Overview of the range of LED lamps Ecola (Ecol)

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In the numerous “family” of light-emitting diodes, Ecola's products occupy impressive positions. In the arsenal of the brand abundant range of practical products with good performance. They produce LED lamps Ecola for the organization of all types of lighting systems. How to find a suitable option in the shopping mall? Agree to make a weighted purchase need to prepare.

Those who want to get acquainted with the LED lights from the company Ecola, we will find a detailed description of the popular in the market series. The scope of application is given, the differences in power and nuances of the radiation color are analyzed. A clear description of the positive and negative qualities of lighting devices will help you make the right choice, as well as think about purchasing an LED source for other purposes.

Our review of LED devices with the EcoLog logo is based on the independent opinion of real users. In addition to standard models, interesting innovative solutions are presented, products with nontrivial design and improved characteristics. A useful informative addition to the textual part of the article are photographic images and video presentations.

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The content of the article:

  • Basic information about the manufacturer of Ecola-lamps
  • Positive aspects of the brand
  • Ecola LED Light Bulbs
    • #1. Features of standard models
    • #2. Spherical EcolaGlobe Light Sources
    • #3. Ecola Premium LEDs
    • #4. New in line - Ecola Light
    • #5. Decorative candle lamps
    • #6. Models for recessed luminaires
    • #7. Golden series and color light
    • #8. Ecola filament products
    • #9. Special lamps for special occasions
  • Experience and negative feedback
  • Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Basic information about the manufacturer of Ecola-lamps

A company that coincides by name with a concern in China, which manufactures components and accessories for computers, nothing to do with this actually has, although many tend to think So.

Ecola is short for “environmental lamps,” and its creators are Russian enthusiasts. They entered the market in 2005, and at the beginning they were LON (incandescent) and CFL (luminescent), then ICE quickly appeared. But the “Chinese footprint” is clearly present among the Ecolites.

The starting positions of the company were not very good, its ICEs mercilessly scolded for their handicraft and fragility. Many people remember Ecola-lamps on eBay or Amazon, where they were only sold.

But gradually all the reviews were taken into account, conspicuous drawbacks were eliminated, and today it is the largest supplier of cheap LED bulbs from the East. However, the brand does not advertise its factories or reputable offices around, only a site with an excellent catalog and store sales. However, this abound.

Shop Svetonika

"Ecol" can not be called completely unaddressed - if you have any questions about the product and its operation, you can contact the production office: Moscow, st. Masterkova, 4, or write to e-mail [email protected]. More detailed contacts are listed on the official site Ecola.ru

Eco-lamps are available at all points where there are household goods. Proposals depend on the direction of the stores: in diverse supermarkets, mainly simple household light bulbs, in building and finishing gigmarketing - from mini-lamps to whole light systems. After all, the company, in addition, also produces lamps and a variety of accessories for lighting.

Russian branded Ecola stores are called Svetonik. The same name has a very extensive online shop that actively delivers lamps ordered over the Internet.

Positive aspects of the brand

The brand, undoubtedly, has positive sides. These are immutable:

  • price - Unlike its eminent brethren, the East European firm firmly holds an accessibility policy with respect to its products, solutions are constantly being sought to replace expensive parts with simple counterparts while maintaining performance;
  • big choice - the brand does not pursue exclusiveness, looking for options for a variety of tastes and circumstances, both traditional and special;
  • singularity - among the offers you can find both stylish, minimalist design, and bright, unusual shapes and bold combinations.

At one time, it was Ekola who released stunning colored spiral bulbs, from one glance at which a wave of positive and curiosity was born to those passing.

Colored Eco Lamps

Colored light bulbs - completely the initiative of the company. There are no other brands that produce something similar, or their analogues are too few. Engineers of the brand warn - if you connect several different colors to one chandelier at once, according to the laws of physics, the light will turn white

The most important thing is that manufacturers do not rest on their laurels, but sensitively listen to the sounding reviews, instantly responding to the demand of customers with a current offer. The company is constantly in development, and today it is able to provide real, working quality.

Ecola LED Light Bulbs

The range is very large. You can buy lamps for the home, for the office, for industrial lighting, street, landscape design and accent decoration. The overall separation includes the shape, color shade, the look of the cap, light guide.

In terms of the shape, the Ecol light lines offer light bulbs:

  • pear-shaped;
  • spherical;
  • candle-shaped;
  • "corn";
  • reflectors;
  • tubular, linear.

There are options with standard candles, in the form of a narrowed oval, and beautiful, figured, repeating the look of the flame in the wind. Reflectors include conical for spots and types of forms: flat, convex. Separately, there are light bulbs for home appliances.

Ceiling from Ecole

The purpose of reflectors is to produce a narrow beam of light to highlight a specific area. In this regard, Ecol reflectors are more suitable for affordable ceiling decoration with spotlights and for spotlights or table lamps.

The color temperature of LED products suggests a shine range from warm natural at 2700K (Kelvin) to neutral cold-white at 6000K. All this "Ecola" also has. Moreover, the company went a little further and created an amazing series of LED-lamps, having a non-standard multi-colored glow. These are the Golden Color and Ecola Color Solutions series, which are described below.

The next difference is the type of base. Here the choice is also very wide.

Versions available:

  • screw standard on E14, E27, E40;
  • male with G connector, namely, G4, G9, G13, GU5.3, GU10, GX53, GX70;
  • with recessed contact R39, R50, R63, R80.

That is, almost all types of well-known connectors that are found in Russia and Europe are presented.

The last feature is the angle of the direction of light. This characteristic depends on the model of the light bulb, and it is not always possible to adjust it due to the special device LED-lamps. But Ekola found a way out in this situation, offering a choice of several new types of diodes in models that allow you to choose the right amount of lighting.

Different types of flasks

ICE technology is associated with the heating of LEDs, which in standard diode lamps are cooled by an attached radiator, and it narrows the angle of incidence of light. New developments allow to avoid this loss due to the unusual installation of diodes. Of course, for a more expensive price.

Ecola is good because it does not pretend to be elitist, it offers customers various combinations of existing light carriers. And if high-end brands have a product line that changes once a year, their oriental colleague presents new items every month. Therefore, in Ecola you can find something that no one else has.

#1. Features of standard models

For everyday use in the most everyday places, Ecola-lamps are standard, they have a minimum of characteristics, no heavy parts, so they have the lowest price, 1-2 dollars. The form of everyday life is also familiar to the eye - a pear. But there are differences in design.

Pear Shaped EcolaLED

Standard pear LEDs consist of a base, a radiator and a frosted diffuser, since the luminous elements are located on a flat base. Diffuser helps to turn point beams into even shine, but it can steal some brightness.

In addition, due to the presence of a radiator, the light will be fed at an angle only downwards or only upwards (depending on the position of the cartridge). But it is the cheapest, running version for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, storerooms. And ideal for any entry points - entrances, public spaces, reception rooms and so on.

Ekola radiators

The radiator can be both ribbed and smooth. The second type is a more modern achievement. But still, radiators do not save the lamp from overheating next to additional sources of heat, so you can use them in the cold, and in saunas, baths or ovens - no

Another story - special transparent pears. These shine by 360 degrees, since the diodes in them are originally made for the base plane on the leg. The price of such models is slightly higher, and their purpose is to please the eye with aesthetics, familiarity, and to give full lighting in chandeliers or lamps with the upper orientation of the cartridge.

Simple Ecola pears are called Classic, on average correspond in size to old incandescent light bulbs (LN). The scatter of power: from 7 to 20 watts, for home analogs of 9-10 watts are convenient. Light output scale: from 2700K to 6500K, 2700-3000K is enough for a house.

Subcategory of cabins - "corn"

Such a light bulb really resembles corn cobs, and its design consists of a plastic cylinder on which luminous elements are arranged in even rows. Outside, this type does not have diffusers or bulbs, and all because it is one of the first developments of LED lamps. Yes, with this design, additional coverage is not necessary.

Corn ICE

Despite the futuristic styling, “corn” is not already produced by many high brands, for example, in Philips they are considered obsolete. But Ecola is not going to give up unusual forms, and such lamps are available to buyers at will.

Today, the model is being supplanted by more familiar forms, but the “corn” still has its fans.

Its advantages:

  • impact resistant, it is impossible to break or split the non-standard case;
  • Powerfully scatters light in different directions and shines much better than simple pears;
  • maintains a reinforced platform that allows you to issue 27 LED watts, this is an incredible 270 watts of normal power LN;
  • frost-resistant, perfectly functioning even at -40 ° C;
  • budget.

Corn comes in options on the screw and pins. In the first case, this is the typical base of E14 or E27, in the second - connectors for mini-versions for the substitution of halogen-like G4, G9. Mini-corn, unlike large models, have a protective silicone coating.

Physical qualities of the models: power - from 9 to 27 W, color spectrum - from 2700 to 4200K screw, 2700-6400K pin.

#2. Spherical EcolaGlobe Light Sources

The category of LED-balls already belongs to the models of the increased price category, because it has a shade of decorativeness. This is especially true of large samples with a diameter of up to 10-13 cm, series G95. These analogues come with the prefix "Premium" and have two main versions: matte, transparent.

Matte options are based on conventional point boards, have opaque diffusers. Transparent are assemblies using a glass burner as a bed for diodes and a special lens that enhances the flow of light. The illumination angle for such lamps is 360 degrees.

LED Park

Lamp-balls fit well into landscape gardening ensembles, but LED counterparts are not suitable for open places in regions where even at night it is very hot. For such purposes, it is better to choose fluorescent prototypes. But spherical lamps are ideal for giving style to an interior in the house

The compact variation of the balls is labeled G45. Similarly, it is divided into matte with transparent, and also, more than half, consists of Premium standards. However, budget proposals are sufficient.

These LED balls are ideal for multi-level chandeliers or crystal sets. They easily fit in any lamp, and crystal details make it play and sparkle under its bright, directional light.

Technical characteristics of the balls: power - from 4 to 9 W, light - from 2700 to 6500K and the size of the bases E14, E27, among the brands G45-G50. Power from 15 to 20 W, light - from 2700 to 4000K, E27 base, among the Globe G95.

#3. Ecola Premium LEDs

Taking into account some remarks of its customers, the company decided to create a separate Premium line, where the traditional representatives of the series are served with improved filling.

In such models:

  • flicker is excluded;
  • improved light output;
  • lightweight and strengthened radiator;
  • Added additional stabilizers and drivers on the diode board.

Premium versions can be found in every category of eco-lamp products. They cost a little more, but the reviews are consistently positive.

Flickering Ecola

Flickering glow is easy to detect using the camera of a smartphone - when you hover on a low-quality LED, the screen will blink in dark stripes. Today, this drawback is eliminated in all modern high-quality LEDs.

The practice is such that the company gradually replaces all previous names with Premium. Users are willing to pay more for quality and safety. But we are not talking about a complete rejection of the budget versions.

Simply, the brand will improve its quality, eliminating the negative effects of operating Eco-lamps. In addition, even more expensive products of Chinese-Russian comrades are still several times cheaper than the same products from highbrow brands.

#4. New in line - Ecola Light

The EcolaLight model range offers a range of the most sought-after standard items at a price that is as low as possible. In other words, this is an inexpensive standard ICE at an even more affordable price due to the maximum simplification of the assembly. This is achieved by using the old type of radiator or simpler diode boards.

Quality, according to the manufacturer, does not decrease. Just the look has a somewhat weighted, old-fashioned image. What some even like the contrary. Light offers are available in all Ecol lamp ranges.

#5. Decorative candle lamps

A separate line for decorating crystal chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, designer lamps - candle-shaped LED-series.

Here are proposed lamp-candles:

  • matte ordinary;
  • transparent ordinary;
  • frosted figure ("candle in the wind");
  • transparent curly.

By the location of the diodes:

  • kind of "sparkling pyramid";
  • "Sparkling point";
  • "Sparkling trefoil";
  • "lens".

Most samples have screw base E14, several prototypes planted on E27.

Ecol Crystal

Elongated candle-shaped lamps most effectively look in crystal. However, in order for the crystal parts to really play, it is better to choose transparent versions with LEDs assembled in the form of a pyramid, trefoil, cylinder or planted on a lens.

What is the difference between sparkling pyramids, shamrocks and points: in the first case it is a matte flask, inside which elements-diodes are raised in the form of a pyramid, in the second - a transparent flask, behind which there are 3 vertical petals with LEDs.

The third is similar to the second, but instead of the trefoil is a small cylinder with luminous dots. Petals and cylinders - a newer development, compared with the pyramid.

“Lens” is a transparent candle-shaped lamp, where light sources are sealed into a glass base, which, expanding, rises above the flat base in the form of an optical lens. Such a device allows to achieve even, dazzling bright light.

A completely detached candle-shaped model of LED-Ecola is a light bulb that completely repeats a real candle with a wick and a melting wax. This offer is Premium grade at 6.4 watts, 15 centimeters long, with two variations of color temperatures - 2700K, 4000K. Sold mainly in the online store.

The capabilities of the rest of the "candles": 2.3-9 W, 2700, 4000, 6000K, cartridge E14, E27. Premium options are enhanced by composite radiators (aluminum, reinforced with plastic).

#6. Models for recessed luminaires

All the large family of LED-reflectors of the company described is divided into components for embedded, rotary and table lamps. This means that there are various types of flat, conical and mushroom shapes available. Distinguishes only their type of connector in combination with a transparent or matte lens.

Different reflectors

The first ceiling reflectors were halogen (left), but they lost the LED (right) because of the strong backlighting, which gave unsightly shadows on the ceiling. LED spotlights shine strictly in the intended direction, because they do not need separate reflectors, like halogens

Types of connectors: GU5.3, GU10, GX53, GX70, R39, R50, R63, R80. Capacities range between 6 and 15 W on compact GX53 reflectors, between 10 and 20 W on large GX70 (up to 11 cm).

A very large selection of kits for MR16 luminaires, they come in very neat GU5.3, GU10 with a variety of designs from 4.2 to 10 W and colors from 2700 to 6000K. The same range of coldness-warmth in flat reflectors.

#7. Golden series and color light

The motto of this big, mysterious company is “Live brighter”. And manufacturers are trying to make their wishes come true. To create an atmosphere of exceptional warmth and harmony, Ecola’s designers offer their customers get special, special lamps emitting light, like a warm fire or glow sunset

A sample with this feature can be selected in any of the categories of Ecole-ICE. On the package instead of the color designation in Kelvin there will be the word "Gold".

Another way to relax will be presented by analogues with flasks-diffusers painted in the most unexpected colors - red, green, blue, orange. And they burn in color, respectively, red, green, blue and orange. Such things can also be obtained for any series of Eco-lamps, even for spots.

But for lovers of vintage atmosphere and antiquities, filament exclusives are sold.

#8. Ecola filament products

Cozy light bulbs, completely repeating the design of the old, familiar ones, on incandescent bulbs of Ilyich, but luminous due to modern LEDs, are called filaments. For Ecola, this is not the top priority, but its filament lamps fulfill their role with dignity.

Ekola filament lamps

Tests have shown that the filament LED-Ecola at a good level can compete with renowned manufacturers, in contrast to conventional models. Therefore, they can be safely replaced by expensive analogues. The photo shows two types of filament prototypes from Ecol.

The position of the filaments is represented by duplicates of the standard versions of the Globe, Classic, Candle lines, in the old version, but with diode technology. Almost all samples have Premium status. However, if global brands have some of the most expensive filament offers, they are more than affordable with Ecola-LED.

#9. Special lamps for special occasions

Ecol leaders understand well - situations are different, and in everyday life there are needs for non-standard, special solutions.

To make it easier for customers, suppliers of the brand under research have put in a few tube alternatives:

  • T25 format bulbs - LED mini-cylinders of ordinary and “corn”, for use in refrigerators, hoods, sewing machines;
  • one position of reflectors and one - category pear - with dimming option, if you want adjustable lighting;
  • powerful bundles of several ICE lamps at once E40 base or multiple analogs on a typical basis, but with a larger adapter attached - for industrial or public needs;
  • lamps for household spotlights - “corn” R7s of different capacities;
  • light T8 tubes on connectors G13, of different lengths.

The last part is intended to replace luminescents and halogens, with which nests it is fully compatible.

Lamp for the spotlight

Ecola LED spotlights are not afraid of direct water ingress, they are proven to work at -50 ° C, they have floating panels. Lamps for them (in the photo) are shock resistant, do not break, do not pollute and save a lot of energy. But on the spotlights of other brands, they can not earn

The product catalog is constantly updated, and, quite possibly, while this article was written, several completely new alternatives have already appeared. Better to keep up with the offers.

Experience and negative feedback

With the development of LED technology, Ecola bulbs were actively bought up by a large number of people of two categories: those who needed low cost LEDs, and those who actively conducted tests of products of different manufacturers.

Therefore, reviews and reviews sounded enough. However, it is reasonable to divide them into 2 waves: the first, when the LED was only mastered by the manufacturer, the second - the modern one.

The initial wave revealed many negative aspects:

  • strong flicker;
  • explosions of products right in the cartridges;
  • fast burnout;
  • cheap, unpresentable view;
  • low warranty period.

The first 2 charges are almost eliminated. With durability, indeed, there are problems. The stated 30 thousand hours of work do not correspond to the truth, unless over time there is no improvement. The same can be said about brightness, it is often a little weaker than the packaging promises.

Reproaches in the plain form are also often fair. The new rulers are already acquiring a more solid look, but the mass release still suffers from simplicity. Particularly noted by a similar flaw some ceiling lights. But no complaints about the price. Product warranty is still a year.

Later reviews are increasingly talking about great progress in product quality. The company does not neglect the reputation and actively fights for the title of the best.

We also recommend reading the article on what points to pay attention when choosing LED lamps for the home. Read more - go to reference.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

In the reviews and informative videos there is an interesting video about the device of Ecol lamps, their application, and the effectiveness of the functionality.

Ekola about itself:

Futuristic, beautiful lamp - “corn” in natural size:

What are the transparent LED bulbs in the package and when lit:

Honest review from the blogger about the new EcolaLED GX53, measurements of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages:

Modern Ecola LED lamps can not be ignored, even with a set of voiced flaws. Let them not burn for 30 years, as promised. But who knows what will happen in 30 years? The main thing is that these lamps help to really save electricity, and with a good choice they can really please with their light for little money. It is enough to remember when buying that these are standard-quality products, and not super-elite products.

Please leave your comments in the box below. Perhaps you have been using Ecol LED lamps for a long time? Share your impressions of their use, tell us about the advantages or disadvantages that are noticed.

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