How to clean the boiler (water heater) from scale: instructions and video

In order for the boiler to work as it should, preventive cleaning is necessary from time to time. There are several cleaning methods that differ in complexity and effectiveness. We will cover each plaque and rust removal method.


  1. The need for regular cleaning
  2. How to choose a cleaning method?
  3. Chemical descaling method
  4. Cleaning indiscriminately and removing the boiler
  5. Video instruction for cleaning the boiler

The need for regular cleaning

For many metals, water is an aggressive environment that negatively affects the condition of the material. This is especially true for fluid circulating in urban systems. Water quality depends not only on additives, but also on the condition of water pipelines, which are often in poor condition, as a result, the liquid is saturated with iron oxides.

Despite all the innovations of boiler manufacturers, scale is the main enemy of any heater, as practice shows, an electric boiler was no exception. Experts recommend cleaning at least once a year. By this action, you not only protect the device from damage, but also reduce the amount of energy consumed, since a cleaned boiler requires less energy to heat.

How to choose a cleaning method?

Choosing the right descaling method is based on the size of the appliance. Owners of small boilers (10-50 liters) can easily remove the unit and disassemble it. As for large boilers (80-200 l), it will be difficult to dismantle in this case, so the owners of such heaters prefer to clean without disassembling the device.

We remove TEN from scale and rust mechanically

You will need to disassemble, while carefully handling the heater control components, because damaging the elements is very easy.

To disassemble the device, you need to know boiler device and the following tools:

  • set of screwdrivers;
  • plumbing standard key;
  • set of open-end wrenches;
  • adjustable wrench.

The preparatory phase includes a complete blackout of the device and the shutdown of cold water. Open the hot tap and wait until all the liquid has drained out.

Now you can proceed with the analysis and subsequent cleaning of the components of the device. The scheme of work is as follows:

  • The thermostat handle is removed along with the cover plate. To access the electrical panel, you will need to unscrew a few screws:
Anode mount
  • The power cable is carefully disconnected and all terminals removed. The flange should be removed only after the complete removal of fluid from the device.
  • A suitable sharp object is taken (it is easiest to use a chisel) and the surface of the heating element is cleaned of the scale that has formed. The clogged TEN looks as follows:
TEN of a water heating tank
  • It is also worth removing scale from the walls; a plastic scraper is best suited for this work. Do not apply much force, as the walls of the inner tank can be easily scratched.
  • Done, you have cleaned the heater and the walls - the main places of accumulation of scale. Now the device must be assembled in the reverse order.

When assembling, it is recommended to pay attention to the state of the electrode - there is a possibility that it is very worn. This can be determined visually. If the length of the rod is reduced to 20 centimeters, then it is time to change the magnesium electrode.

Chemical descaling method

This is a simpler method, which is carried out without the risk of damage to the heater elements, has a lower efficiency when compared with the mechanical method.

If you have a small boiler, then before chemical cleaning, it is recommended to remove the heater and descale it from the inner walls of the tank. After this, the container must be filled with a special mixture, which consists of water and chemicals. If the water supply in your house is too rusty, it is recommended to choose a chemical agent containing phosphoric acid. The following products are especially popular with boiler owners:

  • Alpha phos
  • Cillit ZN / I
  • Thermagent active
  • Aipacon

If the device has been serving you for many years, it is best not to use formulations based on other acids. In such cases, it is recommended to use products with surfactants, for example - you can take Alumtex or Steeltex. The packaging indicates how long the cleaning solution should be in the boiler. After this period, the contaminated liquid is drained and the heater is washed with warm water, which does not hurt to add a little detergent.

To achieve better results, it is recommended to combine chemical and mechanical methods, then there will be no trace of scale and rust.

Cleaning indiscriminately and removing the boiler

Pour the solution into the tank without disassembling the device. It is necessary to shut off the supply of cold pressure and open any tap with hot water, then drain 2/3 of the hot water from the tank. Inside, pour hot water with citric acid - 5 grams per 2 liters.

The solution must enter the tank, so you must reconnect the heater. The cleaning agent should be inside the device for about 5-6 hours, after which the solution is drained - it is necessary to close the cold supply and open the hot one.

Video instruction for cleaning the boiler

In the next video you can clearly see how the Ariston boiler is cleaned. In this case, two keys are useful, as well as a screwdriver:

The method without dismantling should be chosen only if your device is too large. In other cases, it is better to use combined cleaning - we clear the components from scale, and then pour the solution into the system.

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