windows.

But if you take a thick paper or cardboard (Whatman), then you can create paper eddies, which will be fine look at the tree or on the ceiling, and, most importantly, exclusively, as you can come up with the most incredible plots. All you need is to print or draw a template and embed it with a stationery knife or scissors.

Here's one of these templates ...

... such beautiful fur-tree toys are obtained.Simple and tasteful.

Paper pom-poms

Do you think pompons are made only from threads? No. From the paper you get wonderful snowballs - an excellent option for decorating a Christmas tree or a room on New Year's Eve. Making Christmas balls with their own hands is very simple. Corrugated paper is used as a basis. It is quite dense and the product will keep the shape well.

Corrugated paper is not cheap, so it can be replaced with regular napkins of good quality.

We offer:

  1. Cut off 5-10 square fragments. The larger the width of the fragment, the more the pompom will be obtained. Fold a stack of 5-10 pieces. The amount of layers depends on the pomp of the pompon. Now put all the layers in the accordion and fix it in the middle with a thread or wire.
  2. Each edge is cut in a semicircle.
  3. Now gently separate the layers, fluffing the pompom. It remains only to thread and hang on the tree.


The art of folding paper - the opportunity to make unique Christmas toys and at the same time surprise guests with such tricky puzzles. The basis is taken specially created schemes, according to which the figure is added.It can be whole or made of several fragments. If desired, the latter can be of different colors for giving color.Modular origami allows you to create real masterpieces with your own hands, for example, a Christmas tree toy, a dog, a cone, balls, various figures.

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Glass Christmas balls

Typically, for the preparation of such Christmas toys use worn out burned bulbs. Having developed a fantasy, you will receive author's jewelry.

Decoupage or painting

Similarly to the above described method, it is possible to decorate or decorate not plastic balls, but light bulbs. Only for painting, choose a paint that does not spread over the glass.

All the stars of the world

Spent bulbs can be glued with glitter. To do this, glue is applied to the glass, and then sprinkled with sequins. Is not the starry sky?

If you connect the decorated lamps to each other, you will receive a unique Christmas tree garland.

Lace or beaded clothes

With a hook, you can come up with a nice outfit for a light bulb. And you can weave it from beads or beads.

Decor with a fantasy

From light bulbs, using imagination, a little paint and fabric you can create your own hands different Christmas toys. We suggest to make here such ridiculous snowmen.

In order for the bulbs to dry and not to fall, you can use a conventional box with holes made, where the base will be inserted.

We work:

  1. The light bulb should be sanded, painted with white acrylic paint and allowed to dry well.
  2. Then use a glue gun to attach a ribbon to the socle so that Christmas decorations can be hung on the Christmas tree.
  3. Now make a hat. To do this, either sew it from a suitable fluffy material, or simply cut off the phalanx of the fingers from the old gloves. Do not forget to make a pompomchik. It is desirable to glue the hat so that it does not fly off.
  4. The final stage - decorating a snowman and decorating it.

Decoupage of Christmas balls

One of the labor-intensive options for creating Christmas-tree toys is decoupage:

  1. Take the finished plastic ball (the color is not important, as most balls are painted over).
  2. Using a sponge on the sphere, paint is applied, trying to achieve the effect of "fur coat" when the ball is covered with frost. To do this, you need to make sure that there is always paint on the sponge. When painting it is necessary not to smear it, but to apply pointwise, pressing foam rubber to the ball.
  3. Such manipulations are carried out with all other balls, and then leave them until completely dry.
  4. In the meantime, prepare the napkins. As a rule, they use special ones for decoupage. But you can take others, according to your taste.
  5. The upper color layer is separated from the napkin.
  6. In the bowl, glue PVA with water in the same proportion, and are accepted for decoration. To do this, apply a drop of glue on the ball, distribute it over the surface and apply a color motif. Stick it from the center to the edge, forgetting to wet the brush in the glue. Similarly decorate all the balls.

These balls are unique and unique. By the way, you can prepare and give them in advance. Such a gift will not leave anyone indifferent.

As you can see, making a Christmas tree with your own hands is easy. In addition, the costs are minimal, and the pleasure is mass. Having developed a fantasy, you can create unique author's works that will decorate the tree and make the holiday unforgettable.

Ball with a thumbnail - video

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