Typical malfunctions of the Ariston refrigerator: how to eliminate

Refrigerators "Ariston" are not insured against a malfunction. Modern technology consists of many parts and components controlled by the electronic module - the more complex the system, the more causes lead to breakdown. Let's consider them in the article.

Often the display may showerror. Its decoding indicates the cause of the problem, which you can try to eliminate yourself.

The error is usually displayed on the control panel

Content of the material:

  • 1Common breakdowns at Hotpoint Ariston
  • 2Troubleshooting Hotpoint-Ariston Refrigerator
    • 2.1Noisy operation of the refrigerator
    • 2.2Click and click while working
    • 2.3No light in the office
    • 2.4There is no cold in the offices
    • 2.5Products in the department freeze
    • 2.6The motor runs without stopping
    • 2.7Compressor does not start
    • 2.8Naled on the back wall
    • 2.9Water below the refrigerating department

Common breakdowns at Hotpoint Ariston

Although Ariston refrigerators have proven to be reliable, there are sometimes malfunctions. Well, if the display shows a trouble code, then you can look in the instruction and calculate the breakdown. If this does not happen, and the device does not function normally, you can start the test mode. How to do this is also described in the user manual.

Common problems with the refrigerator:

  • Noises and hums when working.
  • Publishes strange sounds (cracking, clicking).
  • The camera does not light.
  • The refrigerator compartment does not freeze, the freezer does not freeze well.
  • The freezer frosts hard, the products freeze.
  • Pischit, a red light is on.
  • Motor-compressor does not shut down, it works without stopping.
  • The compressor does not turn on.
  • The back wall of the chamber freezes.

Freezing on the back of the refrigerator

  • Water at the bottom of the compartment.

Why such breakdowns occur and how to eliminate them, read below.

Troubleshooting Hotpoint-Ariston Refrigerator

Let's consider the main reasons for the appearance of problems and the solutions to their problems.

Noisy operation of the refrigerator

If the two-chamber unit used to work normally, but recently began to make a lot of noise, buzz, rattling, check:

  • Correct installation. By the level of whether the equipment is exhibited, is there any distortion. You can correct the situation by adjusting the front legs.

Adjusting the angle of the refrigerator

  • The dishes in the cell touch each other. When the engine starts it rattles.
  • The refrigerant circulates through the circuit, and gurgling sounds can be heard. It's not a breakdown.
  • Foreign objects or furniture come into contact with the body of the unit.
  • Keep the distance between the cabinet of the refrigerator and walls, furniture at least 5 cm.

Click and click while working

Such sounds may indicate both normal operation of the equipment and problems requiring repair. If the unit is working normally and freezing, then:

  • Clicking is possible while the motor is off. The materials of the chamber walls are deformed at a temperature difference.
  • When the engine starts and stops, the thermostat can click. In this case, the sounds should be from the first day of work.

Faults requiring repair:

  • The electromechanical model clicks when it is turned on, but the motor-compressor does not work. There were problems with the thermostat. It sends a message to the board about the temperature rise in the camera, then the board issues a command to turn on the motor. If the latter does not start - check the thermostat.

Appearance of the refrigerator thermostat

  • The technique includes, the engine starts, but stops. The relay turns off the motor by clicking. The compressor is defective and needs replacement. At the same time, light is on in the office.
  • The refrigerator clicks, the engine does not turn on, the camera is dark. The start relay is out of order.

Appearance of the start relay of the refrigerator

  • The instrument works fine, but when the compressor is turned off, clicks are heard. It is necessary to check the fasteners of the motor, maybe they got loose.

No light in the office

Check the connection: the plug fits tightly in the socket, press it harder. If there is no light, replace the bulb. Pay attention to the type of lighting and choose the appropriate model.

There is no cold in the offices

If there is a high temperature in the cells, the refrigerator can report this by blinking a red light bulb or by a beeping sound.

Alarm of absence of cold in compartments

The refrigerator does not cool? Read the publication "The refrigerating chamber does not work And also check:

  • Density of the door to the body. Inspect the seal for continuity and suitability. If contaminated, wipe it with soap and ammonia. If worn, replace the element. Tighten the door fasteners.
  • Frequency and duration of opening doors. If you keep the doors open for a long time, warm air penetrates into the chamber, which leads to an increase in temperature and the formation of condensation.
  • Thermoregulator. Is the correct value set?

If you simultaneously load a large number of warm foods, you need to wait 20-30 minutes until the indicators are restored.

  • The clogging of the capillary leads to a disruption in the circulation of the coolant and a deterioration in the cooling. It is better to call the wizard to fix the problem.
  • Compressor malfunction. The scoreboard may seemerror A2. The refrigerator will consume a lot of electricity, and the production of cold will decrease.

Also, the reasons that the camera does not freeze could become:

  • Defective defrost sensor.
  • Breakage of the evaporator heater.
  • Freon gas outlet.
  • Incorrect operation of the electronic board.

Products in the department freeze

Need to check:

  • Do not touch the products of the rear wall of the refrigerator.
  • Activation of the deep freeze mode. In this case, you need to turn it off.

Typical Compressor Connections

  • The position of the thermostat. If the temperature is lower, increase it.

A serious fault is the thermostat fault, then replacement and repair will be required.

The motor runs without stopping

Normally, the compressor runs in periods, with "rest" trips.

Internal structure of the compressor

If it does not turn off and works for wear, then:

  • The door of the camera does not close. Constant penetration of warm air leads to an increase in temperature. To restore the performance, the engine works without a breather, pumping the cold. Check the gaskets and the location of the door.
  • The temperature in the room is higher than normal. Each model, including Ariston, hasclimatic class, which indicates at what temperature it can be operated.
  • The snow and ice cover exceed 2-3 mm. The heat transfer in the refrigerator is broken. Unfreeze the unit immediately.

Compressor does not start

There may be two variants of the malfunction.

The engine does not work, the light in the chamber is on:

  • Problems with No Frost. It is recommended that you contact the service center to find and solve the problem.
  • The winding of the motor is faulty. Need repair or a complete replacement.

Pay attention to the position of the buttons and knobs

  • Thermostat does not work. The wiring between the regulator and the motor may be broken. Diagnosis and replacement are carried out.
  • Breakage of the starting relay.
  • Defect of the main board.

The compressor does not turn on, the light does not light:

  • No light.
  • The insulation of the power cord is broken, the socket is damaged.

All other reasons are identical to the first case.

Naled on the back wall

If the "coat" grows on the evaporator or on the walls, the cause may be in the faulty thermostat.

The formation of ice on the back wall

Thaw models of drip type need at least once every six months. For models with No Frost, the formation of ice is uncharacteristic. If this happens in the freezer, the case is in the defective defrost timer.

Water below the refrigerating department

Products pressed to the back of the department accumulate condensate, which does not drain into the sink, but flows down. Rinse the food and remove the accumulated water.

It happens that the drainage hole is littered with garbage, crumbs, so there is nowhere to drain the condensate. You can clean yourself with your hands, using a thin stick.

Do not forget about cleaning the drain hole

If you notice a malfunction in the operation of the Hotpoint-Ariston refrigerator, do not let things slide. Try to understand the causes and repair the malfunction or call the wizard.

Video will help to repair the system Nou Frost:

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