Characteristics and description of the cultivar cucumber variety f1

Probably every gardener wants to grow a high-yielding variety of cucumbers that is resistant to diseases, pests and weather vagaries. One of these is the cucumber Ziatek F1, derived by Moscow breeders. The hybrid vegetable is unpretentious in cultivation, has excellent taste and pleases with a rich harvest even under adverse growing conditions( in a dry, rainy or cold summer).


  • Descriptions yield and resistance to major diseases.
    Parthenokarpichesky hybrid for which fruiting does not need bees, Zyatek F1 is great for greenhouses.

    No more than 45 days elapse from the emergence of shoots to the first harvest. And to eat sweetish aromatic cucumbers can be before the onset of autumn primorozkov.

    Characteristics of the fruits : small, 10-12 cm long, up to 3.5 cm in diameter and weighing about 100 grams. They have a delicate peel, covered with small white pimples.

    Pulp juicy with sweetish taste .Even if the cucumbers outgrow, they do not change color and taste, they do not taste bitter with a lack of moisture.

    Shrub srednerosly, with a lot of lateral branches, with bundle bookmark ovary. Up to 7 kg of fruits can be obtained from one bush, and Zyatek bears fruit throughout the summer season.

    The main feature of the variety is that overgrown cucumbers do not change the color and density of .They only increase in diameter, acquiring a barrel-shaped appearance.

    Fast-ripening variety, high-yielding, overgrown fruits do not change color and density.

    . Advantages and disadvantages of cucumbers


    Widespread distribution of due to the undeniable advantages of :

    • resistance to climatic and weather conditions - high humidity, cold, heat;
    • resistant to most cucumber diseases;
    • high germination and a long period of fruiting;
    • excellent taste cucumbers;
    • opportunities to grow in greenhouses, open beds, on balconies, verandas, terraces;
    • pest resistance;
    • unpretentiousness in cultivation - does not require frequent watering, fertilizing, weeding, mandatory tying;
    • early ripening;
    • high yield - with proper care can form up to 45-50 bundles of ovary;
    • does not require pollination by bees.
    Like other cucumbers, Zyatek has a delicate and sensitive root system, which is easily damaged during transplants. Therefore, when growing seedlings, it is best to plant each plant in a separate pot.

    Cucumber roots are located close to the surface, so when removing weeds you should not deeply loosen the soil near the plant.

    For the formation of additional roots it is recommended to pour a mixture of peat, wood ash, sand, manure and soil near the trunk.

    It is strictly forbidden to pour cold water on cucumbers, as this not only slows down the growth and development of the plant, but can also provoke some diseases, including ascochitis and powdery mildew.

    Pros variety: high germination and long-term fruiting, excellent taste, early ripening

    Preparing the soil for planting

    Like other varieties, hybrid Zyatek prefers light and fertile soil .Therefore, clay soil in the garden is appropriate to enrich with wood ash, sand, peat, humus or manure and store fertilizers.

    The bed, after making additional substances should be carefully dig, loosen and moisturize.

    It is recommended to sow seeds in open ground only after warm weather has been established, with a night temperature not lower than +12 degrees. It is not necessary to thicken the planting, having 4-5 plants per 1 square meter.

    With a seedling method of cultivation, the ground should be taken from the bed where the young seedlings will be planted. The soil is also enriched by adding peat, ashes of fruit trees, sand and humus.

    The pot is filled with 1/3, moistened and shallowly stirred 1 seed. After the appearance of the first true leaves in the pot, soil is added as the plant grows. When the weather is warm outside, the seedlings begin to harden.

    In the seedling method of cultivation, the soil should be taken from the bed where young saplings of

    will later be planted. How to care for

    When growing this variety, many gardeners make standard mistakes.

    They deeply loosen the soil while removing weeds, while seriously damaging the plant roots. To loosen the soil often should be done carefully, as the root system of cucumbers is located close to the surface and over a large area.

    Cucumbers are planted in areas with maximum access of sunlight throughout the day. On such a bed in the hot summer the plants will die even with sufficient watering.

    Cucumbers like shaded areas of , where sunlight hits the saplings, for example, only in the morning or evening hours.

    Moisten the soil or water the plants with cold water. Such zeal can not only seriously harm the plant and significantly reduce the yield.

    Excessive moisture can trigger the appearance of and the development of fungal infections that are dangerous for seedlings and adult plants - peronosporosis, black and gray rot, mosaic virus, powdery mildew.

    Excessive moisture in the greenhouse is particularly dangerous, therefore, access and constant circulation of fresh air in the room should be ensured.

    Strongly thickened landing. If the bushes were planted close to each other, the installation of special pillars and the tension between them of a garden net or wire can save the situation.

    Tying of lashes and their directed growth will allow you to avoid strong crowding and get a good harvest of green men.

    Cucumbers love shaded areas, carefully loosening, tying, watering with warm water.

    Harvesting and harvesting rules

    Collecting cucumbers should be daily , not allowing them to grow. Although the fruits do not lose their taste, when grown, they increase in diameter and become unattractive externally.

    Snacks variety is perfect for fresh use - you can simply eat a crisp, flavorful vegetable or make a bright and healthy salad.

    Also delicious cucumbers are good for canning and salting. Zyatek variety is well suited for the preparation of blanks for the winter - pickles, salads, pickling.

    Fresh cucumbers can be stored in the refrigerator, cellar or basement for up to 5-7 days. With long-term storage, fruits lose their taste and attractive appearance.

    The variety transports the well over long distances and does not require special conditions of carriage.

    Cucumbers should be harvested daily, preventing them from growing over.

    Zyatek variety cucumber is an excellent option for those who want to get high yield with minimal labor costs.

    Cultivation of this hybrid allows you to feast on fresh tasty green stuff until the autumn, and in winter to enjoy the unsurpassed taste of canned cucumbers.

    Numerous reviews of amateur farmers and gardeners show the advantages and excellent qualities of this variety.

    The Zyatek variety has practically no deficiencies; therefore, it is increasingly being chosen by summer residents and professional farmers for cultivation.

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