Detailed description and characteristics of tomato pink honey

When you see the fruit of a tomato Pink Honey, there is a desire to try it, it is so attractive. Fruits contain large amounts of tyramine in their chemical composition, which is converted in the human body to serotonin, called the "pleasure hormone".

ASCIdescription and description.

Characteristics of the variety

Tomato variety Pink Honey

It is safe to say that tomato Pink Honey is the leader among pink tomatoes .

It is grown in both open and closed ground.
Indicator Description
Shrub Shrub, depending on natural conditions, grows from 0.6 m to 1.5 m.
The ripening period of is 110 days from the moment of germination of the seeds.
Productivity 6 kg.from one tomato bush.
Fruit shape Round or heart-shaped.
Color Tomato Pink.
The average weight of the berry is 750-1500 g.
Peel Thin.
Flesh Meaty and sweet.
Transportation Not subject to long-term transportation, as it is prone to cracking.
Storage 10 days after cutting off a bush.

Shrubs are moderately resistant to various tomato diseases.

This variety is one of the first places to grow pink tomatoes in Russia.


Tomato Pink honey is endowed with excellent taste, fragrant, fleshy, and contains a large number of beneficial substances

The most important thing is not a hybrid, which means that collected seeds from their own tomatoes will fully transfer their varietal characteristics to .And this is a huge plus for a person who cultivates tomatoes for sale; he will not need to purchase a large amount of seeds every season. The variety is of middle ripening period and belongs to the determinant and semi-determinant types of growth.

This variety is suitable for salad designation, juice preparation, mashed potatoes and non-solid canning.

Pros and cons of this tomato

Positive qualities:

  • Skoroplodnost;
  • Large Fruits;
  • Great flavoring value of fruits;
  • The main advantage is that it is a variety, not a hybrid;
  • Thin peel that is easy to chew;
  • Productivity.
Tomatoes Pink honey tolerates drought very well, but they are prone to diseases that are characteristic of solanaceous crops.

Negative qualities:

  • Unsuitable for long-term transportation;
  • Unsuitable for conservation in general;
  • At low temperatures may be affected by late blight.
And, nevertheless, the variety is often grown in all regions of Russia.

Use of tomatoes

Tomato is excellent for making juices, ketchup, lecho, tomato paste, various sauces

In cooking, this tomato is prepared:

  • Puree;
  • Salads;
  • Caviar;
  • Tomato Paste;
  • Refueling.
These tomatoes are not suitable for whole conservation, as the huge fruits just do not fit into the jar.

Growing variety

In order to get a good harvest of tomato Pink honey in the second half of summer, you need to first take care of producing good healthy seedlings .

Step-by-step tomato cultivation Pink Honey

To grow seedlings in time, start growing in early March if seedlings are planned to be planted in the greenhouse. If the seedlings will be planted in open ground, they begin growing one month later - in early April.

Sowing tomato seeds for seedlings

For sowing seeds, containers with heights up to 12 cm are selected and with drainage holes through which excess water will be drained during irrigation. Capacity is filled with nutritious and loose soil. Then watered with warm water, diluting manganese potassium in it. This is done to disinfect the soil so that the common disease Black Leg does not appear.

We check the seeds for germination, for this we dilute water and some salt in a glass. We put there tomato seeds and those that have surfaced are not suitable for sowing on seedlings. We take them out and throw them out. We will work with the rest.

In wet soil we make neat rows with 5 steps, see , and in them we spread tomato seeds with a step of 2-3 cm, cover the seeds with soil and moisturize from a small sprayer.

In order to ensure seed germination was friendly, the container is covered with glass and placed in a warm place where the air temperature is 22 degrees Celsius.
Tomato seedlings Pink honey

When the first seedlings appear, the glass is removed and more closely followed by watering and the amount of sunlight. With the appearance of two true leaf plates, it is necessary to pick the seedlings, , planting them in individual 200 g cups. When two weeks have passed, the seedlings will grow well, and it will already need to be transplanted in liter tanks.

For these purposes, it will be possible to apply the cut juice packs.

For a month and a half, seedlings twice are fed with nitrogen fertilizers, , but we must not overdo it with them so as not to get huge shrubs.

Planting tomato seedlings in open ground
Hardening of seedlings should be carried out before planting in open ground.

Care in the open field or greenhouse is no different from the care of other varieties of tomatoes. Right on time:

  • Water;
  • Loosen;
  • Remove weeds;
  • Add appropriate feedings.

Disease resistance

Although the variety is susceptible to diseases, they can be prevented.

One of the drawbacks of the Pink Honey variety is weak resistance to diseases.
Disease Treatment
Phytophthoracitis It is necessary to remove the lower leaf plates as the fruit are tied, this will increase air circulation and will serve as prevention for this disease.
Gray rot For the sake of prevention, it is necessary to treat tomato bushes with any appropriate fungicide.
Observe crop rotation and avoid planting tomatoes after tobacco and potatoes.
Observe all rules of care and inspect planting tomatoes. When a disease is detected, proceed immediately to the treatment of the bed.

Growing pink honey tomatoes, the main thing is to follow the rules of care for these tomatoes and then large tomatoes will be frequent guests on the gardener's table.

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