Choosing a convenient and practical holder for cutting onions

Onions - this is a useful vegetable, which contains a lot of vitamins. It is added both in salads, and in garnishes. Lovers of onions can just eat it all.

But the main problem of onions is cutting. When the onion is cut, it releases a special substance, due to which a person's eyes begin to water. Therefore, it is very difficult to chop the onion really smoothly, because with every movement I want to quickly end these torments. How to stop cutting onions in huge pieces?

There is a special device that facilitates cutting onions. Its function is very simple - just hold the bow, and special teeth guide the knife for perfect cutting. Thus, each circle of onion is obtained in one width. Large pieces just can not work with such a universal holder.

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The advantages of the holder for cutting onions:

  1. Simplicity. You do not have to suffer any more and turn the onion each time for convenient cutting. A special handle allows you to conveniently hold the device without putting any effort.
  2. Speed. You will be able to chop the onion so quickly that the eyes do not even have time to start watering.
  3. Clean. To clean the holder, just rinse it with water. In addition, it can be washed in the dishwasher.
  4. Versatility. The device is suitable not only for onions, but also for other vegetables. It can even be used for cutting meat.
  5. Security. The teeth do not allow the knife to slip out, and the fingers are far away from it, so any cuts are excluded.
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Onion slicing holder is a good thing, but how much does it cost? Online stores in Russia and Ukraine offer this device for 536 rubles. This amount is expensive for the ordinary holder. She discourages any desire to buy this device.

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But on Aliexpress site you can buy an onion slicer for 60 rubles. It is almost 8 times cheaper than in the domestic store. For such a price you can really buy a holder for cutting onions.

Specification of the holder for cutting onions:

  • teeth material - stainless steel;
  • holder material - plastic;
  • color - white, orange, blue.

Thus, it is best to order a holder for cutting onions directly from a Chinese manufacturer. There the device will cost several times cheaper than the domestic manufacturer.

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