3D wallpaper for walls

Decoration with 3D effect creates any atmosphere in the room: forest, sea shore, flight among the stars, the deck of the ship. The thematic spectrum has no limitations, since drawing is possible according to the proposed sample or photograph.

3D wallpaper on the wall


  • Kinds
  • Standard
  • Single
  • Panoramic
  • Fluorescent
  • LED
  • Prices
  • Application area
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to glue?

3D wallpapers are widescreen, transmitting the volume and depth of the image. These are not just the usual pictures on the walls since the Soviet era. Wall panels are visually connected with the space of the room. It affects the quality of the transmission of color shades, textures, chiaroscuro regardless of objects and details of the landscape, portrait or abstract drawing.

It is recommended to place such wall coverings in the most spacious rooms for remote viewing. So the maximum result from the perception of the pictures is achieved.

One or more walls are completely covered with photo wallpaper to get the effect of presence. The secret lies in special particles reflecting light rays on the surface of the wallpaper. Therefore, it is important in the room with 3D wallpaper to choose and install the right light sources.

The basis of the wallpaper material is polyester. Due to its properties, high resistance to fire, ultraviolet, moisture is manifested. The coating does not require special care due to its excellent performance.

Volumetric coatings are original and unique in execution, are made by a single order. Universality is manifested in their use in almost all interiors: from children's bedrooms to nightclubs.


The main types of wallpaper with the 3D effect are as follows:


3D wallpaper on the wall

The title suggests that the posted image is simple: geometric shapes, abstract patterns that do not require complex matching of shades and lines.


Single 3D Wallpaper

Certain objects receive three-dimensional reflection. Such a fragment can visually deepen or expand the room by placing a photo panel in a given place. The contour can be decorated with a frame. Wallpaper in the room should be matched by color, pattern, texture.


Panoramic 3D Wallpaper

The most impressive paintings that are placed on one or more walls of the room. In fact, this is the creation of a second reality, an attractive illusion of landscapes, panoramic views, open spaces. The length of the canvas, as a rule, reaches tens of meters and requires skill in gluing.


Fluorescent 3D Wallpaper

Lighting during the day does not give out any special effects that become apparent with the onset of darkness through the emission of a soft flowing glow. Of particular importance is the backlight due to fluorescent lamps, or BLB black lamps. They are mounted under the ceiling. The walls seem to come to life, the sensation of reality of phosphorizing paintings intensifies. Fans of science fiction, adventure, mysterious stories will be especially impressed.


LED 3D Wallpaper

The coating is a real electronic system of a chip and a large number of LEDs. Their presence allows you to remotely change the color illumination of the canvas, adjusting it to the atmosphere and mood of those present. These technologies are impressive, but, like any innovations, they are notable for their high price and expensive service.

It should be noted that the use of photo wallpaper surround images is possible not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling of the room.


3D wallpaper in the bedroomThe price of 3D wallpaper depends on the following main parameters:

  1. Producing country: domestic or European.
  2. The size canvases.
  3. The complexity of the image.
  4. Material the basics.
  5. Variety Wallpaper.
  6. Custom order availability in an online store or in a specialized company.

The simplest version of 3D wallpaper will cost at least two thousand rubles per 1 sq. m As a result, to decorate a wall of 15 sq.m. the minimum cost will be 30,000 rubles. In addition to wallpaper, glue and brushes will be required, additional costs are possible depending on the type of wallpaper chosen.

At the same time, you need to remember that 3D wallpaper canvases fit into the interior for a long time and will last at least a dozen years without deformation, shrinkage and burnout.

The mass distribution network is not yet ready to offer wallpapers of such quality due to the high cost and non-standard nature of the product. You can buy or order coverage with 3D effect in printing companies in large cities or in online stores.

Recommend to follow some selection rules:

  1. Image on the wall should be in the same color tone as the whole room.
  2. 3D image of open windows or doors to a far-reaching perspective, maximizes space - should be considered.
  3. For bedrooms Wallpaper with single flowers or small bouquets is appropriate.
  4. To the living room city ​​landscapes with streets and courtyards or views of open terraces are suitable.
  5. To the nursery - plot pictures from fairy tales, thematic drawings.
  6. Bathrooms can be filled with views of the coasts, the beach, the seabed with the inhabitants.

Large rooms can be zoned using 3D wallpapers.

Three-dimensional three-dimensional coating is made of reliable and high-quality material, which includes polyester. Walls with 3D wallpaper can be washed with water and non-abrasive cleaners. Special care is not required, as the canvas is durable, resistant to minor damage.

Wallpaper can be placed without hesitation in the kitchen and in the bathroom, they are waterproof and non-combustible.

Application area

3D wallpaper in the houseThe use of 3D wallpaper is truly unlimited, provided that their placement is thoughtful, there is a design approach, or just a good artistic taste.

They are able to revive and thematically fill the interior of a wide variety of rooms:

  1. Residential apartment: you can turn a children's room into a fairy-tale world, place the ocean coast in the bathroom, open a window in the spring garden in the kitchen.
  2. Restaurants, cafes, bars: originality and thoughtfulness of the hall with 3D wallpaper can attract visitors with a special atmosphere of comfort or romance, drive or peace. The choice of the image medium depends on the orientation of the institution.
  3. Hotels: visitors will remember the unique design of the rooms that they want to visit and stay again. The design can be the hallmark of the area, the city, the host.
  4. Night clubs: the combination of the hall’s illusory nature, the play of light and music will leave a feeling of fantastic visual acuity.
  5. Shops, salons, exhibitions: potential buyers will undoubtedly be attracted by large and “tasty” images whose related items can be seen and bought in reality.

Of particular interest to 3D-images are advertising manufacturers. It can be hidden through the design of the external walls of buildings, shop windows, fences.

Advantages and disadvantages

3D wallpaper in the house

3D wall murals have a lot of advantages, the main ones are the following:

  1. The uniqueness of the product.
  2. Wide thematic variability.
  3. Wear resistance and durability.
  4. Easy care: easy wet cleaning.
  5. Sustainability to burnout.
  6. Environmental Safety.
  7. Fire resistance thanks to a non-flammable surface primer.
  8. Deformity with time.
  9. Availability in working with them.

In general, high quality fully complies with modern requirements for finishing materials.

The disadvantages of the new coating are the following characteristics:

  1. Application in spacious rooms of large volume, only in them is the full effect of three-dimensionality of perception or presence achieved.
  2. 3D coating requires even and smooth walls for the foundation, since defects can appear and spoil the perception of the volume of the picture.
  3. The rooms should have special lighting, advantageously shading the image on the walls.
  4. High price products.

It is difficult to characterize certain properties of the wallpaper unambiguously, it all depends on the goals and attitudes of consumers, their aesthetic preferences. Interior elements should not suppress, but correspond to each other.

Three-dimensional paintings can harmoniously fit into the cozy atmosphere of the room, and can annoy and distract from calm communication in such walls.

Finishing with materials with the 3D effect is durable, you need to predict the perception of the pictures after a certain time, otherwise they will interfere with rest, work or other pastime.

How to glue?

Girl glues 3D wallpaperThe general technology of sticking is similar to working with ordinary paper wallpapers, but there are some features.

The main steps are as follows:

  1. Preparatory. It is necessary to bring the wall into a perfectly even state and prime any irregularities, crevices and joints. The drywall wall should be reinforced in the joints with reinforced tape.
  2. Main. Pre-apply markings on the wall to stick the first sheet, which will determine the placement of subsequent strips. Level check the accuracy of the lines. Wallpaper glues butt, and geometric accuracy is necessary here. Glue is selected in advance from the category "for heavy wallpaper." It is applied on the wall, not on the wallpaper. Room temperature should be approximately 220. Drafts are unacceptable.
  3. Final. The coating should dry during the day while maintaining the temperature regime. You can trim the edges making sure that the wallpaper keeps flawlessly.

If there is a lot of work to sticker panoramic wallpapers in one sheet, then it is better not to risk it and turn to the masters with experience.

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