Detailed description and characteristics of the beet varieties Detroit

Beetroot Detroit has gained great popularity for its high-yielding taste and excellent appearance. The variety is unpretentious to the growing conditions and requires minimal maintenance. The description and characteristics of this variety are given below.


  • Description and characteristics of beet varieties Detroit
    • history of breeding and growing region
    • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Planting seeds
  • Growth conditions
  • Features of this sort
  • Diseases and pests
  • Conclusion

Description and characteristics of beet varieties Detroit

Beet high-yielding variety Detroit bred Italian breeders. Refers to table species. The period from sowing seeds to harvest is 100 days. This variety is suitable for growing in open beds and under moderately severe climatic conditions - under a film cover.

Detroit Beet

Detroit tolerates minor frosts, and springs up after wintering under the winter. The variety withstands various diseases.

Beet round shape with a thin peel. The root crop has claret pulp, without white streaks and rings. The average weight of a vegetable is 200 grams. High-yielding variety - from one weave you can collect up to half a ton of tasty and sweet root vegetables.

Because of its rich taste, Detroit is used fresh, in the preparation of canned foods, decoctions and juices.

Beet contains up to 14% of sugar and 20% of dry matter. In this regard, Detroit is subject to long-term fresh storage, without losing its taste and beneficial properties.

Breeding history and growing region

Detroit beetroot came to our country from Italy.

The variety has three varieties:

  • Detroit is dark red is an early ripe, round-shaped root crop, has a dark red flesh color, without streaks.
  • Detroit 6 Rubidus is an early ripe, rounded-aligned fruit with a thin axial stem.
  • Detroit 2 Nero is a high-yielding, mid-season beet variety with burgundy pulp. Subject to long-term storage.

All these varieties can be grown in regions with a poor climate.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages include:

  • High Yield
  • Frost tolerance
  • Uniform germination and unpretentiousness in growing
  • The variety is resistant to diseases

Undeveloped Undefeated in growing

  • The variety is resistant to diseases
  • Undefeated Disagreements Undeath

    Planting seeds

    This variety grows well when grown in seedlings and directly in open ground. Planting beet seedlings, gives the opportunity to get a harvest much earlier, but at the same time the young plant needs to create a comfortable environment and proper care.

    Before planting, beet seeds should be soaked

    Rules for planting seeds in open ground:

    • The root crop is sown in the previously prepared nutritious soil. In autumn, the earth is dug up shovels with a bayonet and fertilized with organic and mineral fertilizers.
    • A place to grow beets choose sunny and protected from drafts.
    • The ideal place is considered to be garden beds, where cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes or onions used to grow, and where cabbages and carrots grew, it is not suitable for a root crop.
    • At increased acidity of the soil, add ash or lime to it.
    • Seeds are sown on the beds when the ground warms to 10-13 degrees .
    Beet seeds germinate for a long time, so they must be prepared before planting.

    Two ways to prepare seeds:

    1. Beet seeds before planting are soaked in warm water for 24 hours, while constantly changing water.
    2. Seeds are wrapped in cloth, soaked in a weak solution of potassium permanganate and left for 4 days warm. It is necessary to ensure that the fabric is not very wet, and was constantly wet.
    Prepared seeds germinate better and produce an earlier harvest, and they immediately become immune to many diseases.

    Planting seeds:

    Planting beet seeds Detroit furrow
    • seeds sown in furrows to a depth of 3 cm
    • distance between furrows - 25 cm between seeds - 15 cm
    • Planting material sprinkled
    • ground The beds mulch
    • first shoots. appear after a week

    The beet seeds have properties to stick together. When such seeds are found, do not try to separate them, as this may cause irreparable damage to planting material.

    Growing conditions

    After the emergence of shoots, it is necessary to closely monitor the development of young plants. For good growth, you should follow some rules:

    • Ensure that does not form an earthen room, as it prevents the penetration of nutrients into the soil and slows the growth of the plant.
    • Young shoots need constant weeding from weeds. Weed grass damps young plantings, which adversely affect the quality and quantity of the crop.
    • Timely watering plants and loosening the soil, while improving gas exchange and breathability.
    Detroit beets watered at least once every 3-4 weeks

    Watering is done in the evening. During the formation of the fetus, watering increase. A month before harvesting, watering stops.

    1. Loosening is done every second day after watering.
    2. Mulching beds. This procedure is carried out for a longer retention of moisture in the ground and to reduce weed germination.
    3. Bait .Fertilization is carried out several times per season. Beets can not be overfed, as it cracks when there is a surplus of fertilizers and forms voids.
    • The first bait is carried out in May, at the stage of 2-3 sheets, with organic fertilizers, they will saturate the soil with nitrogen.
    • The second is at the stage of the second weeding. Potash fertilizers are applied to the ground.

    A shortage in mineral fertilizers can be identified by the appearance of the root crop:

    • If there is a shortage of potassium - the tops of the plant brighten
    • Shortage of sodium - is revealed by redness of the veins on the leaves
    On the page By the press on the leaves - redness of the veins on the leaves
    On the way of
    1. Thinning. Thinning is done twice per season. The first time - with the appearance of 2-3 true leaves, leaving the distance between plants 3-4 cm. The second time - after the growth of 5-6 leaves. The distance is 7-8 cm. Thinning beets produce only in cloudy weather.

    Features of this variety

    1. Root crop grows well both in open ground and under film cover.
    2. Earliness - during the warm season, two crops can be harvested.
    3. A variety can be grown in a Siberian climate .
    4. When sub-wintering, forms an early harvest.

    Diseases and pests

    During fruiting, beetroot is very vulnerable to many diseases and even though the Detroit variety is immune to many diseases, can strike it:

    • White and gray rot - the root neck and lower leaves are affected.
    • False mealy dew - the disease develops on the leaves.
    • Medvedka - an adult individual bites through the roots and stems, which leads to the death of the plant.
    • Winter scoop - the caterpillar gnaws young shoots, destroys the leaves and spoils the developing root crops.


    By planting Detroit beets on your plot, you provide yourself with a tasty, juicy, and most importantly healthy root crop. Vegetable is good fresh, in the conservation of and in preparing fresh juices.

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