The figure of a garden flamingo from China

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garden decorationAll gardeners try not only to grow excellent plants, but also strive to create a special atmosphere in the garden with the help of additional decorating elements. The most popular option in the world among various decorating figures is a figurine of pink flamingo.

Almost every person saw a similar product on the lawns near pretty houses in foreign films. Why is it that the flamingo is so popular? First of all, because of the bright color of the statuette, they also create a kind of illusion of living creatures in the garden.

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flamingo in the online storeIn domestic stores, this exterior item is worth a lot of money. For example, for a small figure with a height of 80 centimeters will have to pay about 1100 rubles.

flamingo on aliexpressIt is much cheaper to buy this decor item on the well-known Aliexpress. The cost of the lot is 1,494 rubles. It should be noted that this figure includes two flamingo figures at once. They are not the same (different form). A very profitable offer, moreover, as the seller himself declares, the delivery is completely free.

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flamingo coupleThese figures will be a great decoration for your garden or lawn near the house. Flamingo made from environmentally friendly durable plastic. Product color: watermelon red. The package includes directly two figures of flamingos and two sets of fixings (metal frame). Thanks to the durable frame, flamingos can be carried out even by strong wind and other bad weather.

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Dimensions of construction:

  • the first figure: height - 75 centimeters, width - 33 centimeters;
  • the second figure: height - 55 centimeters, width - 46 centimeters.

The width and height of the figures are based on the metal frame. More detailed measurements of products are shown in the figures below:little flamingo

big flamingo

You can make garden flamingos yourself:

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