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only the best. Among the routine tasks that are done every day, there is no room for a fairy tale. But not only children can dream, but also adults. What kind of adult didn't want his own tree house as a kid? This facility can combine not only an entertainment function, but also become a complete recreation area at the dacha.

Purpose of the tree house

It should be understood that the materials for the structure of the tree should be light and durable. It is not recommended to use brick and tile, since the building may collapse from overweight.

Designate the function that a miniature house should perform. It can be a children's play area or a tea house, where you can spend a few hours with friends on warm evenings. It is worth noting that some Europeans use a tree house as a place for permanent residence.

Children's House

Every child will be delighted with such a building on the site. You can restrict a small design with a rope ladder, or create a real hanging city.

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As a support, you can use both a large tree and several small trunks. In the second case, you can make several platforms by connecting them with cableways and trolleys. An excellent solution would be the construction of a bed inside a tree house. There the child will be able to relax in the fresh air or read a book.

In order for the building to look harmoniously on the site, we recommend making it in the same style as the main residential building. But do not forget to decorate it with bright color elements, as it is, first of all, an orphanage.

It would not be superfluous to think about the safety of the child in case he falls out of the window or doorway. To do this, you can tighten the grid between the platform of the house and the ground, which will soften the fall.

A tree recreation area

Imagine how pleasant it is to sit with your family under the spreading crown of a green tree, away from the hustle and bustle that takes place below. To easily reach the top, you need a good reliable staircase. Decorate the interior with wicker furniture with pillows and cozy blankets.

If the building has a balcony, then a small table can be brought to it, on which you can easily place soft drinks and snacks.

Sometimes the recreation area turns into the main place where a person spends the most time. This house becomes the main building on the site where you can relax after a hard day. Choose for him a secluded place where street noise and voices will not reach. In size, this building will surpass all other types of tree houses, because this is almost a full-fledged dwelling. For easy access inside, install a wooden staircase, which if desired can be tightened upward for an even greater sense of privacy.

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High-tech tree house

In this building you can equip an office or a sleeping area. The variety of straight lines, strict geometric shapes and siding of aluminum panels will give the design a trendy and expensive look. Conduct electricity and install hidden lighting inside.

A high-tech tree dwelling can inspire every visitor and make you want to live inside for at least a few days. This is a qualitatively new level of life, allowing you to feel harmony with nature, without losing the level of comfort. Often such houses are not built on the very trunk of a tree, but alongside on their own support, within which communications are held. At the same time, they closely adjoin the branches, creating the illusion of complete unity with the plant world.

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It should be understood that such a house will cost the owner expensive, but it will definitely become the pearl of any country site.

What you should pay attention to

It is very important to properly furnish the interior to achieve complete comfort and functionality. At the same time, all elements should be as light as possible, since this is the main requirement in the selection of furniture and other things filling the tree house.

If the area allows you to zone the space, make a few rooms. In one, you can organize a bed, and in another place for tea.

If you thoroughly examine the issue, you can create a building yourself, although, without having special skills as a carpenter, this will be quite problematic. The simplest houses can be scoured for a couple of days, as there are a lot of visual aids and assembly instructions on the Internet. However, if you want to see on your site a real work of art that will evoke the sensations of a fairy tale and mystery, we recommend that you contact an experienced designer to create a project.

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