Be sure to plant in the country a useful berry - sanberry

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The descendants of the countryside of the generation of the 40s-50s always remember grandmother's pies "with elderberries". The berries of black nightshade ate and so, fresh, although she could not boast of taste qualities. But it grew on its own, not requiring either care or place on the site.

Berry is small, and the benefits are great

Today, doctors agreed in opinion that this plain-looking and not so tasty berry is quite useful. And her sister - deduced a century ago by Luther Burbank from a large-fronted American nightshade and our small, but high-yielding and resistant to colds - is recognized by the healing plant:

  1. Sunberry - the so-called cultivated hybrid - is used to treat sore throats. Berry juice is diluted 1 part to 3 parts of water and rinse the throat.
  2. The juice of leaves helps with a cold, uterine bleeding. And he also has a sleeping pills.
  3. Fresh berries improve digestion, although slightly weaken, are successfully expelled from the body of parasites.
  4. To heal purulent wounds and ulcers, the berries are ground and mixed with yoghurt 5: 0.
  5. Also, the berries of the black nightshade are recommended by national medicine for gout, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, rheumatism, psoriasis, for the removal of headaches.
  6. Some argue that the fruits of sanberries have antihypertensive properties. But this fact is not confirmed by medicine.
  7. But the berries are part of the drug called "Blueberry Fort which is successfully used in medicine to improve vision and in the fight against glaucoma.
  8. The widely known drug "LIV-52 which includes berries, helps with liver diseases.
  9. Physicians argue that selenium, contained in the fruits of sanberries, slows down the aging process, improves memory, coordination of movements, cures neuroses, is used as a preventative against cancer.
  10. Anthocyanins in black nightshade berries improve blood composition.
  11. Pektiny sanberri contribute to the removal of poisons and toxins from the body.
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In short, this plant is just a find for those who want to preserve their health and stay young for longer!

General description of culture

Sunberry is an annual plant. But it grows more than a meter in height. And the fruit is able to give 10 to 20 kg from the bush! The black color of the hybrid berry is large, the size of a cherry.

Flowering plant throughout the summer, beginning in June and until the most frost. Therefore, you can collect berries almost daily. Very beautiful look collected in clusters of flowers, reminiscent of potatoes, next to green and already black berries.

In the adult state, sanberry can easily tolerate drought, heat and frost. Next year, it is quite possible to get a lot of saplings from the old plant in the old place. A gardener simply selects the strongest and tallest sprouts and removes the extra ones.

Cultivation of sanberry

The seeds of this plant are very similar to tomatoes. They are small enough.

Seed treatment before planting

The disadvantage of sanberry is that seeds are pierced with great difficulty. Therefore, first they need to be held for 20 minutes in a warm solution of potassium permanganate. Then, carefully cut the blade in the place where the seed germ usually appears.

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Some gardeners offer a different method. They advise not to cut the seed coat, but only to make the notches on the skin by the needle. And then the seeds are put in a jar with a large washed and calcined river sand. They should fill the capacity by half. With intensive shaking of the can, the integrity of the seed shells is broken, and the kernels remain intact.


Do this carefully, so as not to damage the core inside the seed!

The operated seed is placed on a damp cloth, covered with a film or glass, and placed in a warm place so that it spilled out. This process can be a little delayed, if you compare sandberry with tomatoes and peppers.

Plant the seeds of sanberry in late February, so that the plant managed to give a good harvest.

Growing seedlings

Sunberries differ little in agrotechnics from tomatoes and peppers. You can plant them even in one box with them. To obtain seedlings, neutral earth is required. Therefore, you do not need to add peat to the soil.

The bottom of the box is poured with expanded clay to ensure drainage. A layer of soil is covered over it - centimeters 10. In her at the depth of half a centimeter put proklyunuvsheesya seed. The soil is moistened and covered with glass or polyethylene.

Mini-greenhouse must be regularly ventilated so that the land does not become moldy. Seedlings will appear in three months. After the plants throw out the third real leaf, they are dived and put on a well-lit, warm place.

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Watering the seedlings is not very common, but also to allow the land to become "stone" can not be.

Planting in the open ground and care for sanberry

The sandberry plant is produced together with tomatoes and peppers. Only the distance between the bushes should be at least 70 centimeters, since they are very proliferating.

During the summer, it is enough to feed a couple of times with a mulleberry and in a day or two water it - and very soon the gardener will be rewarded for his labors!

Recipes of blanks

Not very tasty the fruits of sanberry in fresh form, but simply amazing in the form of jam. And the wine from it turns out delicious.

It is important to remember that to preserve the beneficial properties of black nightshade, cook less than 5 minutes! And to improve the taste, you need to put a lemon in the jam.

Preparation of nightshade "raisins"

The berries are dipped in boiling sugar syrup for 2 minutes. Then they get a noisy and tidy. You can put this "raisin" in pies, decorate them with cakes and pastries, ice cream and add to the porridge (not dairy).

Recipe of medicinal jam from sanberry

300 g of sugar fall asleep on 1 kg of berries, put on fire and bring to a boil. There also add sliced ​​or ground in a meat grinder lemon. Jam is boiled for 5 minutes and poured over cans. Store in the refrigerator, as at normal room temperature it will ferment.

Use should be daily for 5 tablespoons, you can with tea or spread on a loaf.

Video about sanberry in the suburban area

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