How to set the air conditioner to warm air? detailed instructions

Air conditioning has long been an integral device for creating comfortable indoor conditions. It is with his help that people are saved in the hottest summer days. But a very small number of users know that this device can be used effectively in the winter season. How to set the air conditioner to heat if it gets too cold in winter?


  1. Operating temperatures
  2. Heating on
  3. What to do if the heating does not turn on?
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of heating mode
  5. Video instruction for turning on the air conditioner for heating mode

Operating temperatures

Most split systems have similar performance specifications. Almost all such devices function normally if the temperature is not higher than 25 degrees above zero and not lower than 5 degrees below zero. If the temperature is below the minimum threshold, the oil used for lubrication freezes and the air conditioner stops working and may even break. If the temperature is above the maximum value of +25 degrees, then the system is threatened with overheating, which is also able to disable it. It is important to consider these threshold values ​​when operating the device; you should also understand

the principle of operation of the air conditioner.

Air conditioning

Heating on

Before setting the air conditioner to the heating mode, you need to make sure that its operating temperature is within the operating limits, otherwise the system may fail. Undoubtedly, different companies - manufacturers (for example, LG, Samsung or General) produce many different models, but nevertheless there is a certain universal model for switching on heating:

  • It is necessary to turn on the device (power button, signed as “On”).
  • Then press the “Heat” key, which means “heat”.
  • If this button is not present, other options may be present: “Mode”, or any other buttons under which icons such as “sun”, “drop”, “fan”, “snow” are drawn. If none of these buttons are present, this means that the system is not able to heat.
  • If the “Mode” button is present, you need to press it several times until the “sun” or the signature “Heat” is displayed.
  • Using the switching arrows or the “+/-” buttons, you need to set the comfortable temperature.

After carrying out this entire procedure, the fan will turn on, and after five (maximum ten) minutes, warm air will be formed, heated to a temperature set previously by the user. Some remote control models can be configured differently - it is recommended that you read the instructions before setting up.

To turn on the air conditioner for heating mode, it is not always necessary to use a remote control. On any split system there is an external panel (sometimes hidden by a protective screen), the buttons of which duplicate the keys of the remote control. This is done for situations when the remote control is lost, broken or far away. Using the panel, you can set the system to heating mode in the same way.

Modern air conditioning

What to do if the heating does not turn on?

There are two main options: either the setting was incorrect, or there is a breakdown in the device itself. It is recommended to turn off the air conditioner and repeat all the steps again. If after ten minutes there is no heat from the device, there is a breakdown. The most common malfunction is the lack of freon necessary for the functioning of the heating system. In this situation, it is necessary to take the air conditioner for repair, or call qualified specialists home, especially if the device is under warranty.

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In addition, a situation is possible when the air conditioner is turned on at temperatures incompatible with its normal functioning. It should be noted that some manufacturing companies produce additional modifications that expand the range of operating temperatures from -30 to +30 degrees Celsius.

Advantages and disadvantages of heating mode

Modern air conditioners perfectly heat any room. Air conditioning with heating has a high efficiency (stands for “coefficient of performance”, which allows you to create comfortable conditions in the apartment or in the house. However, it is not recommended to neglect central heating services.

The constant operation of the relative system is harmful to the body, since heated air masses with prolonged Indoor circulation is detrimental to the natural processes of thermoregulation, which may affect immunity.

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Video instruction for turning on the air conditioner for heating mode

Recall that the air conditioner has mass of modes (not only heating).

In the presented video, a method is described and shown in detail, with which you can enable the heating function on air conditioner. The user by his own example describes in detail all the actions using the remote control, as well as the reaction of the system itself to inclusion and change of certain parameters relating to the heating mode (sound signals, visual - inclusion light bulbs).

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