10 Tips for Choosing an Acrylic Bath: Sizes, Thickness, Manufacturers


  1. №1. Acrylic baths: advantages and disadvantages
  2. №2. Technology and material for the manufacture of acrylic baths
  3. No. 3. What should be the thickness of the acrylic bath?
  4. №4. We pay attention to the reinforcing layer
  5. №5. What should be the surface of the acrylic bath?
  6. №6. Size of acrylic bath
  7. №7. The shape and color of the acrylic bath
  8. №8. Metal frame for acrylic bath
  9. №9. Additional functions of acrylic bath
  10. №10. The best manufacturers of acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic baths sneaked into our houses quite recently, having replaced the usual cast-iron patterns. They were bribed not so much by low weight, as by a variety of sizes and shapes, excellent ability to store heat, ease of care and a host of other advantages. The choice of acrylic bathtubs is amazing, but, as is known, the larger the assortment, the harder it is to make a purchase. Let's try together to figure out how to choose an acrylic bath, what's important to pay attention in the store, and which manufacturers can be trusted.

№1. Acrylic baths: advantages and disadvantages

We will talk about the production technology a little later. First we will find out the mainadvantages of acrylic baths:

  • light weightand ease of transportation;
  • a hugevariety of shapes and sizes. Traditional rectangular and oval, round and angled, backlit or hydromassage - acrylic bathrooms are available in a wide range, so you can choose the right product in the bathroom of any sizes. Moreover, at the production stage the acrylic mass can be painted in the necessary shade - we get a crazy assortment;
  • acrylic is excellentsaves heat, so the water in such a bath will cool down more slowly than in iron or steel, about 10C in 30 minutes;
  • good sound insulation properties. If you are annoyed by the noise of water entering the steel bath, now the nervous system can rest - acrylic extinguishes the noise well;
  • smooth, pleasant surface, which is easy to clean;
  • excellent antibacterial properties. Mold on this bath will not appear;
  • sufficient strength, simplicity of restoration.

Now aboutminuses of acrylic bathtubs:

  • the cost is slightly higher than for cast iron and steel baths;
  • on the strength of acrylic inferior to cast iron, so when installing only the legs can not do - it is necessary frame, which will additionally support the bath and take on the burden of water and bathing human;
  • falling heavy objects can damage the surface of the bath;
  • Use abrasive detergents is not recommended - on the bath can remain scratches;
  • Acrylic is not very resistant to strong heat. We are talking about a temperature of +1600C, but under normal operating conditions this defect will not show itself.

Durabilityacrylic bath depends on many factors. Qualitative, albeit not the most expensive model, can withstand active operation for 10-12 years, and with proper care - even more.


Which bathroom is better, acrylic or cast iron, it is difficult to say, because much depends on the budget and the requirements put forward. If you do not need refined forms, and the budget for the purchase of sanitary ware is small, you can To stop and on a pig-iron variant, but today such baths nevertheless are massively superseded by more modern acrylic.

№2. Technology and material for the manufacture of acrylic baths

The technology for producing acrylic bathtubs is quite simple. The acrylic sheet is heated to a temperature when the material acquires good ductility and fluidity. Then it is placed under the press, which forms the shape of the bath. The reverse side of the bath is reinforced with a composite, often using polyester resins with fiberglass, or polyurethane. After that, all the necessary holes are drilled.

Acrylic bathtubs are now called two different types of products, which are made of different materials:

  • Baths made of cast acrylic - this is the best option. Such products are created on the basis ofpolymethylmethacrylate. The compound is poured into hermetically sealed molds and polymerized in steam furnaces. Such baths leave very strong, wear-resistant and durable, serve not less than 10-12 years. In addition, the bowl of acrylic gets an amplifying base;
  • baths made of coextruded acrylic, or a two-layer plastic,ABS / PMMA. ABS is acrylonetilbutadiene styrene, an elastic plastic that forms the basis of the bath and constitutes about 90% of its mass. PMMA is already familiar to us polymethylmethacrylate, it's the sameacrylic, which is only 5-10%.Such baths also receive an amplifying base. They are produced by the method of simultaneous extrusion and combining of melts of two substances. Plastic ABS has a porous structure, so it can absorb moisture to a small extent. If such a bath is used often, then the base will quickly collapse. Thin acrylic layer is also quickly erased, so the durability of such baths is low.

At first glance, it is obvious which bathtub is best to choose. Of course, the one that is made of cast acrylic, even if it is more expensive. This is true in those cases when you select plumbing for an apartment or a house where you live permanently. For a cottage with seasonal living, you can safely take a bath from ABS / PMMA - the savings will be noticeable, and wear under non-permanent loads will not be catastrophic.


Conscientious producers and sellers will always honestly tell what material is made of this or that bath. But what can you do if doubts creep in and want to be sure that you are not deceived? It's simple - enoughcount how many layers the bath is made of, and for this to look at the edge on the side. Bath of cast acrylic will have only two layers: acrylic and reinforcing base. A cheaper version of co-extruded acrylic is characterized by the presence of three layers: acrylic, plastic and base.

No. 3. What should be the thickness of the acrylic bath?

We will not surprise anyone, if we say thatThe thickness of the acrylic bath and its durability are in a directly proportional relationship. To assess the thickness of a sample can be directly in the store, looking at the end of the side of the bath. The thickness varies from 2 to, mm:

  • products with2-3 mm thickare cheaper than all, but differ longevity in 3-4 years;
  • bathsthickness about 4 mmat constant loads can last about 7 years;
  • bathsthickness of 5, mm- long-livers and will be able to stand 10-12 years.

Sometimes you can meet samplesthickness about 8 mm. They are expensive, and they are not easy to give a complex form. However, it often turns out that this is not acrylic at all, but several layers of plastic.

№4. We pay attention to the reinforcing layer

If the acrylic baths were produced without the reinforcing layer, then they would not withstand a large load. Many are accustomed to evaluate different patterns of baths, so to speak, from above, looking at white acrylic and analyzing the dimensions. Look "under the body" and look at the reinforcing layer also does not interfere. There are not many options for its implementation:

  • polyurethane layer, which differs in dark color, has sufficient strength, ecological compatibility and has no smell. This is ideal for a bath;
  • layer of a mixture of ether resins and fiberglassis inferior in strength and has an unpleasant smell, which is manifested when heated to high temperatures. This reinforcement has a rough surface and edge edges, so that during installation, you must be extra careful not to get injured.

The reinforcement layer should not be thin. This can be assessed again at the end of the rim. However, some clever sellers specially make the sides thicker, knowing that the knowledgeable and savvy in the choice of acrylic bathtub buyers will necessarily look at the ends. The rest of the bath gets a thinner layer of reinforcing layer, so do not interfere with additional experiments. You can slightly press the hand on the bottom of the bath and its walls: Normally, the material should not bend.

For another check, you need a flashlight or laser pointer. It is necessary to lean the included flashlight to the bottom of the bowl and from the reverse side to see if light penetrates. You can fold your palms and look into the hole formed between them to see if the part of the rays passes through the material as accurately as possible. A sufficient layer of acrylic and reinforcement can not miss a single drop of light. Remember that the thickness of the reinforcing layer should be uniform throughout the bathroom.

№5. What should be the surface of the acrylic bath?

The inner surface should be smooth, glossy and free of defects in the form of scratches, bumps or roughness. All these defects - a sign of forgery, or very low quality products, which is unlikely to serve you faithfully for a decade.

Experts advise to check the quality of the surface, pressing the palm to the walls of the bath. To an ideally smooth surface (the mirror is the best example), the palm is slightly sticking, so with a good acrylic there should be about the same effect.

№6. Size of acrylic bath

In terms of size, advice is harder to give. Everyone, deciding which acrylic bath to choose, shouldConsider the size of the bathroom and your own requirementsto the comfort of water procedures. The main thing is that the product is convenient for all family members.

You can focus on such advice on ergonomics:

  • The side of the bath should be located on theheight65-70 cm from the floor. In such a bath can easily climb and adults and teenagers and children;
  • bath depth(the distance from the bottom of the bowl to the overflow hole) should be 50-60 cm. If the bath is shallower, then the water may not cover the entire body, if it is deeper, it will be inconvenient to hold your head so as not to choke;
  • width, sufficient for one person of medium build, - 75-80 cm, but the mass of wider products is on sale;
  • length, as a rule, varies from 120 to 180 cm and can be even more. The choice depends on thegrowth of family membersand an affordable place in the bathroom. Bathtub length of 120 cm is very inconvenient, in a bath of 150 cm knees in tall people will be bent, and a product 165-170 cm long with a headrest perfectly suits people with growth up to 180 cm.

On sale you can find just the same giant baths, which can simultaneously accommodate 2 or even 3 people. This luxury is worth a lot of money, and not every dwelling can fit.

№7. The shape and color of the acrylic bath

Unlike cast iron, acrylic allows you to create baths of almost any shape. The most common are such baths:

  • rectangular- this is a classic, which will be appropriate in almost any bathroom. Such products are quite convenient, but many can reproach them for their simplicity;
  • oval baths- Also a fairly common option, it looks more interesting than rectangular baths, in terms of convenience and compactness they go on par with;
  • round bathslook very impressive, differ decent dimensions, but places for swimming will be enough. Such products will decorate the bathroom, but it will only be appropriate in large enough rooms;
  • corner bathsallow you to use every square centimeter of the room with benefit. In addition, they look very good, but due to the increased width in the corner area, there may be some problems during washing;
  • asymmetrical bathtubsComplex shapes will make the interior unique and emphasize your own taste. A special chic is a bath with a transparent glass insert. The main problem with asymmetrical bathtubs is the difficulty in finishing after installation, so when buying it is better to take a special panel that will play the role of a screen.

Selecting the shape of an acrylic bathtub entirelydepends on the area of ​​the room and personal preferenceseveryone. To some extent, the shape of the interior is also influenced by the style.

As for thehue, then glossy snow-white is a universal win-win option. If you want to depart from this standard and choose a color bath, then think carefully about how harmoniously the bowl will fit with other plumbing and interior. Not bad looking baths of bluish and turquoise tones, which give water a marine tint, but with all the color options you need to be very careful. There is a rule "seven times measure - one cut".

. . . .

№8. Metal frame for acrylic bath

A bath made of cast acrylic can keep its shape when filled with water. The ABS plastic bath with acrylic coating under the load of water can be slightly deformed. In any case, the bowl of the bath requires reinforcement of a special welded or prefabricated metal frame. After installation, the frame hides behind decorative patches or tiles. Usually manufacturerscomplete baths with suitable screensthat everything looked harmonious, and conscientious companies make screens from the same acrylic as the bath itself. Some companies, trying to save money, make a screen made of plastic, and then the surface of the bowl and the lining can be quite different.

The cheapest option is a welded or prefabricated structure that covers only the bottom of the bath and takes on the vertical water pressure. More reliable and expensive frame has also side elements that will support the walls of the bath.


№9. Additional functions of acrylic bath

The main advantage of acrylic bathtubs is the ability to equip them with a mass of additional functions and turn a normal bathroom into a kind of spa. Typically, the following options may be present as additional features:

  • jacuzzi. Hydromassage acrylic bathtubs are all used to refer to a jacuzzi named Italian Jacuzzi, who is the author of this idea. The principle of operation of such a bath is as follows. A special motor takes a part of the water from the filled bath and returns it to the bowl through special jets that mix water with air. Aerated water jet, fed under pressure, creates the effect of massage, relaxes and tones muscles, allows a person to relax. When choosing an acrylic bath with hydromassage, pay attention to the quality of the nozzles - ideally they should be metal, not plastic ones. Also pay attention to the nature of their placement. It is advisable that the pump does not make much noise during operation. Naturally, the water pressure from the injectors must be regulated;
  • chromotherapyoften combined with a hydromassage, but can be used separately. It is implemented due to the built-in side walls of the LED-illuminated blue bathroom with prismatic reflectors. In theory, this effect on the skin stimulates blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory property. Assess the effectiveness of future chromotherapy procedures, looking at the bath, it is difficult. It all depends on the power of the backlight and its focus;
  • there are baths that can be built into the smart home system via Wi-Fi, but for many, these features seem to be unnecessary excesses, and there is some truth in this.

If you have a goal to buy an acrylic bath with a hydromassage, then preference should be given only to large, proven manufacturers, since it is a fairly complex system.

№10. The best manufacturers of acrylic bathtubs

To be sure of the quality and durability of the bath, it is better to take the product from a proven manufacturer, which for many years is represented on the market and will not spoil the reputation of products of questionable quality. The plumbing market is extensive, but I would especially like to highlight a few of the largest and most reliable companies in acrylic bathtubs.

Foreign producers:

  • RavakThese are the best-selling acrylic bathtubs on the continent. The Czech manufacturer bribes with many years of experience, excellent equipment and quality materials. The thickness of the walls in the products is rarely less than 5-6 mm. The assortment is so huge that you can safely say: absolutely everyone will find a solution for their wallet and personal requirements;
  • Vagnerplast- another Czech producer, who was one of the first to start making acrylic bathtubs. Produces them only from cast acrylic, for all products gives a guarantee of 10 years. In the range there are both very simple models and baths with hydromassage;
  • Сersanit- a large Polish manufacturer of sanitary ware, which captivates a pleasant ratio of price and quality. The assortment is quite decent, the product is guaranteed for 7 years;
  • PoolSpa- Spanish manufacturer that produces wonderful baths with hydromassage and lighting and strikes with the quality of accessories. There are fairly simple models in extensive collections;
  • RIHO- Dutch manufacturer, which also has production facilities in the Czech Republic and Poland. Produces bathtubs with a very unusual design, while maintaining excellent performance;
  • Italian companiesNovellini Elysium, Artceram and BelBagnoproduce baths with impeccable design and the highest quality, but such samples are not cheap;
  • German companiesGNT and Sunransproduce baths, which can be called a standard of quality. These are very durable and durable products with a warranty;
  • also mention the Austrian companyALPENand a manufacturer from Hong KongEago. Not bad himself showed the Polish companyKoloand ChineseTEIKO.

Domestic manufacturers:

  • AQUANET-Russiaproduces baths, using modern European techniques and equipment. Products with a thickness of at least 5 mm meet the highest requirements and are cheaper than European counterparts;
  • 1MARKA- a large domestic company, makes baths exclusively from cast acrylic, gives a guarantee of 10 years, amazes with assortment;
  • Basuses European reinforcement technology, produces very practical and durable models;
  • Aquatekoffers a variety of bathtubs, with or without hydromassage. There are interesting round and asymmetrical options. The prices are acceptable;
  • Radomirproduces baths of luxury and light (under the brand name Vannesa). The product range is very decent. Even inexpensive models have interesting features in terms of design;
  • Bell radoproduces about 40 models of baths, among which are large enough, and small, and with hydromassage, and asymmetric. Baths of economy class are sold under the brand name BellAqua. Quality is not bad.

Finally, we note that the store should carefully evaluate the size of the bath, inspect it from all sides, ask availability of appropriate certificates, find out all information about the manufacturer, find out the terms of the guarantee, and only then do purchase.

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