Air conditioning with your hands: is it possible?

Air conditioning with your hands: is it possible?


Wanting to save, for air cooling use the air conditioner, made by own hands. Homemade devices function according to the principle of lowering the temperature of any surface when water is converted into steam.


  • 1The device factory and the self-made conditioner
  • 2Creating an air conditioner with your own hands
    • 2.1Ice and draft
      • 2.1.1Video "Air conditioner using ice"
    • 2.2Fan and cold water
      • 2.2.1Video "Creating an air conditioner from a container with water"
    • 2.3From an old refrigerator
      • 2.3.1Video «Air conditioner from the refrigerator»
    • 2.4From a portable refrigerator
    • 2.5From the car radiator
      • 2.5.1Video "How to make an air conditioner out of a radiator"
    • 2.6Other options
  • 3Advantages and disadvantages of self-made air conditioners

The device factory and the self-made conditioner

The design of such a household appliance, as an air conditioner, is rather complicated. The air cooling system operates due to the transfer of heat from one zone to another: during the hot season - from the house to the street, and in the winter months - from the outside of the apartment walls inside it. The circulation of warm air masses corresponds to a special substance - freon, which, if necessary, boils and turns into a gaseous state, acquiring a low temperature.

The device is a complex device, because it consists of two units

The air temperature in the room and the pressure of the freon, called the refrigerant, controls the electronic control unit, which starts working after receiving signals from special sensors. Since the functioning of the air conditioner is a complicated process, it is not easy to make an air cooling system yourself.

Homemade air conditioners are different in that they come into effect as a result of blowing room air through cold objects.This object can be pieces of ice or appliances that produce cold, which are used to store food in bags during their transportation in the summer.

The warm air becomes cold, being passed through the ice

Creating an air conditioner with your own hands

All the coolers manufactured independently are two-part units:

  • block, which reduces the temperature of the air masses;
  • element, which spreads the cooled environment around the apartment room.

Ice and draft

The air-conditioner, collected independently, can consist of a plastic bottle filled with a frozen liquid and a conventional fan.Such an environment cooler is usually placed on the table next to the working fan.

Plastic bottles tied to the fan grill

If desired, the design of the air conditioner can be made more difficult: use a wire basket hanging on the bars of the fan grill. A container with ice is placed in this container.

If there is a possibility, the home-made air conditioner, so that it works better, does not interfere with the improvement. This implies the rejection of a plastic bottle and the use of a "cold accumulator" - a container with a special liquid used in cooler bags. The efficiency of such an installation for changing the microclimate is determined by the size of the vessel with pieces of ice.

In the ice bucket fits more, which means that the air conditioner will run longer

Air conditioning, self-made, due to ice and draft, will cool the air in the room much more efficiently if you assemble the installation as follows:

  1. take a very large vessel of plastic, not devoid of a dense lid;
  2. to do in the lid of the tank 2 holes, and the diameter of the first must coincide with the parameters of the fan grill, and the size of the second can be equal to 5 or 10 cm;
  3. insert into the second slot and securely fix the corner fitting to 5 or 10 cm, which will form over the cover in the form of the letter "G
  4. immerse in the first hole and fix the fan well, using self-tapping screws immersed in the tank cap;
  5. fill tightly closed container with bottles with crumbled ice, frozen liquid or cold accumulator.

The fan of the device, made according to the instructions, will push out warm air masses through the vessel with ice and give cold streams emerging from the corner fitting. As the tank casing is insulated from heat, the ice will not melt instantly, which means it will ensure the functioning of the air conditioner for long hours.

Video "Air conditioner using ice"


Fan and cold water

Together with a fan for building an air conditioner, you can use not frozen, but simply chilled water, which will create a dynamic flow that runs through the grill of the copper radiator.In other words, the fan blades will tighten the air into a spiral of a copper tube, through which water from the water pipe will flow, which is characterized by a stable temperature of 14-16 degrees Celsius.With this approach to designing an air conditioner, an inexhaustible source of cold air will be obtained.

Air is cooled by the continuous flow of cold water and the operation of the fan

But for the water you have to pay, it is much more reasonable to make an air conditioner from a fan and cold water as follows:

  1. insert through the lid in the barrel of plastic 2 hoses (one must be longer, the other - shorter);
  2. next to the neck of the tank attach the compressor from the aquarium, equipped with a branch pipe sucking water and connected to a hose that goes from the lid to the bottom of the barrel;
  3. on the lid of the vessel to attach a fan, the lattice of which must be supplied with a spiral from a copper tube;
  4. one edge of the copper spiral is aligned with the nozzle of the compressor, and the other with a short-length hose that occupies only a quarter of the height of the barrel;
  5. attach a non-return valve to the end of the short hose, which blocks the movement of liquid from the barrel into the hose.

After activation of the compressor, this air conditioner comes into operation, as the cooling spiral, attached to the fan grill, is filled with stale water from the bottom of the tank. Liquids are given a certain direction: running in a spiral, it merges into the upper zone, where there is relatively warm water. The result of such organization of the movement of the liquid medium is the flow to the fan blades of only the cooled liquid.

Video "Creating an air conditioner from a container with water"

From an old refrigerator

Try to make a conditioner from an unused refrigerator is only for men who are experienced in repair work. At the same time, the design of an air cooler assumes the use of household appliances for freezing products, which is a cooling radiator (freezer), a coolant, a compressor and a capacitor, which is a grille behind refrigerator.

The parts responsible for cooling the air are inside the camera of the household appliance

To assemble the air conditioner from the parts of the old refrigerator, you need to do the following:

  1. remove doors from the household appliance that block access to both chambers;
  2. Carefully, in order to avoid damaging the walls, insert a fan working on the mains in the freezer;
  3. with the help of a drill, in the lower zone of the side walls of the refrigerator, make a few holes with a diameter of 1, 5 cm;
  4. put the refrigerator so that the rear grille is outside the room, the air in which you want to make it cool (you can place the appliance in the doorway, sealing the area between the body and the edges of the opening with a film of polyethylene).

If the previous point is not feasible, it is necessary to proceed as follows: open the refrigerant supply line and withdraw only the condenser out of the room, using copper tubes for this.True, such a solution to the problem implies filling the system with a new portion of Freon.

Video «Air conditioner from the refrigerator»


From a portable refrigerator

When the decision is made to make an air conditioner from a portable refrigerator, except the case from a small household appliance, two more items are necessarily used:

  • radiator;
  • submersible pump.
To make such an installation, you need to understand the connection of wires

From a portable refrigerator, a self-made air cooler is built in several stages:

  1. in the "box" of the apparatus a radiator of suitable size is mounted;
  2. A submersible pump (taken from an aquarium or car washer) is attached to the bottom of the refrigerator casing;
  3. wires lead out of the camera;
  4. in the lid of the refrigerator (from inside the body) a hole is drilled in the form of a square, and 2 round holes are made outside this zone, which will be needed for ventilation;
  5. inside the chamber, using silicone, fix the radiator;
  6. The pump outlet and the radiator inlet connect;
  7. At the outlet of the radiator put on the hose, which will help make the operation of the device more quiet.

The created air conditioner will cool the air by filling the capacity of the refrigerator with pieces of ice or cold water, which under the pressure of the pump will enter the radiator and, under the influence of the fan, form cold air flows.

From the car radiator

If you plan to make a cooling device from a car radiator, you will need to prepare the following parts:

  • fan (from the car);
  • radiator (from the car);
  • the case of the power supply unit from the computer.

In order to assemble an air cooler from these elements, it is necessary to perform certain tasks:

  1. Mount the radiator on the rear wall of the power supply unit, and the fan on the front wall, which will allow the airflow to leave the radiator and be directed towards the fan;
  2. attach to the created design of the handle, so it was convenient to move it.
At first glance, the device seems complicated

Since the power supply produces a different voltage, the air conditioner can be switched on in various modes of supplying the cooled air environment.To correct the work of a homemade device, you only need to adjust the built-in speed switch.

The radiator used to create the air conditioner differs in its plate appearance. On it put on hoses from rubber, fixed by means of yokes. Hollow tubes are needed to feed and discharge water. In this case, the fluid must flow from one place to another very quickly, for which the motor fan runs at high speed, ensuring an instantaneous drop in temperature in the room.

Video "How to make an air conditioner out of a radiator"

Other options


The air conditioner can be made their car air purifier and a standard fan, but this method is difficult and expensive.

The instruction for creating this air cooler requires:

  • connect the fan to the air cleaner with a hose or pipe;
  • fabricate the body for the parts of the air conditioner, using any improvised materials;
  • make a fine mesh filter (fold it 4 times) and attach it to the bottom of the body;
  • Fill the air cleaner reservoir with water and connect the system to the mains.

The made device will function due to the fact that the fan drives the air masses into the evaporation chamber, which contains water and cools the medium that got into it.Outside the air conditioner, cool air will be provided after passing through the holes in the grid.

1 - housing; 2 - wire mesh; 3 - air duct; 4 - holes for the exit of cooled air; 5 - flange connection; 6 - fan with motor

With your hands, you can also create a spray conditioner. The device is assembled from a large container filled with water and an air line. To make this air conditioner work, you need to do the following:

  • insert into the chamber for evaporation an atomizer, the nozzle of which will allow to regulate the intake of liquid from the tank;
  • to connect the installation with the ventilation system, which helps to cool the air masses.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-made air conditioners

Undoubted advantages of air conditioners, assembled independently, include:

  • real working capacity, because such facilities really cool the air in the room;
  • the possibility of assembling from improvised materials, for which it was not necessary to spend finance.
Ice in the bucket gives off the cold, which spreads around the room under the influence of the fan

But self-made air coolers also reveal a number of significant drawbacks:

  • The operating time is limited by the amount of ice that must be constantly replenished;
  • the inability of the installation to cool the air immediately in all rooms, as long as one room It is blown by cold currents, in the other there is a refrigerator that freezes ice and because of this heating air;
  • significant consumption of electricity, which necessitates replenishment of ice crumbs;
  • strong humidification of air in the room, which leads to its passage through cold water or ice.

The air in the room will not become wet, but it does not mean that it will not do the same harm to the person as the heat, if you load air conditioning with cold accumulators instead of ice. Still, they are not converted into water.

All considered self-made air coolers function without problems. They are a real salvation from the heat, when the situation is hopeless. True, the use of an air conditioner created by their own hands, gives a lot of trouble.

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