Pocket scales from China


At the dawn of the general dacha fever, gardeners kept a strict record of the harvested crop. Carefully grown vegetables guaranteed a solid stock in the pantry for the winter, and recipes for the best "twists" were passed from neighbors to neighbors.

Today, domestic preservation is undeservedly forgotten, and all the necessary pickles can be found in the nearest supermarket without difficulty. However, some gardeners for the sake of interest and the definition of the best varieties still continue to fix the yield. To do this, in the arsenal of each summer resident should be a small scale.

Bezmen is the simplest variant of pocket scales. With the arrival of modern technology in our lives, electronic changelessness appeared, which are quite accessible to every amateur gardener. In domestic online stores, the price of the device depends on the range of measurements. For example, the model Homestar HS-3003 can withstand loads of up to 50 kilograms.

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Bezmen is very compact - weighs only 200 grams. The kit includes two AA batteries. In addition, the device has an automatic shutdown function. Ideal for dachas, trips to the market or fishing trips. The cost of the bezmena with LCD-display is 378 rubles. More expensive devices differ in design and minor improvements, for example, the display backlight and the ability to select units of measurement.

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Approximately two times cheaper electronic changeless can be bought on the website of AliExpress. Even the balance will look almost identical.

Main characteristics:

  • laconic design;
  • carrying capacity up to 50 kg;
  • wide LCD screen;
  • Low battery signal;
  • auto power off function.

The feedback marks the possibility of switching the unit of measurement. Values ​​are clearly visible on a large screen with a blue backlight. Power - two AAA batteries, sold separately. In the kit there is an instruction in Chinese and English. The manufacturer claims an error of up to 10 grams, which, in the opinion of buyers, is not critical. Holding the Unit button also measures the temperature.

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According to reviews, electronic changeless completely corresponds to its small price (187 rubles, free delivery). Find a device with a similar set of features even cheaper in Russian online stores is not possible, so we advise you to order the scales on the website of AliExpress. Delivery will take a maximum of two months, and by the beginning of the summer season you will be fully armed.

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