How to launch Playstation Now in Russia

How to launch Playstation Now in Russia


PlayStation Now is a Sony service that allows you to play console exclusive (for the PlayStation platform) by streaming on PCs, mobile phones, PS Vita, TVs (soon smartphones, as well as TVs will not support this function). That is, it is an opportunity to play on the same PC in games such as Last of US, God of War, Killzone and many others that have never been ported to Windows. But how to launch Playstation Now in Russia? And can they be fully used within our country?


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What is PlayStation Now

Since 2015, the subscription model has replaced the payment for streaming a separate game

PlayStation Now is a whole cloud platform, which was introduced in 2014. They released it in public access in 2015.

The essence of the service:

  • the customer buys a subscription to PS Now (an average of 1500-2500 rubles. per month);
  • he gets the opportunity to play in more than 350 games ever released on PS, PC, mobile, the prefix (including PS3), PS Vita, TV;
  • for normal operation of the service, you need access to the Internet at a speed of 10 Mbit / s or higher.

The graphics themselves, the game code when using PS Now are processed on cloud servers, the client receives only the video stream (HD or FullHD). But the delay (ping) is very small. If you believe the reviews, the service is much more spirited than the Nvidia counterpart.


PlayStation Now is the result of the use of technology and development by Gaikai, which Sony acquired in 2012 for $ 380 million.


How to launch in Russia

By registering a Japanese account, you can use the demo version of 4 games with a timer at 4 hours

PS Now works so far not in all countries. For example, in Russia the official launch of Pleisteishen Nau has not been carried out until now. But you can still play. The main thing is to ensure the following conditions:

  • register a Japanese account (if American or English - you have to use VPN, and Japanese works without it);
  • apply for a payment service currency payment card (it is possible and virtual), an alternative is to buy a subscription for $ 20 (but in this case there is no "trial" period);
  • have a Dualshock 4 gamepad or any other with Xinput support.

So, the first thing you need to download and install PS Now. The program takes up a small amount of space and is a kind of analogue of Steam. Next - run it, enter your login and password (or register a new account, select the country Japan). It remains only to go to the PS Now menu, accept the necessary subscription and add any games to your account (access to them will be open until the subscription is paid).

Possible difficulties

A lot of PS Now games have Russian - Killzone 2-3, Ratchet and –°lank, Resident Evil 6, etc.

The most common problem is that you can not select an English or American account, because there is a restriction on IP addresses. To do this, you need to configure access through high-quality unlimited VPN (better - paid, for free - high ping).

But to get a virtual currency card is now easy - almost every bank provides this opportunity. Alternative - Advanced Cash.The ruble card can not be used for payment.


One of the important disadvantages of PS Now is the inability to continue the game after the connection is disconnected.


How to launch PlayStation Now in Russia

Officially, PlayStation Now does not work in Russia yet (Sony does not specify when it is planned to launch the service in the CIS countries). But to use it really. The easiest option is to create an account with the indication of Japan as the country of residence. The only drawback is that the interface will also be switched to Japanese (but there is nothing complicated), and all the subscription prices will be indicated in RMB.

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