How to change a light bulb with your own hands: technical nuances of replacement

It would seem that the answer to the question of how to change a light bulb is known to almost all people since childhood. But for some reason, accidents happen regularly during the execution of such actions.

This indicates that the training of citizens is far from ideal, and in some situations they do not possess any special skills and concepts about the necessary security measures. Which leads to disastrous consequences.

So that the replacement of a light bulb does not become a cause of electric shock, poisoning with mercury vapor or some other unpleasant situation, let's look at the features of this non-trivial task. Special attention in this article will be given to the process of proper replacement, as well as the issue of personal safety and proper disposal of dismantled light bulbs.

The content of the article:

  • How to replace the light bulb
    • Step # 1 - preparation for work
    • Step # 2 - Complete Power Down
    • Step # 3 - dismantling / mounting the lamps
  • The subtleties of replacing damaged lamps
  • How to dispose of unnecessary lamp?
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

How to replace the light bulb

Proper replacement of the bulb begins long before it is dismantled / assembled, since the performer or the owner of the premises must perform a number of preparatory work in advance. These include the preparation of protective ammunition, tools and equipment.

Ignoring any of the above points to my own detriment, since promptness, safety and quality of lighting largely depend on them. They must be taken into account before they are going to replace any light bulb.

Step # 1 - preparation for work

In preparation for the replacement of any lamps should be aware of the danger of electric current. Therefore, all work must be performed using special tools, test instruments and equipment.

That is, pliers, screwdrivers and everything else should be insulated to protect against damage. And with its help you can be protected from electricity when its voltage is less than 24 volts, and in other cases it does not guarantee anything.

Correct lamp replacement

The most important thing when replacing an outdated lamp is the right choice of a new one and compliance with safety measures. Which imply the use of special protective equipment, control devices, as they will prevent electric shock, injury to other types

Work should be done exclusively in protective ammunition, which are rubber gloves, special glasses that will help protect against dismantling a hot incandescent lamp, as well as in case of accidental damage luminescent or LED light bulb.

The contractor must be in possession of measuring devices that will help verify the performance of the circuit, the lamp and this will ensure an adequate level of security. These include screwdriver indicators and other similar equipment.

Security breach

The most important aspect of any replacement is safety, which can only be ensured by fulfilling certain requirements. Some of which are ignored by most performers. And it turns out as shown in the photo

In addition, a person who has decided to replace the lamp on his own must first understand how to turn off the power in the room and do it correctly. If the issue is not given proper time, then the necessary security will not be provided, and this is fraught with disastrous consequences.

Step # 2 - Complete Power Down

It is necessary to understand that it is at your own risk and risk to perform any actions in the power grids - should not the electrician be called in to replace the lamp? But in the event of any consequences, they will have to be held responsible and it may even be criminal. It should be remembered that any such procedure should be carried out in compliance with safety measures.

The guidance documents indicate that only people who have received proper training, have practical skills and have been instructed may be allowed to take such work. True, in the domestic environment every consumer who uses electricity for the lighting system faces this task.

First of all, the network must be de-energized. Moreover, setting the switch to the off position will be insufficient measure. Since it does not guarantee security at all.

For example, there are many cases when electricians were wrong and the switch did not open the phase wire. Therefore, the current continued to flow to the lamp, which was a surprise for the performer.

Incorrect lamp replacement

Before performing the replacement, you must de-energize the room, and to protect the use of special glasses, gloves. In addition, you should provide yourself with convenient access to a replaceable lamp, for which use ladders. Therefore, the actions of the artist on the photo are wrong.

The same often happens when using switches with popular backlight today. As a result, only a blackout of the room where the replacement will be performed will be able to eliminate electrical damage.

For this, it is necessary to transfer the introductory automat to the off position. Usually they are installed in the shield, which are located near the apartments. If the chain was mounted for a long time, then traffic jams can be used instead of automata, which means that they need to be unscrewed.

In addition, the performer is obliged to verify the absence of so-called "bugs". Their danger is that the connection of wires is carried out directly, bypassing traffic jams, which can lead to electric shock.

Introductory machine

A switch in the off position is not a guaranteed way to avoid electric shock. To do this, you must de-energize the entire room, that is, break the circuit with the help of an introductory automat.

If the lamp receives power from the outlet, then you need to pull out the plug from there. But it should be remembered that residual stress is also life threatening. And such a phenomenon is not uncommon, so protection measures should be the same as when changing any other lamp.

After the room is de-energized, with a screwdriver-indicator, you need to make sure that the desired result is achieved and no current is supplied to the lamp. Only after all the listed operations are allowed to perform the replacement directly.

But even during it you should not lean, lean against metal objects or carry out this procedure in conditions of high humidity.

Insulated Tool

When performing any operations during lamp replacement, use an insulated tool. In addition, to avoid damage, it cannot be held by metal parts.

When the lamp is located at a height, then the performer must stock up a solid stepladder, a ladder. With the help of such equipment it is allowed to perform replacement at a height of up to 5 meters.

If it occurs higher, it is necessary to use special equipment, which are cranes and so on.

In addition, work at heights greater than 5 m is called altitude and must be performed by specialists with an appropriate tolerance.

Protective gloves

Gloves are obligatory when working in the power supply networks of which all the lamps are part. And they must protect not only from electric shock, but also from cuts in case of damage to glass flasks.

Do not take the listed information about security measures as frivolous - the same physical education teacher, warehouse worker or any other a performer who uses unauthorized equipment and does not have relevant skills may be held responsible for the result of their actions and their effects.

Step # 3 - dismantling / mounting the lamps

To perform this procedure, it is necessary to perform in a strictly specified sequence a number of mandatory, but simple steps. And without using any special tool.

These include:

  1. Removing lamp shades, chandeliers, protective glass, any decorative elements that prevent access to the lamp. All such operations should be performed in protective ammunition (gloves, glasses).
  2. Dismantling the lamps - it is made by twisting movements from right to left. At the same time it is not necessary to grasp hands with hot glass that is capable of causing a burn. It concerns incandescent bulbs. To eliminate trouble, you must use a protective glove together with a rubber glove. It also protects against injury if the glass bulb is damaged.
  3. The installation of a new light bulb is performed by twisting movements, that is, from left to right.
  4. Installation of lamp shades, decorative and protective elements.

Regardless of the type of lighting, the replacement procedure is similar and technologically simple.

But in preparation, one should not forget that it is necessary to wipe the glass elements with a cloth, this will eliminate the greasy marks left by the fingers. Since they can lead to early breakdown, which occurs as a result of local overheating.

Health check

Before starting the replacement of lamps, you must ensure that there is no current on the base of the lamp, chandelier, or any other electrical device. This can be done with the help of an ordinary indicator screwdriver

While working, the contractor should hold the tools only at their isolated parts, which is guaranteed to prevent defeat.

Before installing a new light fixture, find and bend the contact. patron lamp. Since they often do not provide the desired contact. The same procedure must be performed when the installed lamp does not shine. For which it should be re-dismantled.

Even if when checking the performance of a newly installed lighting device glasses are used, you should still not be near him. Since often there are explosions that can cause injury.

First of all it concerns incandescent bulbs. The reason is that their quality is often quite low, which leads to various unpleasant consequences.

Dismantling the lamp

The procedure for replacing the lamps is very simple and the same for most cases. For dismantling make rotational movements from left to right, when installing from right to left. Some species are removed from the cartridge as a plug from the outlet and are also connected. In this case, it is not necessary to overload the glass parts, since they can not withstand

Sometimes the performer is unable to cope with the dismantling of the lamp. In this case, it must be unscrewed together with a part of the cartridge. And also it should be remembered that putting pressure on the glass elements is not worth it, as this will lead to their damage, after which injuries may occur.

The subtleties of replacing damaged lamps

It often happens that during dismantling / assembly, glass flasks are damaged. In such cases, the base itself will turn out to unscrew with pliers. But before this should be collected shattered fragments.

If such a nuisance occurred with mercury-containing instrumentthen care should be taken. Their depressurization can lead to rapid and substantial poisoning in pairs, which in seconds can fill a volume of 50 cubic meters.

And the excess of permissible norms at this moment will be more than impressive - 160 times. Therefore, when damage is caused to the contractor, it is necessary to immediately evacuate all the people in it from the premises.

Then perform airing - its duration must be at least 20 minutes. Moreover, these measures are mandatory and the absence of any signs of exposure to mercury vapor should not reassure the person.

Lamp base

If the replaced lamp cannot be unscrewed, then it must be dismantled with part of the lamp holder. this procedure almost always ends successfully and quickly

Since they have no color, smell, but this does not prevent the poison from quickly accumulating in the body, which will lead to poisoning. From which all body systems, organs of sight, without exception, suffer.

It is allowed to continue the replacement of the unpressurized mercury-containing lamp only after thorough airing and cleaning the cullet.

Moreover, for its implementation rubber gloves, goggles, as well as a cotton-gauze bandage, which can be replaced with any wet piece of cloth, must be used without fail.

After elimination of the consequences, you should call the Ministry of Emergency Situations specialists, who will determine whether it is safe for people to be in the room. They also need to pass unpressurized mercury-containing lamp.

How to dispose of unnecessary lamp?

Disassemble the lamp should be handled carefully. That is, it does not need to be put on hard surfaces, in places where someone's careless movement will lead to injury.

It is not recommended to throw them in the general garbage bag. Unnecessary lamps are best to get rid of immediately. This will help eliminate accidental trouble.

Lamp with lamp

When performing a replacement, it is forbidden to load the network, make any changes to the design of lamps, lamps, as this is fraught with troubles

But it should be remembered that only safe incandescent bulbs and their LED counterparts are allowed to be thrown into the common garbage bin. Since they can cause no other harm than injury due to careless handling.

And mercury-containing products should be handed over to responsible persons, who may be electricians of housing offices, representatives specializing in the utilization of structures or omitted in designated for this containers. The lamp replacement procedure is considered successful only after their disposal.

Container for mercury-containing lamps

It should be remembered that mercury-containing lamps are dangerous and need to be handed over to special items or thrown into containers.

And only after all of this, the replacement of the lamp can be considered complete and expect positive results in terms of safety, comfort and economy.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

The first video will help to deal with the correct procedure for replacing the lamps:

The video will help you figure out how to disassemble with a damaged glass flask:

The main point when replacing all kinds of lamps is compliance with numerous safety measures. Which require the performer to possess certain knowledge, skills, use special tools and equipment.

Only all of the above will make it possible to carry out the replacement correctly, that is, it is safe for the health of the performer and all inhabitants of the house.

Have you repeatedly witnessed accidents due to non-observance of electrical safety rules that occurred when replacing a light bulb? Tell us about it in the comments block - these stories will help many home-made craftsmen who are careless about personal security, to avoid injuries and electric shock.

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