Why does the refrigerator flow inside or below: the reasons and what to do?

It's hard to do without a refrigerator. Its breakdown upsets the hosts and causes a lot of problems. Often water accumulates at or below the appliance. Why the refrigerator is flowing, let's try to figure it out.

Immediately make an accent, if the refrigerator performs its functions of freezing, then the problem is not serious and can be dealt with.


  1. Checking the cause of the breakdown
  2. Drain drain pipe disconnected
  3. Broken (or severely cracked) fluid reservoir
  4. Evaporator Heater Broke
  5. The drain hole in the freezer compartment is clogged
  6. The drain hole in the refrigerator compartment is clogged
  7. The device door does not fit snugly
  8. The refrigerator is not standing properly
  9. The seal on the door of the device is spoiled from time to time
  10. Freon leak
  11. Oil leak
  12. Thermostat broke
Puddle under the fridge

Checking the cause of the breakdown

First of all, you need to make sure that the damage really exists. To do this, check the following:

  • Has a puddle formed nearby due to accidentally spilled liquid?
  • whether other household appliances installed nearby (washing machine, dishwasher) are causing leaks;
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  • if batteries are leaking in the room;
  • whether boxes with juice, milk and other products have capsized inside;
  • Have the lights been turned off recently (maybe the refrigerator just defrosted);
  • whether the plug is correctly inserted into the outlet;
  • if water is flowing from under the sink.

After making sure that these points are not reasons, consider again why it is leaking from the refrigerator. Continue to explore the options below.

Drain drain pipe disconnected

Description. Water flows to the surface of the floor, instead of going into a special container. Damage occurs due to movement of the device or inaccurate transportation.

Symptoms Inside, the refrigerator is dry, there is no frost and frozen ice in the freezer compartment, there is a small pool of water on the floor.

How to fix a breakdown? Slide the device. Correct the tube that has moved from its original point.

Broken (or severely cracked) fluid reservoir

Description. A large amount of liquid has accumulated on the floor.

Symptoms The inside of the device is dry (not even moisture). Water is visible under the refrigerator and mainly near the back wall. By looking at this wall, you can see damage on the tank through which water leaks.

How to fix a breakdown? The problem will not be resolved without the help of a specialist. We'll have to change the broken tank to a new one in the workshop.

Evaporator Heater Broke

Modern refrigeration units differ from their ancestors by the principle of operation. They have No Frost systemdue to which frost does not form in the device. The products are cooled using dry cold. Often such a system malfunctions.

Description. The cause of the breakdown are violations in the process. The amount of moisture significantly exceeds the normal value. Ice forms in the device. When the freezer chamber opens, the ice begins to melt. The formed water through the drainage channel enters the tank, which is not designed for such a volume. As a result, the refrigerator with the No Frost system starts to flow.

Symptoms In the event of a breakdown, a lot of frozen snow usually forms in the freezer and there is water under the device.

How to fix a breakdown? A broken element must be replaced: evaporator heater. Repairs can only be performed by workshop specialists.

The drain hole in the freezer compartment is clogged

Description. If water comes from the freezer to the common compartment, then the freezer hole is clogged.

Symptoms How to verify a breakdown? Why is water flowing from the refrigerator? The refrigerator has a lot of moisture and ice, which is mainly concentrated around the door.

How to fix a breakdown? Since the hole itself is deep inside, it is very problematic to clean it. Therefore, with this breakdown, you definitely need to contact specialists. Only a master can eliminate the cause and tell you why water is flowing from the device. The freezer is a complex device and relying on repairs for a person who does not understand anything in it is reckless.

The drain hole in the refrigerator compartment is clogged

Description. It's all about the crumbs from the food stored in the refrigerator that fall into the hole. To avoid this damage, experts advise to regularly wipe the evaporator element with a rag and place the products at such a distance from the wall that the food does not come into contact with it.

Clogging of the named opening can also cause the refrigerator to leak.

Symptoms As a result, water is present inside, the floor is heavily flooded, ice has formed in the freezer chamber from an abundant amount of liquid.

How to fix a breakdown? Leak can be fixed with the help of a specialist or by yourself. If you decide to cope with the blockage yourself, then you will need a syringe (small size) or a large medical syringe. Items must be filled with warm water. Then lean against the drain hole, press firmly and confidently. The resulting pressure will help to clear the blockage and water from the refrigerator will not flow. The problem of why the refrigerator is flowing is quickly resolved.

Knock out the blockage

The device door does not fit snugly

Description. The weak fit of the door to the body makes the appliance produce much more cold.

Symptoms On the walls of the device, frozen ice looks like a fur coat. Warm air forces melt freezing and water flows from under the refrigerator.

How to fix a breakdown? The decision on the door comes by itself: it is necessary to bring the hinges of the device to its original state (adjust). If this solution does not help, then the seal has become unusable.

The refrigerator is not standing properly

Description. On the one hand, the reason is banal, and on the other, it leads to serious consequences: the refrigerator flows from below. A decisive role in preserving the cold in the device is played by the door, which must be pressed tightly.

Symptoms If the device is not installed correctly, the door moves away, heat penetrates inside and the refrigerator starts to flow.

How to fix a breakdown? The solution to the problem is simple: set the device to level.

The seal on the door of the device is spoiled from time to time

Description. The sealant wears out from time to time. He is no longer able to fulfill the function of a snug fit. Therefore, your device is flowing.

Symptoms The refrigerator is flowing inside. Water is present outside. The refrigerator cools more. The resulting ice melts due to incoming heat.

How to fix a breakdown? The damaged element of the device will have to be replaced with a new one.

Freon leak

This problem is often faced by Atlant refrigerators. This reliable brandIt can serve for many years, but breakdowns do happen.

Description. Freon - cooling substance. A compressor moves it around the refrigerator system. The lubrication function in the compressor is oil.

Because of malfunctions in the Freon movement system, refrigerators often leak.

Causes of leakage may be:

  • broken integrity and tightness of the circuit;
  • particles of food got inside the circuit.

Symptoms and toHow to fix the breakdown.

First option. Freon leaks due to damage and the device stops freezing. Liquid accumulates in the inside of the device and gradually comes out. Only a specialist will solve the problem. He has special equipment for replacing freon.

The second option. Small particles are prevented from entering the device by a filter that may wear out and not perform its functions. It must be replaced.


Oil leak

Description. Compressor failure occurs in different models. Samsung refrigerator for this reason rarely fails.

Symptoms There are times when it’s wet under the device. Moreover, the liquid on the floor under the refrigerator is not white, but brown. This is oil that has leaked from the compressor.

How to fix a breakdown? If oil flows from the device, the integrity of the compressor is impaired. You can quickly fix the problem with sealant. But after a short time, water will again appear on the floor. Therefore, to repair such a responsible refrigerator system should be a professional.

Thermostat broke

Description. As a result of a breakdown, the compressor immediately fails.

Symptoms The device indicator light does not shine as before and there is water inside the refrigerator.

How to fix a breakdown? Invite the master, he will fix the breakdown.

You can watch the repair of the refrigerator due to water leakage in this video:

As a device, the Samsung refrigerator is considered. The master talked about the cooling system and the possible causes of the malfunction. As a result, the cause of the breakdown of the Samsung refrigerator was resolved.

Do not start device failure. If water is found in and under the refrigerator, take measures: defrost itWash and look carefully at the reasons. If you can’t determine, contact the service wizard.

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