Differences of the pressure cooker, steamer and multicooker

When you come to the store, the main thing is to clearly understand the purpose of your searches. When buying a new electronic kitchen assistant sometimes arises, for example, the following question: what is the difference between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker?

In order to understand, you will have to understand the specifics of such devices, understand how they work, what will be useful and what is the difference between them.


  • 1 Pros and cons of the pressure cooker
  • 2 Features steamers
  • 3 What to expect from the multicooker?
  • 4 Comparison of Multicooker and Pressure Cooker( video)
  • 5 The main differences between pressure cookers, steam cookers and multicookers

The pros and cons of a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker is almost a regular saucepan, the lid of which is sealed. Due to this, the pressure inside the tank increases significantly, which leads to an accelerated boiling of water. And this speeds up the cooking time of any dishes by 2–4 times, and, for example, beans - by 6–8 times. It is noteworthy that when cooked in a pressure cooker, the cooked foods have a bright and saturated color.

The pressure cooker allows you to cook your favorite dishes much faster

It is interesting that only thanks to similar household appliances will it be possible to cook high-quality dishes in conditions with rarefied air - in the mountains. The fact is that due to the lower than usual atmospheric pressure, the average boiling point of the liquid decreases by approximately 4 ° C for every 1000 meters. The pressure cooker, thanks to the increased pressure inside the tank, easily solves the problem, allowing you to enjoy high-quality food at any altitudes and latitudes in all weather conditions.

The advantages of pressure cookers:

  • relatively low energy consumption compared with other kitchen appliances;
  • maximum preservation of vitamins and other nutrients due to minimal oxidation of food in conditions of lack of oxygen in a sealed container;
  • has the ability to carry out the so-called "internal explosion": a sharp boil of liquid in the bowl due to the rapid release of pressure in the system;Some grains can be well softened the only way.

One of the drawbacks is the lack of access to food during operation of the device( it is impossible to determine the readiness of the dish), as well as the risk of getting burns if the lid is opened carelessly. There is still such a moment as potentially high explosiveness of the device, but thanks to the efforts of manufacturers, the risks are reduced to almost zero.

Features of double boilers

As the name implies, the main purpose of the double boiler is cooking on steam. They are in the form of a pan into which a perforated tab is inserted, or made as a grill for installing directly on a gas or electric stove.

With the help of a double boiler you can prepare meals on water steam.

The advantages of double boilers:

  • The main thing is that with its help you prepare dietary dishes. If you do not specifically add fats to the kitchen bowl, those who are on a diet will get tasty and healthy food.
  • Preserving the maximum amount of vitamins and other beneficial substances. Steamer is ideal for cooking minced meat, fish, vegetables, puddings and souffles.
  • The products in the double boiler do not burn or dry, and, therefore, it is perfect for defrosting or reheating dishes.

The disadvantage of a household appliance is the inability of high-quality cooking of large pieces of meat, which are difficult to bring to the desired condition, as well as cooking pasta that require intensive boiling.

What to expect from the multicooker?

With this electronic kitchen device you have the opportunity to cook many delicious dishes almost completely in automatic mode. In fact, the multicooker replaces several similar household appliances for cooking: pressure cooker, double boiler, oven, bread maker, convection oven, electric frying pan.

Basic modes of operation

  • cooking;
  • cooking pasta, ravioli, dumplings, etc., when the products should be laid in the already boiling water;
  • extinguishing;
  • frying / baking;
  • buckwheat / rice;
  • plov;
  • yogurt;
Multivarki combines the functions of different devices

Among the additional features worth noting steaming using a special grill that comes in the kit;maintaining the temperature of the finished dish;warming up

Most kitchen appliances have a timer that allows you to count down the time until a certain event occurs. If there is no need in the presence of a person in the selected program, the dish will be prepared automatically for the specified hour, which is quite convenient.

In some models, the multi-cook mode is provided, which allows you to create your own new cooking programs. It is clear that the functionality of the device depends on the manufacturer and cost.

Multicooker advantages:

  • The main thing is to automate the cooking process and save space for other similar kitchen appliances.
  • Ease of use: literally anyone can cook a delicious dish, if only before reading the instructions - what and how much to put in the bowl.
  • Ease of maintenance and care.

There is only one deficiency in multivarcs: you cannot do two things at once. But this is just what few expect from her.

Comparison of Multicooker and Pressure Cooker( video)

Main differences between pressure cookers, steam cookers and multicookers

If you are only deciding on a future purchase, then analyze for a start a few factors that will give a clear answer to the question: how does a steamer differ from a multicooker or a pressure cooker. Well, the choice, of course, will have to be based on your personal preferences, especially since there is no question even about the brand, the brand or the country of production.

So, the criteria for the differences between these devices:

  • Functionality.
  • Method / methods of cooking.
  • The amount of food that you can cook at one time.
  • Cooking time.
  • Usefulness of the dish( preservation of vitamins and other beneficial substances).
  • The cost of a household appliance.

Only by carefully analyzing the factors outlined above, you can understand which of the devices: pressure cooker, double boiler or multi-cooker is most suitable for you.

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