Malfunctions of dishwashers Zanussi

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Why is the dishwasher "Zanussi" broken? Having completed the diagnosis, you can find the cause and repair the breakdown by yourself.

The history of technology began in Italy. But today household appliances under the Zanussi brand are made in China. The build quality leaves much to be desired, although the technique is equipped with new technologies, functions, programs. Therefore, malfunctions in the dishwasher "Zanussi" are not rare.

Zanussi PMM error codes are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

Malfunctions of dishwashers Zanussi

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of breakdowns of the Zanussi dishwasher
  • 2How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands
    • 2.1The machine does not turn on
    • 2.2There was a leakage
    • 2.3Water does not drain
    • 2.4Problems with heating water
    • 2.5Malfunction of the control module

Causes of breakdowns of the Zanussi dishwasher

One of the frequent reasons for the breakdown of MMP "Zanussi" is leaking. Sometimes the self-diagnosis system displays an error code on the display - I30. If you find a puddle of water under the dishwasher, you need to check:

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  • tank machine;
  • connection of all hoses;
  • the integrity of the filler hose;
  • serviceability of the priming valve.

There are also such breakdowns:

  1. Combustion of fuses and electronic parts. The technique is sensitive to voltage surges. Therefore, if the machine does not work, check the fuses on the control board. Also, the reason may be in violation of the insulation of the wire that is connected to the network.Causes of breakdowns of the Zanussi dishwasher
  2. The machine picks up water, but the washing cycle does not start. There may be several reasons. The most simple problem is filter clogging or a poorly closed door. A more complicated problem with the circulation pump, the electronic board.
  3. The dishwasher does not gain water - a problem with the jellied system. The fusion hose, filter, intake valve is checked. Perhaps it's a matter of a blockage, or some detail has broken down.
  4. There is no discharge of water. This is not uncommon, especially when several years have passed since the purchase of the car - it may be in a plum clog. Repair is required if the drain pump is out of order.
  5. Did you notice that the machine does not heat the water? Then you need to check the wiring from the module to the heater, heater, temperature sensor, electronic module.
  6. Problems with drying, if such a function exists in the model. If the dishwasher does not dry the dishes at all - it's a fan, which supplies air to the camera. If after checking the fan turned out to be working, the reason for the TEN drying is. The broken part needs to be replaced.

Causes of breakdowns of the Zanussi dishwasher

A little understanding of the device of the dishwasher, you can start troubleshooting.

How to repair the dishwasher with your own hands

In the operating manual, it is not in vain indicated how to properly use the dishwasher "Zanussi". Compliance with the rules allows you to extend the life of equipment. But not only violations from the user's side are the causes of breakdowns. Gentle electronics often suffers from "inconsistency" in the network.

The machine does not turn on

You press the start button, but no reaction should be. The indicators do not light, washing does not start. How do I turn on the machine? First, check:

  • Power cord. If its insulation is damaged or it is bent, a replacement is needed.

The machine does not turn on

  • Fuses on the control board. They could suffer from a voltage jump. Replace the fuses with your own hands, the main thing - select the parts exactly with the previous ones.
  • If the dishwasher receives power but does not turn on, check the start button. Maybe her contacts were out of order or burned out.

This technique is recommended to install machines that will protect the machine from voltage fluctuations in the network.

There was a leakage

If the integrity of the filler hose is broken, it must be replaced. Disconnect one end of the hose from the sewer, the other from the machine body. Pre-cut the water supply. Replace the damaged hose with a new one.

Check the filling valve. When the valve breaks, its membrane does not close. This leads to a constant flow of water, overflow and leakage. In case of malfunction, the valve is replaced.

How to check the electrical part of the inlet valve:

  • Disconnect the wiring from the valve.
  • Attach the ohmmeter probes to the part contacts.

There was a leakage

  • The valve is OK if the reading is 500-1500 ohms.
  • If there is no indication, then the coil in the cliff and the part must be changed.

It is possible to check whether the valve diaphragm is not closed by opening the machine during water intake. If the water continues to accumulate when the door is open, then the valve mechanics are faulty.

Water does not drain

Check for clogging you need a filter and a drain pump. Maybe the pump is jammed because of the fragments of the dishes, so clean the gloves.

  1. Unplug the machine and turn off the water supply.
  2. Open the hopper and pull out the trays.
  3. At the bottom of the dishwasher is a filter.Water does not drain
  4. Pull it out and the metal mesh from the bottom.Water does not drain
  5. Rinse the parts under running water. Clean out especially dirty places with a brush.
  6. There may be water in the pump hole. Remove it with a sponge.
  7. Press the pump cover, pull up and remove.
  8. Clean the impeller of dirt.

The blockage is eliminated, but the machine still badly drains the water? Then check the pump for service. To inspect and replace the pump, follow the recommendations:

  • Provide access to the bottom of the machine.
  • Note that the drain pump is attached to the circulation pump.

Water does not drain

  • Remove the screw securing the pump.
  • Scroll it clockwise and detach from the motor.
  • Disconnect the pump and the drain hose from the pump.

Install the new part in the reverse order.

Problems with heating water

If the heating element fails and its wiring is not heated, there is also a risk of fire. Therefore at the first signs check and replace:

  • Remove the bottom cover of the front panel.
  • Disconnect the wiring from the heater, unscrew the disposable clamps.

Problems with heating water

  • Remove the heater from the housing.

Install only the heater that is appropriate for your model and brand of machine.

Malfunction of the control module

If the machine does not respond to your actions, the indicators flash randomly - the reason in the electronic module. Try resetting the settings first and restarting the Zanussi dishwasher. How to reset the settings:

  • unplug the machine from the power;
  • wait for 15-20 minutes;
  • connect the dishwasher, check its operation.

The machine did not boot normally? Then you need to diagnose and repair the board or flashing the module.

Malfunction of the control module

This is a complicated and expensive matter. So think about whether to decide on such repairs.

Having dealt with the problem, you can eliminate it yourself. For example, you can completely get rid of clogging in the system. Caring for your equipment, then the breakdowns will bypass the MMP "Zanussi" side.

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